About Mother

Hyo Jin Moon November 1st 1992

Belvedere, Sunday Unofficial Notes Speaks (1 hr 15 min)

Father is on his way to Korea. There is a rally planned for Mother in Europe. Mother will speak there in different countries as well as in Russia, China, Australia and eventually in North Korea.

Tremendous changes are taking place, please be alert spiritually in everything you do. Father asked me to talk about Mother today.

If Jesus had not been crucified, how would He have done missionary work? What is the purpose of restoration? It is the restoration of the Garden of Eden!

If Jesus had lived, which way would He have gone? He would have gone to the East. The way had already been prepared for Jesus. Confucius stressed achieving nobility through character. He taught that a loyal, noble character could be attained through self cultivation. Confucianism was accepted as a national religion in China 200 years before Jesus and it lasted until 200 years after Jesus. There are many similarities between Jesus' and Confucius' teaching.

Be Realistic

Realistic and substantial support is needed for the restoration of the World. Unity becomes easier and is more practical if people from the same race and culture can work together to establish God's Ideal. This was the situation of the Jewish people and it had nothing to do with racial superiority. Jesus was certainly no war monger but He taught about humility, service and a pure life style.

Europe is uniting now. Does this mean that they are isolating everyone else? They can certainly be self sufficient! What if China unites the Orient and creates another block of nations with a potential for war in the future. This is very possible.

America is very important to bridge these type of problems in the world. America is a great and important country. It is necessary to have a strong Western Foundation to restore the East and America must play it's role. This is the reason Father spent so much time here.

In 1894 and 95 Japan invaded and conquered China. China was very rich and too satisfied. Japan became very arrogant after they defeated China and that arrogance became even stronger after they also defeated Russia ten years later. The West contributed many resources for Japan to be able to defeat Russia.

Now we are in the position to give resources to the East as well as Father's truth, knowledge and wisdom to be able to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. We must have a clear strategy at this time.

When something does not work, you must change your strategy. The idea is to win the war. We must give the American culture to the East minus the decadence.

Need New Strategy

We must have a new strategy. This is the time of the Second Generation. You listen to me even if I sound arrogant and get angry at times. But the only reason I come here is to inspire you to build a New World.

The Manhattan Center belongs to Father. I encouraged the Second Generation to get involved in restoring it. This will help them in the future.

We are planning a big concert in Shanghai in January. One thousand people will hear Father's Youth Music.

When Hyo Jin Nim went to Japan to support Mother's speaking tour, many people had visions of him. In a vision Hyo Jin Nim's Grand Mother said that we should celebrate loudly. We will do that and play loud music in Japan.

Some of the True Children did five rallies in Korea in support of Mother. It was really hard to attend a women's rally as a man. I did this five times but I am not going to do it again.

The time has come to unite centered on True Mother. Christianity does not have the means to bring world peace or solve the racial tensions. A third party is necessary to solve the Black and White problem.

I am collecting oriental documentaries of Eastern and Western History with the purpose of educating the people. I need your input and knowledge. Restoration comes through communication (and of course indemnity). We must have clear control over the communication media. Some one made a substantial donation. I do not know who did it, but thank you.

Mother's Work The Center

You must be able to say that you have done something for Father's providence. Your input must be connected directly to the communication of Father's words of truth to the world.

I do everything with good intentions and action but I need your support. I am starting to sound like a politician.

Please pray about what is to come. Mother's work is so important. Father needs a strong foundation here in the USA. He spent twenty years of His life here. We certainly don't want to loose that foundation.