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Hyo Jin Moon

March 19, 2006


Here are my notes from Hyo Jin nim's speech Sunday 19 March 2006. I am a poor note taker and I feel disappointed that I missed writing down many things because my writing is slower than Hyo Jin nim's speaking. These at most convey some sense of what Hyo Jin nim said and are not a verbatim record.

Joe Kinney

Rev Compton welcomes Hyo Jin nim and asks everyone to offer a 1/2 bow.

Good Morning, Please be seated.

Another day of judgment.

Today I want to talk about attraction.

A lot of people are attracted to different things. You have to understand what you are attracted to.

What are you attracted to: the physical? Mental? Spiritual?

There is always a conflict about what you are attracted to.

Everything should have some eternal connection to mind and spirit.

If you don't you are going to be lost.

If you are lost then your children will be lost.

You must talk to your children about what you are attracted to.

Don't talk for the sake of your self. Talk for the sake of someone else. (For others)

What about physical attraction, Good looking people?

People are attracted to good looking people for the sake of power and money.

If you look at social networks, power and money rule the day.

It's effective. People in the world desire good looks, power and money.

Then there is intellectual and creative attraction, attraction to virtuosity in music, or to engineering or technology.

Finally there is attraction to spiritual things. Spiritual attraction has to have eternal value. That inspiration is of eternal value.

Goodness defines what is eternally great. You have to find it. Sometimes you can see it in the actions of a little child.

Things of this nature will always resonate always have eternal value, even after you pass away.

If you have those things, then what will you do with it?

Do you have something that is attractive?

On TV people use a lot of attractive things to sell stuff.

Elections are coming up soon. The politicians will try to make themselves attractive in order to get elected.

But is it true value behind this attractiveness?

The consumer finds out the value behind this attractiveness the hard way.

We live in a society where we don't have a clear idea about what has absolute or eternal value.

Orthodox (main stream) religions don't have a clear idea about value.

Second tier (new) religions like scientology, the Mormons, or the Unification church... (Hyo Jin nim is smiling because this got everyone attention.)

As for the Unification church, well at least we're not waiting for anybody. He's already here. (Hyo Jin nim and the audience are laughing)

In the metropolis smart people show their brilliance, their excellence and try to move up the corporate ladder. But somehow that is the limit.

They don't pursue spiritual value, only materialism.

When you have the power of attractiveness you can exploit others.

That power of indulgence can be very destructive to society and others. You become exploitive and indulgent. You can't be a nice person and be exploitive and indulgent.

There is one thing that can teach people how to become better persons, by teaching them the meaning of True attraction.

You need to understand the dos and don'ts of proper attraction.

Find this out and understand it yourself first and then teach it to your children.

They need to respect you and to understand the proper dos and don'ts. You have to have it within yourself first and then you can teach your kids.

Last week I talked about team spirit.

That's the kind of things you need to talk to your kids about. Not stupid stuff.

You want to teach your kids to succeed.

It's a small thing that makes the difference between first place and second place.

Start from something true that has eternal value. Something that you believe in.

(Tears are welling up in Hyo Jin nim's eyes.)

Talk to your children about that.

This is how we can give them confidence to overcome temptation.

Father's expectation is that we take care of our family and educate them before we go out and do that change the world stuff.

I am grateful and I will do my best and it will all come back someday.

I want to become an attractive dad to my own kids.

See you next week.


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