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Be Proud Of What You Are!

Hyo Jin Moon July 31, 1984 Belvedere

I don't know if I am ready for this debut. Father has been giving me a lot of chances the last couple of months, and I have been really trying to change in ways that Father wants me to.

First of all, I can talk about the workshop that we are going through with the blessed children. It is the first time that I have ever sat together with blessed children and had a workshop with them. For me especially it was an experience for which I am very grateful. I was most inspired by the love, the thoughts, and the feelings of each individual centering upon God. Everybody had a different perspective, but they all were really open to God's love and were really trying to unite and fight in their own minds to be standing where Father is standing.

I will not say much. There is one thing I really want to share with every one of you, because you are leaders. You are the stepping stones of our church, and you have great missions. What you are doing is not just a mission, it is not just a duty. It is making your own world, and making yourself, your individual self. It is not for the sake of anybody else, but it's for you in the long run. It's for everybody's benefit, for your grandchildren, for your generations to come. You are here for yourself, as well as for everybody's sake, and for God. And you really have to understand that. It is not just something that I am doing for somebody. You are under God's dominion, you are His children, everybody is. In a way you are doing it for yourselves.

So you really have to be proud of what you are doing and what you are. And you have to stand in front of all the followers you are leading, to be that example, so they can follow. You have to have that kind of strength when they need it, you know, when they are down, when they are really suffering inside, when they have some kind of problems, emotional problems. You can be a strong wall they can lean on so they will never, never crumble down.

True Champion of God

I see in this world there are many people who are champions in their own minds. We have to be true champions. What is a true champion, under God's dominion, under God's fundamental love? You have to be the one who is willing to give a hundred percent, not for others' sake, not for the glory, not for the moment of truth, no. For the true value -- what you are really made of. I really feel this kind of person is a true champion of God. And we all have to be true champions of God, not just champions in our own minds, because if everybody is separated in that way, we will never unite. Father always tells us unite, unite. What is unity? What is unity when everybody is great in his own perspective?

I used to take martial arts, I used to play guitar. When I was taking martial arts, when I became an instructor, in my eyes nobody was greater than me, nobody was greater. To be a martial arts instructor was the highest goal, the greatest achievement. But when I got there I looked at everybody through that eye of being at instructor level. I looked around at everybody and saw that they were not men. I had thought a man has to do martial arts, has to be strong, has to be fast. I found out I was wrong.

You have your own chosen field and you can be great at it, but you cannot look at other people without the direction of heart; because in God's eyes it's spherical, round. It's not just one direction. You might be holding just one direction, you might be doing something in one part, but that is not the whole thing. You have to be perfect.

What does perfection mean? What is perfection? I asked the question many times. Am I perfect to judge somebody because I am an instructor in martial arts? Or am I virtuous in playing guitar? No. I may be good at that, but there is something more to be learned and to seek, to gain. Humbleness -- the word sounds so simple -- but it has a very deep meaning I feel, very deep meaning. That is why although I used to be a very outgoing person, I cut off. I became very silent, because I haven't reached that perfection yet. I don't want to speak out yet because I want to know more. I have to know more. And there are so many things that need to be done, and so many people, so many different backgrounds and different personalities, different emotions, all different kinds of people. To touch those people, I have to be a part of them.

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