Hyo Jin Moon July 2, 1989 Belvedere

Today I want to talk about love. When we talk about love, what is the first thought that comes into your mind? (True Parents!) Do you have certain expectations about love? Is that expectation limited or unlimited? When we address the issue of love, we want love to be forever. If I could possess love, if I had the will and the ability to do this, I would want that love to be with me as long as I live. And if I have an eternal soul with the potential to live forever, then I would want the love to do the same. I would want love to be with me forever and wherever I go.

Why are we here? I am sure none of you are sitting here because you want to do things just for yourself. You are here for a greater purpose. We are trying to create a world where love can exist everywhere we go, where we can embrace and shake hands with every person. We expect this love to last forever once we create it. We don't want love to diminish. In my heart I expect that within the path of love there are no barriers. I can be liberated to the extent of the expectation that I hold. If I expect love to be eternal and everlasting, I can look at this person right here and feel the same. Love is eternal and unbounded. I can't say to myself, "I lost love," just because of some obstacle that is in my path. If I say to myself, "I have lost love," then in my heart I do not really have true love.

It is very easy to react with anger when someone provokes us. But if I believe in the unboundedness and the eternal aspect of love, I must stand in front of that situation with a higher quality of love. As long as I return an "eye for an eye," then the cycle of destruction will not cease. Of course we all hope that we will not run into that kind of circumstance. But we know that is not the case.

What has Father been doing for the 17 years that he has been here? America has done so much to cause grief to his heart. He poured out everything that he had and he wanted to give even more. Why? Because he believes in God's ideal and possesses God's unbounded, everlasting and unchanging love. He is trying to convey the quality of love that he possesses to you, and in order for him to be true, his actions must comply with his thoughts.

Father's Unchanging Love

I am sure many of you have your personal views toward Father. For me, the overwhelming aspect of our relationship is the life-changing love that he has shown me. The way that he looks at me and embraces me has never changed, from as far back as I can remember. I used to follow Father all over the place. He would take me around with him every chance that he could. Sometimes I used to sit in Father's lap and I felt there was no place on earth that could provide the same comfort and security that I experienced at those moments. And when I was away from him, I lost everything. Physically I was busy, but my heart was in trouble. When I see Father now, he looks at me with the same kind of eyes that he looked at me when I was young, and he touches me with the same kind of care that he used to give me. It is all because of his unchanging love toward me. His love for me never wavered.

Father knew that in order for me to possess that love, I must make the base to receive that love on my own. In order for man to be one with Heavenly Father, he has the responsibility to make the right choices. By uniting with God absolutely, individuals can receive the eternal love that is waiting for them. If I am going to be the possessor of that absolute love, I must have the same ability to perpetuate the love of my father. When I look into my children's eyes I must have the same kind of intensity and essence of love that my father had for me.

When we go to the matching or the Blessing, we have certain expectations of our partner. I am sure everybody here felt that kind of feeling, even slightly: "I hope that my wife will be as beautiful as a princess" or "I hope my husband will be handsome, strong, and very well-mannered." There seems to be some kind of universal standard of beauty in everyone's mind, right? I am speaking about beauty on a physical level.

When we look at a beautiful model's face, we know it is physically beautiful. But when Father matches, everyone gets their turn. We are all unique with different shapes and sizes.

But what makes us leap further than the physical reality? If the universe is created through love, what about the less beautiful faces? Is there only one kind of tree in the woods, only one kind of fish in the ocean, one kind of bird flying in the sky? Everyone goes into the matching with certain expectations and wishes that their partner will be pretty or handsome. But we have some very interesting looking people here.

Develop the Heart of a Parent

One time Father was matching a crippled woman. Her appearance wasn't bad, but she was crippled. She couldn't use her legs. She was eligible for the matching and the Blessing, so she attended. At that point Father was very concerned because she came with the desire and expectation to be blessed by Father, the same as everybody else. She had a pure intention. She said to Father, "I know my physical situation. If there is no one who is willing to take me, that's fine with me. I just wanted to come and participate in the Blessing because I believe I can have that much hope." Deep inside Father really wanted to bless this woman to somebody. He was thinking, "I want to bless this person, but what if nobody volunteers? That will break her heart. And if I just choose somebody, match that person with her, and they have crippled children, then he is going to blame me forever."

Father prayed and looked around. He saw a skinny Korean gentleman with very deep eyes. Father looked at him and some feeling went toward him so he asked, "Would you take this woman? If you take this woman, you will go down in the history of the Unification Church, because you will truly set an example for the future. I promise you your children will be beautiful and handsome." The man agreed to take that woman. Later, when Father was touring, he met that couple. The man jutted out in front of Father and Father was a little surprised. The first thing he said was, "Look at my baby, Father." Father looked at the baby and said, "Oh, he is a very handsome baby." This man was very proud of his son.

But that's not important. Let's say my son or daughter was crippled. Would I love my crippled child? I have love for my children no matter who they are. In matters of love, no matter how wise or how old we are, we still have more to conquer. I am grateful that my children are not crippled. But if I had to face that situation, what would I do? Ask that of yourselves. Then, depending on the answer, we can see whether we have love or not. Father felt a deep parental love when he saw that crippled woman. He wanted to do everything in his power to bring the Blessing to her. If we are to inherit Father's heart, we must do the same. If we can't, we are not worthy.

If you have a spouse, you want to spend time together, right? Let's pretend I have that kind of wife that nags because I don't spend enough time with her. I'm too busy doing other things. Her intention is she wants to spend time with me, that's all. What would you do, as the husband?

Suppose she says, "Spend more time with me. Why are you always busy? Spend some time at home with me. Let's go out together. You haven't taken me out for over a month." Nag, nag, nag! I could say, "Be quiet, wife!" But a good response is: "Wife, listen to me. You know I love you. And my love is not just for you, but for my children and for this family. Now go outside and look around at the world. Can you find joy and happiness everywhere you look? No, we can't find that in this fallen world. I love you and my family so much that I want that same kind of loving atmosphere to be everywhere in the world as our children grow up. I feel that truly loving you is loving our children and the world. The love we have between us is so precious that every time I look at my child it reminds me of that moment of love we shared. I want that love to be able to blossom in an atmosphere of love also. That is why I am going out to the world to create that atmosphere of love. Please don't suffocate our love." Say that to your wife, instead.