Absolutely Unite with Heavenly Father

Hyo Jin Moon

Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY USA

January 22, 1989

Unofficial Notes from 6:00 am Speech

How many of you just returned from Korea? Maybe some of you would like to share some of your experience there. (Three brothers and sisters share some testimony).

Do you feel happy about the Blessing? It is very important for us, right? I'd like to share about the depth and meaning of the Blessing as much as I can.

Heavenly Fathers ideal was to have Adam and Eve absolutely united with Him. Based on that and true love, Heavenly Father would expand His love. The reason that man was created was to fulfill God's ideal of true love. He needed an object, someone for give and take. The ideal of love comes from give and take between two beings, a subject and an object, it can't happen with just one person. Based on this give and take the ideal would have been realized, but God's desire to substantiate this ideal was not completed because of mans failure. Throughout history, all indemnity has centered upon restoring the ideal relationship between God and man, back to the original intention of God. Man had a responsibility, it could not be fulfilled automatically. Man had to participate in this making of God's ideal. In order to receive from Heavenly Father, the object has to have the quality of love which God wants to have give and take with, otherwise there is no reciprocation between God and man on the ideals of love. The ideal is only attained with the presence of God. For this to happen man had to fulfill something, what was it?

All of the creation was initiated by God, the whole universe. Just as He gave His effort, investing every ounce of Himself, everything to create His vision and ideal, man too has to give everything he has, man has to fully participate in this effort. We like to put emphasis on "my existence", we have strong feelings of self existence, why? Because through investment of our total effort we can obtain the ideals of God. We have to give every ounce of our effort to earn our place to receive Heavenly Fathers love. That is why all of us seek to know ourselves. We must be responsible to obtain the ideals of God. It doesn't matter who you are, what color you are or what race you are, be like God, act, think, like God to receive His ideal.

No matter how miserable reality is we seek the ideal, something intangible. We want to belong to the Garden of Eden before the fall. It is every man and woman's responsibility if they want to receive Heavenly Fathers love. What was that responsibility? To know that we must understand the fall of man. Men and women did not live up to the expectation and will of God. He expected them to obey and to unite but they failed to do so.

Absolutely unite, no matter what, no "maybes" -- unconditionally unite. In order for man and woman to receive from God they must absolutely obey and unite with God, no exception to this rule. The ideal lies in the will of God. We are the part of creation meant to respond to God, so we should be responsible, we can not be on a separate course than God.

The ideal of man rests absolutely on man uniting with God. No matter how tempting anything might be there is no excuse, no exception. We cannot expect to say" Just forgive me because this and that happened and I could not resist". As a man you cannot put conditions on the will of God, that is where the fall lies, men and women put their conditions on Gods love.

We were given the blessing to participate in fulfilling true love. Who screwed up? Not Heavenly Father, but men and women, the fault lies in you. How can we restore this fall?

The reason God is trying to save man is the fulfillment of His ideal. That is why this fallen mind can even think and dream of going back to the ideal and receiving God's love. The object must be worthy to receive God's love. This years motto is the Unification of Korea. It is a very specific motto, last year it was the fatherland. The fatherland can be anywhere. How can Father claim this? On what grounds is he thinking of unifying Korea, does anyone know?

Father has directed a mobilization of 7000 members to Korea, why is this happening? What does the Blessing of 36 couples stand for? If Adam and Eve fulfilled, they would have been true parents, multiplying to a larger level. Since this was not substantiated the second Adam and Eve had to come. At the time of Jesus, the tribal level, if his family would have united, Jesus would have chosen a true mother, and would have substantiated on a tribal level. To see the necessity of unity between North and South Korea we have to look at the significance of the division of the Northern and Southern Kingdoms. Through Elijah, God wanted to cleanse the divided Kingdoms. The ten tribes of the north were worshippers of Baal. Elijah brought fire from heaven and burned all the idols of Baal in the north. Based on that in the future Israel would be able to prepare for the coming of the Messiah.

Because Abraham failed in making the symbolic offering, his responsibility was passed onto Jacob, the son in the Abel position. Through him, preparation to receive the Messiah was made. Jacob was the one who went to Haran and for twenty one years worked to win conditions set by Satan.

Jacob's son Joseph became the next central figure. He was sold by his brothers. Their relationship was not so good because of the dreams he had, they made his brothers jealous. One day they decided to murder him, but Judah said that they should sell him into slavery instead. He was sold into slavery in Egypt where he later went to prison and was called to translate dreams. Finally he became the prime minister. The course of Joseph was the model for Jesus because he became prime minister at age thirty, uniting his tribe. He could have become king, restoring everything and uniting the world.

If Elijah had wiped out all the worshippers of Baal, he would have created the national foundation to receive the Messiah. It then would have been much easier for Gods will to be accomplished. But there were still 7000 priests of Baal living. Elijah failed because God had told him to wipe them all out. Since he failed at this point, he had to return later to work through John the Baptist.

The reason for the mobilization of 7000 members to Korea is to restore this historical failure, to enable north and south to unite. The 36 to the 6000 couples Blessings have belonged to that era. The significance of Kook Jin Nim's Blessing and the Blessing of the 72 couples of the second generation is to substantially construct Heavenly Fathers nation. We need ideal representation of Heavenly Fathers family, tribe and nation. The second generation is the fruit and essence of the ideal reciprocation. If Adam and Eve fulfilled, their children would have been Blessed, created an ideal tribe and would have spread and multiplied, creating an ideal world. The significance of the second generation blessing is that they are the seed of blessing. They have been cultivated to the point where they can receive the Blessing and create ideal tribes. Without propagating this ideal course you cannot erect the ideal nation. The reason Jesus had twelve disciples, was to symbolize children, seventy two apostles symbolize the tribe and later 120 at the time of Pentecost signify the national foundation.

If there had been unity between Joseph and Zachariah, Jesus would have moved ahead quickly. John the Baptist's responsibility was to cleanse the culture, and unite those worshipping idols with the Jews.