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Building an Ideal Tomorrow

Hyo Jin Moon Belvedere Sunday, November 22nd 1992 Unofficial Notes Speaks (1 hr 10 min)

I watched a TV program where they studied the aging of people. They tested 70 people who had reached quite an old age. The interesting thing they found out was that all these old timers had something in common.

They all had a lot of optimism and were good at dealing with difficulties and losses. All had goals and high ideals as well.

According to this study, we should be the one's who live the longest. We experience a great deal of stress but we know how to deal with it.

Comfort Father There are many issues to addressed. All of you want to live a long life with the one's you love. We must create an environment where Father can be comforted. We must let Father see the reflection of victory in you..

There is a great deal of optimism and hope in our movement.. When we can give that to Father, I know that He will a long time.

How do we go about "Building an Ideal Tomorrow?" We must first of all start with becoming an ideal person ourselves. Speaking of myself, I am trying hard to please Father. Most of the time my efforts do not get recognized and that hurts. I really try my best but my offering is sometimes not received. I do not get the expected response from Father. I feel there is no Give and Take and my heart is broken.

Providential Offering

This hinders my relationship with Father but it is not Father's shortcoming but mine. I do not see things from Father's point of view. I look at the offering as a personal offering and this is wrong. The offering must have a providential meaning.

I tend to look for a personal response and if I do not get it, I am disappointed. But the more I dwell on it, the larger this whole thing becomes. However, I do not let it get out of control. I try to understand Father's heart on a deeper level and see the greater vision of what Father wants of me. Our offerings should advance God's Providence on this earth.

I understand of the importance of ideal Subject and Object relationships but I forget sometimes. When this happens in my relationship with Father the disappointment that comes makes me cry out. I feel rebellious at times and I want to even act on this feeling.

Black and White Issue.

One of the biggest problems of our time is the Black and White Issue. Everyone knows it exists and that it is very dangerous. Not resolving this problem will increase the danger. How can we resolve it? The only way to resolve racial tension is by establishing a new lineage through the Blessing centered on True Parents. This is a foundation satan can not erase.

The Foundation of Substance brings resolution to all problems and it will bring the ideal. The bond based on lineage is irreversible. Can you erase the blood in you? There is no religion that talks about blood lineage. When people of such a religion pass away, the religion will also pass away.

There is no complete and absolute way to resolve man's problems. The only way is through lineage and this is most frightening to satan. As long as you have True Parents and the truth, your family will have the opportunity to change.

A lawyer and his wife, also a lawyer, outside people, who are working with us have everything. However, they are very inspired by the Blessing. There is just no depth in earthly relationships and marriage.

Bigger And Better

No matter what I feel toward Father, the Blessing connection is there. I will always do my best to create harmony. Whatever Father has done thus far, it is True Children's responsibility to make it bigger and better. But we can never be conceited. Father wants you to be the best. We must keep Father's spirit alive, that is the highest offering. If people can see Father in you, that is True Love (in tears).

I try to control my emotions but I can't help it sometimes. I have lost my place now. When I look at the USA, I can see that living here gives you certain freedoms. You could go out after High School and make a comfortable living. This freedom does not exist in other countries.

You Have Much Freedom

Can you imagine a United States of America were children have to love with their parents until they are thirty? In a situation like that, there is no freedom and no friendships can develop. You could only negotiate with your parents because you must follow the rules of the house.

But here in America you have freedom and you can live a very loose and independent life. You are living within the law but still you can make your own rules.

In Korea a 16 year old can not go out and get a job. He is forced to live with his parents and follow the standard of the household. Here you set your own rules and you can do well. You do not want to listen to anyone because you did well on your own. but things are changing now, more and more Americans are living with their parents now. The USA is truly a blessed land with a rich environment.

Our tendency is to separate from the origin. We receive inspiration but we are to selfish to give credit to the source of the inspiration. When we are young we are always looking for a role model. But if they are selfish and misuse their talent, satan invades and thus many children can be led astray.

The Importance Of Lineage

How can we convince America of the importance of lineage? For the ideal to come, we must destroy or dismantle what satan has built. Can the Kingdom of Heaven be established in a peaceful way? It is not possible. We must destroy the fallen thoughts and habits and rebuild and recreate ourselves. This means we must face ourselves every day.

In the leader position, if you are all alone it will be tough. I hope that you raised up your followers well so that they can support you. Unless we destroy satan's nature in ourselves, and this is positive destruction, the ideal can not come.

Plants always grow in circles and the stem always grows up and the roots down. Even if satan plants me upside down, because of True Parents and True Love I will grow up right.

With True Love and the Divine Principle we will literally cover ever aspect of life in the future. Our true test will come when we have everything, money, position and power. This will be the true "John the Baptist Test". John had much authority. When you have power and wealth the challenges will come.

Become Someone Great

So go out and find a way to become someone great. You must become a significant object so that so that you can relate directly to Father.

We "hooked" Epic Records. They are a big recording company under Sony. They will come on Wednesday, November 25, 1992 to listen to our bands. We must reel them in, it took us six years to bring them this far. Of course we know that they are only after money and that they won't invest into something negative.

I do not care if in the past you have been a homosexual as long as you have changed when you joined the Unification Church. Homosexuals destroy the family and Heavenly Tradition. A man must be able to have a meaningful relationship with another man without sticking something into him..

Concert In Shanghai

January 1st 1993 Ancestors will have a big concert in Shanghai. This broadcast will be covert by two TV Stations and we will reach one million households. A radio station will also cover the concert. We can never be arrogant about this. You know what arrogant people fear the most? Humility! Humble and meek people.

We must build a better future for our children. I want to build an Ideal World. We can not be arrogant doing so, now is the real time to be humble. The only way to be victorious is through the reversal of blood lineage. We must educate people about the change of blood lineage.

Rev. Zin Moon Kim just returned from Korea. He gives a brief testimony.

We need to clearly understand the center and core of the Providence. The Center right now lies with Mother and the Women's Federation for World Peace. You must include this in your prayers whenever you pray.

I spent 40 days with Father in Kodiak Alaska. During this time we held four 10 day workshops for American leaders. It was not an easy job, we had to get by on 2 hours of sleep. The last one was for the international missionaries. Father always introduced me as the leader of the Untied States of America. It was very challenging.

Father asked me to translate for Him and that was the most difficult thing in the world for me to do. Father scolded me many times because I missed the most important parts of Father's speech. I learned much while translating for Father and my English became better as well.

We must accept a tough and difficult to carry out order to be able to grow faster. The harder things become for us the faster we can grow.

I speak well but my actions do not reflect my words at times. But if you accept my words in faith, disregarding my fallen nature then you can go to Heaven. If you think that I am going to hell because of my actions and thus criticize me and decide you do not want to listen to me, then you will go to hell with me.

Have Patience And Obedience

If you have patience and obedience, you will ultimately be OK. Individualism is our first satanic inheritance. This individualism then spread to the spouse, then the family and eventually to the world level.

As a Tribal Messiah you can not be individualistic. You must create an organization to work together. Many Brothers and Sisters who go out to Home Town do not have a good relationship with the local Unification Church. That is not good.

America is truly blessed. You can do so much together. Money is not really a problem. You can go and fund-raise for one evening and make enough money to buy a return ticket to Korea. In Zaire you have to fund-raise for 14 years to accomplish the same. You all have many clothes and your closets are filled. I only have a few things and I still survive. You are truly blessed here in America.

Those who put on much make-up tend to not have internal beauty. They are trying to symbolically cover up the dirt inside. They are only concerned with and emphasize external beauty.

Today is November 22nd and it's about 8:00 am. In six hours True Mother will be speaking to the wives of the top leaders of the "New Russia" in the Kremlin. Please pray for her and the event at that time. From there Mother will go on to Beijing in China, North Korea and eventually Australia.

Soon Korean leaders will be changed, probably by God's Day 1993.

The 30,000 Blessed Couples will have to be more educated. There will be a Blessing Workshop for those Blessing Couples in Brooklyn next Sunday, November 29th 1992 from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

We need a repetition of truth. We need to hear the truth over and over again. Only when we are practicing the truth 100% will there be no more need to repeatedly study it.

We need more people to go to the Seminary. More people are needed to be leaders in the future and only UTS graduates will be leaders.

Let me summarize and finish my speech : Please pray for Mother, Be patient and obedient Don't criticize the leaders.

God Bless You.....


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