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A Harmonized Mind and Body

Hyo Jin Moon Hanmadang Sports Festival: Main Address August 23, 1992

Today, I would like to offer my deep appreciation to God for allowing me to open the 8th Hanmadang Sports Festival in Korea, our religious fatherland.

I am especially and deeply grateful that our True Parents, the founders of the CARP movement, are here today to encourage us. With our whole hearts we appreciate their presence among us.

In this year of the 1st World Culture and Sports Festival, it is deeply meaningful that the CARP rally, as part of the festival, opens centering on the Hanmadang Sports Festival.

In the Hanmadang Sports Festival, the youth of the world can show off their hopes and dreams for the future, which are expressed by God's ideal for the creation, in a beautiful, international forum of unity and harmony.

If the mind and body of man had truly reached completion without any Fall, man would be a temple in the service of the infinite God. Our very existence could be united directly with God, and with God's parental heart, and all people would represent God visibly as complete, holy individual beings.

However, because of the fall of the first human ancestors, we became sinful descendants whose body has become subject over the mind and whose sinful mind has become subject over the good mind, which is the cause of all corruption and immorality.

This has also caused us to become friends of evil and to a further extent it became the cause of unrighteousness. The problem of everything has come from egoism, from centering on oneself. From this, social, national and world egoism have evolved.

Finally, egoism has been split into communism versus democracy, theism versus atheism, and idealism versus materialism. As a result, the whole of human culture has become centered upon a corrupted body and on domination by force, bringing war and the abuse of human life.

People have become uncivilized and dehumanized and their actions have even become a most fearful force against themselves.

However, since the beginning of God's restoration providence, people have always been eager for true freedom and true peace, and they are sick of such a disordered society, longing for true order centered upon new hope and true love.

Now, the world of God's ideal will be the enlarged form of an ideal person who is unified in mind and body. If the mind becomes a subject of goodness, it can give clear direction to the body. Therefore, if our minds become the subject of goodness, we can build the ideal world which the world has always desired in its original human nature given by God.

The wide community

Through the Hanmadang Sports Festival, we can achieve the original harmonized mind and body, enlarge our experience, and build the world of the new order centering on the mind which looks for goodness.

All the power of the physical body comes from the action within a healthy and true mind. There are many different games. Some games are played individually like the marathon, but there are also many different team games which are played by many different people.

Team games, where different characters can be truly beautiful masterpieces of harmony, achieve unity and harmony through compromise and understanding, through love and virtue.

In order to play team games, we have to keep the rules of righteousness. They also help a player to develop a strong spirit of competition. We have to learn to accept and obey decisions taken in the game.

At the end, the loser holds up the winner's hand, but the winner should also inspire the loser, and when they do this, we all feel deep brotherhood and love.

The meaning of "Hanmadang" is very important to understand: "han" means large and wide, and "madang" is the symbol of community spirit and working together.

As we know, in the Olympics, the true spirit of the games has become a fight for medals, and the nations with few medals have become disregarded in the competition.

Therefore, the Hanmadang Sports Festival was founded as a forum for a spirit of cooperation and prosperity only achieved by mutual love as the basis for the foundation of a new culture. Hanmadang is also a forum for the passionate call of the youth to building an ideal world of principle.

Let us give our very best effort and the skills for which we have trained, and then both winners and losers will all ultimately be victors.

World CARP members: today, the significance of the Hanmadang Sports Festival does not only mean winning, for it is also a forum where one can share true brotherhood and sisterhood and participate in the great global family of God's ideal of creation through the games. It is also the place for sharing love among true brothers and sisters centering on True Parents.

It has been the hope of the True Parents throughout their lives to see the ideal world. Now that the 20th century of tension, confrontation and conflict is passing away with the end of communism, the coming 21st century will create the new Eden culture which will open a new chapter of a harmonized humanity.

Today, through the youth of the world, we can show the model of the ideal Kingdom of Heaven through the Hanmadang Sports Festival.

We will now make a fanfare of harmony of friendship of love and of peace. Let us work together in this forum for true love, creating eternal and unchangeable friendships, moved as we are by the natural passion of youth which aims at the opening of a new world. Thank you again for your coming, and God bless you!


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