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After the Passing of Shin Gil nim

Hyo Jin Moon January 1, 2006 Belvedere Transcription: T. K.

It’s been a while. Seems like ten years since I met members. Among the members here, I am sorry for not remembering the faces of some of the members. When hearing the communication about Shin Gil, I could not understand that as itself. The phone call was from my older sister [Ye Jin]. “Shin Gil was in a car accident. Did you hear?” I was in the midst of taking a shower.

Unfortunately, I became a parent in a world where the child passes first; before the parent.

What is a person’s life? What kind of life makes it a meaningful life? The important thing is how to go through the final stage and how to go to the spirit world. Shin Gil only went to spirit world a bit before everyone else. At the time of the accident, the driver’s license read “Moon Shin Gil” and that made me at ease and peaceful.

I called the cell phones of my other children and no one answered. However, no matter what others say, it does not change the fact that Shin Gil is my son, and the grandchild of my Father. The spirit world that Shin Gil went to is where Heung Jin Nim is, and I know he will take care of him. So, it is okay not to worry about Shin Gil going to the spirit world; and it's okay not to worry about me.

Honestly, I don’t know how it is going to be from now on. However, I know that Shin Gil is going to a good place. I don’t think I will talk long today.

Shin Gil has changed me to an even better human being. That phone call from the time of Shin Gil’s passing to the spirit world -- my life has become a better life than before. From today onward, I wish to become a good human being. Shin Gil made me that way.

Thank you very much.


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