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Hyo Jin Moon October 29, 2006 Belvedere Notes: Joseph Kinney

My ability to convey what was actually said is limited. These, at most, convey some sense of what Hyo Jin nim said and are not a verbatim record. Hyo Jin nim’s website is: http://www.canaanstation.com/ To see one of the projects that Hyo Jin nim is working on log on to: http://definingmoment.tv/ Joe Kinney

Rev. Andrew Compton is the MC. All welcome Hyo Jin nim and offer a bow.

(Hyo Jin nim bows to the audience as he approaches the stage. He brings a small note book and places it on the podium)

Good Morning. How are you feeling today? Are you happy? (Laughter) Let’s share about joy. When do we feel joyful, happy? May I ask you a question? When do you feel happy? Anybody want to share their answer with us? (Several audience members responded over the next several minutes. There were answers from spiritual and philosophical to very physical and a lot of laughter)

We could go on and on like this, but there is a theme in anything that we do in life, because it’s all about lessons, about knowing something. Knowing something gives you that joy; nothing else.

It’s up to you; you prefer a certain perspective in a moment in time. If you try to look at the reality of a die, that has six sides or six perspectives to it. In order to understand just the dice reality, you have to know those six perspectives.

Let’s say there’s more, a sphere and every perspective is the size of a pin head. Just to create a sphere the size of a marble you will have hundreds of perspectives. When you consider a perspective the size of a pin head, that’s reality; that’s where you start.

Knowing gives you joy. Oh I got a raise; I got promoted. It’s that thing that gives you the recognition from others. You don’t live alone and there is some counterpart in terms of your relationships whether it is divine or horizontal; it doesn’t matter. That knowing that somebody thinks I’m worth something that gives you joy. I got more money so I can buy what ever I want; I got a position that I think I deserve, because someone appreciates you.

Joy comes from knowing that.

Joy is knowing what God intended, religiously speaking, about your true self, because its only when you’re true to yourself, that you can truly understand who you are, that you can truly be joy-full. You don’t need anything else. That alone will suffice. And you can grow from there.

The way, the speed, the manner, the quality, in which you grow is up to you. It all starts from that because it is all about fulfilling the will of God. What is the will of God, creating an ideal world. How big, how much, it doesn’t matter.

Father has many children. I don’t think everyone of them wants to be elder son. I don’t think that’s proper. It would be absolutely chaotic if that happens. I don’t think everybody wants to be the younger son either. Even that won’t happen because you belong to something and if you do, you do as who you are, not somebody else.

In the beginning Father was accused of all sorts of things. People came because they wanted truth and they were getting fire. They were getting a spiritual experience physically. During that time the wife of the president of Korea was an American citizen, Maria Park. She was a devout Christian that accused us of all sorts of things because a lot of things were happening at that time. Young people from the highest educational institutions were joining in droves.

They accused Father of doing all sorts of crazy things like putting an electrical blanket on the floor to make people think they felt fire. There were a lot of spiritual people joining too, all sorts of crazy people. Some of it was legitimate. How can you know about spirit? Do you know about spirit? You can’t really say. Some people (‘s spiritual experiences) might be legitimate. The final test is the test of time.

There was physical stuff that was alluring; there was spiritual stuff that was alluring, but the most important thing is that the bulk of Father’s ministry is about intelligence.

When He goes back to finalize His own mission, His personal mission, whether he goes through spirit world or using his palace, of course there’s a physical ministry ... How may people (here) come from the former Soviet Union? (Several young people raise their hands.) I know that you guys come from that area. You need those kinds of places, those great halls to do politics right; to play a role in society right? Not just in this society, global society. Those kinds of things, that’s His course.

Put that aside. Let’s talk about us. That’s not really important to us. That’s what He has to do. What’s important to us is how we understand, how we adapt and adjust and make our mark in the scheme of things in this providence, in this dispensation in the way He sees it.

Let’s pull back and talk about joy. How do we feel joy? Let’s talk about sex. It’s about the consummation of procreation. When that moment happens the intellect rises up to the spirit. You feel something that is real and from that you recognize something, because it’s real you’re knowing something; you’re recognizing something, something that was meant to be. That gives you joy. You can translate it cheaply into just physical pleasure, but it’s more than that because you are more than just a body. It’s about knowing your true identity, all about your self, everything that is about your self. In the end you have to know about the intent of God. Knowing that is knowing truly how you’re designed. Without knowing your design you can never be happy. Let’s talk about dying. To me it’s just something natural. You don’t want to make too much fuss about it. You came from something and you’re going back to something. You think dying is bad? You came from something and you’re going back to something. That’s it. If you know this dying doesn’t look that bad.

Time seems to go by so fast, but what if it never ends? Time will fly, it will go. Time won’t exist, but it never ends. You’re part of that. Knowing that is something. Why should we fear the eternal time, time that never ends? You fear it because to us this life is important. There are many ways to die, natural causes; you can die of disease, die of accident, die of murder, and by suicide. Natural is the best way.

You will die. That’s inevitable. You want to live an eternal life, that you have to know about an eternal life, and if there’s a process about which you learn about yourself dying, that that’s the process you will inevitably, whether you like it or not, because you will die.

What’s the purpose of putting you through that kind of process? To accept the eternal life that never ends. Time moves forward but it never ends. Yes there are struggles in life those peaks and valleys but can you handle it? That’s how we struggle practically speaking.

What’s the point? Why do you have to face dying? Think about a situation. What will be the thing that you would feel OK about dying? When you think you know something. Think about that. Little kids become soldiers that defend their country. What kind of knowing keeps them going out knowing that they might not come back from their mission each day? They keep doing it because it is their duty. How does that work? What is that knowing? Do you have that kind of knowing as if you are a kid going into war? That kid might not be as dumb as you. He might be smarter than you, but he’s willing to do that. What does he know that I don’t know?

What do you know? What do you know about dying? If you want to be truly happy you have to know. Know what; what you are dying for. Dying is the ultimate way to discover why you were born. Only you know why. People die for all sorts of reasons, even patriotic. They do it because they know what birth is all about. That’s how they think. That’s who they are. They connect them selves from birth to death. That gives them that kind of defining answer, that knowing, that they feel who is me. Nothing else matters.

What is that? Only you know who the best you is. Only you know the true nature of your spirit, your mind, and your body. Yes there can be some kind of standard, but it doesn’t matter if you have a standard of measurement. In the end its how you think that matters. What good is a law if no one is willing to accept it, if you have a government where you make laws superficially but everything else is corrupt? That country will pay for that. What good is a law when we the citizens don’t understand the true meaning of it?

It’s of no use. It will not work. When one man dies, like Father dies, everything will crumble. There is no guarantee. The only guarantee is what we’re willing to die for. If we have more of that we can change the world, because we know clearly who we’re dealing with. Knowing is joy. Knowing increases our vulnerability and therefore increases our survivability. Let us survive as a unit then we’d better know that we’re dying for.

I hope everybody in the picture feels the same way. Other wise we’re not different than anybody else as an organization. You have to get some basic things right or otherwise we’re no different.

What can we show that we’re better at? We know how to squeeze money out of people, especially the Japanese. I don’t think that’s something we can be so proud of in comparison with other religions. I know they are guilt ridden because they did a lot of bad things, but that is in the past. We want to move forward OK. The only people that seem to like me are Japanese. (Laughter)

There a lot of things that we can appreciate, that can give us joy. It doesn’t always have to be big. It can also be the opposite. Find the meaning in life. Tweak yourself. Find what makes you feel joy in as truthful way as possible. Don’t put stupid thoughts in your head that it always has to be big. If small things give you that sense (of joy), that’s the stuff that is tailor made for you. That’s what’s necessary for you in the moment in time. That’s what you need to focus on.

Always try to think in (terms of) duality. That will give you some sense of stability. It’s very important when you try to go forward to have that sense of stability that you’re going in the right direction for you that might be the way. There are myriads of ways. Just look at it as a spectrum, night and day, that kind of spectrum, big and small, high and low, whatever. Max it out! Put it into the context of extreme. Wherever you understand the sense of joy, that’s where it should start. Discover yourself.

I’m not asking you to do crazy stupid things. Don’t take my words as an excuse to do all sorts of crazy stuff OK?

As a church we need to give more information out. We can easily access knowledge, not just about what Father is doing. I don’t always need to know exactly what Father is doing, because I know that He will do his course.

Individually we should try to make a difference. If you’re not doing that, shame on you. There is no other way. Otherwise what is right and what is wrong?

It’s difficult to admit that you’re wrong. It’s difficult to be punished. My joy will be to know that Shin-Gil has found his place and that he is OK and moving forward. That will give me joy, personally speaking. I could care less about the rest. Why? Because I’m a human being and I need to grow. I need joy. I need to know.

Did you see the "Extreme Makeover on TV?" ABC realized that the cable channels home improvement stuff is gaining momentum so they have "Extreme Home Makeover." People see their house and get excited. I suppose that’s joy too. Some people cry their eyeballs out when they win the lottery. That knowing right; ah, I got a nice house; I got a big bank account. Knowing it gives you joy.

What do you want to know? That’s the question. You should ask yourself that every day. I wake up every morning and ask "What am I dying for?" It’s important. If you don’t do it nobody is going to do it for you. Certain things you just have to do for yourself. You sit on the toilet you clean your own butt. Some things you just have to take care of yourself.

Something that is that important you consider it like cleaning your butt after you go to the bathroom. You can’t ask someone to clean it for you.

How ever you chop it up between body, mind and spirit you have to measure it according to your self. Make sure that you have the standard "When I go to the toilet I clean my own butt."

Like cleaning my own butt, only I am responsible for knowing exactly what I’m doing. I’m not going to blame anybody. If you see somebody with a dirty butt, that’s their problem, nobody else has to clean it up for them.

"It’s your problem. It’s nobody else’s problem… and then you die." (Laughter) It’s not that bad. You’re going to a place where you will actually feel the time, but it never ends.

One more point. In this life time nothing is forever is automatic. There is manual labor involved OK? So you have to find the joy. I don’t know your name. I don’t know your idiosyncratic stuff. You’ve got to find it.


Take care.

See you next week.


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