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Can True Love Be Addictive

Hyo Jin Moon

February 26, 2006


Here are my notes from Hyo Jin nim's speech Sunday 26 Feb 2006. I am a poor note taker and I feel disappointed that I missed writing down many things because my writing is slower than Hyo Jin nim's speaking. These at most convey some sense of what Hyo Jin nim said and are not a verbatim record.

Joe Kinney

How are you doing? Today I am going to talk about something interesting.

Can True Love be addictive?

Can we make true love addictive?

Hey Richie! How are you doing? Long time no see. (To Richard Wolfe a former member of Hyo Jin nim's band.)

Is there good and bad addition? Does every human behavior result in a consequential action? Yes is does.

So what is the result of addiction?

As a concerned parent you worry about your children going out of control. The Children's argument is "How can I know my limitations if I don't test them?"

Even 80 year old parents worry about their 60 year old son. They say "Look both ways when you cross the street and like that."

How do you deal with addiction? Addiction is some kind of action that gives you pleasure, no matter how stupid or how bad. Different people are addicted to different things. Addition is part of life because we want to feel Joy, Pleasure.

So we question is it good or bad. People's pleasure is different.

In the South or Mid-West people like hunting. I used to like hunting, but I stopped because I didn't want to kill anymore. But what a great feeling killing your 1st deer together with your son.

What is True Love? It's when you can even love the Devil. True Lov