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Citizens of Tomorrow's World

Hyo Jin Moon May 1, 1988 Belvedere

Today, let's talk about becoming citizens of tomorrow's world, the ideal world. How many of you are American citizens? Are you proud Americans? Many times Americans have an "American" attitude, and where does that come from? From American concepts. From concepts we mold our attitudes. "Attitude" is substantializing what you believe in. If I am to be a religious man, I must have faith in religion. And if I want to become a preacher, then I have to know about God's will and about the background of Heavenly Father. In this world, many people are proud to be American citizens because America is a symbol of freedom to them. To many those starving people in places like Ethiopia or in the communist bloc countries -- America is a symbol of hope. To many others living in America, America is a sanctuary for their dreams. But we have to really understand and evaluate the circumstances that surround us.

Heavenly Father's ideal world should be based upon the ideal concept and ideology. Upon that, our attitudes and actions will follow. So what is the concept and understanding that all ideal people must have? First of all, everybody has to be united with one thought -- Heavenly Father's thought. God must exist within that world in order for it to become ideal. We cannot create an ideal world all by ourselves because we exist with a spirit and a body, not just a body alone. Your mind and body must come together and unite with the center of your soul, which is our Heavenly Father.

What is love? Can love exist alone? You must have someone to have give and take with, someone else to receive and feel your love. Alone, I cannot feel love. I must have a spouse. Within my family, love can exist because I have my children, my wife, my brothers and sisters, and my parents. Within that family, love can exist. Love exists when I'm living for everyone else, for the sake of the whole.

In order for this ideal attitude to come about, we have to know where the center is. What is my everything? What is my source of life? Everything to me is love.

Love means everything to me. Who is the embodiment of love? Heavenly Father. And who represents Heavenly Father here in this substantial world? True Parents. So our attitude must coincide with that feeling. We must think: "True Parents are everything to me." That is the right attitude within an ideal society, that absolute subject and object relationship. I exist because of True Parents. True Parents represent the whole. For the sake of love I will live for True Parents.

Young People Long to Substantiate Their Ideals

When you look at young people, they are motivated, enthusiastic, outgoing. They like to feel liberated and independent. Adults may say they're rebellious, but many times young people are just rebelling against what they perceive to be wrong. Here you must understand the Principle point of view. Within our physical lifetime, we were to substantiate true love. Through this body, we were to learn about true love, through childhood and adolescence, finally reaching adult age. During that growth period, all young people come to understand what is right or wrong.

When adolescence arrives, you perk up, you want to search for yourself, to find out things on your own; you want to substantiate things. You want to become an ideal person. That is deep within every young man and woman's heart. Young people long to be independent. Why? Because every individual has within him a drive to fulfill his own responsibility, and young people feel this strongly.

In the ideal world, young people learn to live and know about ideal love, ideal things, and ideal concepts. But in this world, ideal examples don't exist. Young people search and search for ideal examples, but because there are none, they have to settle for less, for things that they perceive to be good in the moment. They make decisions spontaneously and build their life upon instantaneous decisions, living in accordance with their irresponsible urges. They develop these kinds of habits, and their physical bodies get molded in the wrong way. They just live day-to-day, carelessly, having give and take with this materialistic, un-ideal world. Unfortunately, this is the reality of America and the rest of the world today.