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Hyo Jin Moon March 9, 2008 Belvedere 7:00 am

Here are my notes from Hyo Jin nim's speech Sunday 09 March 2008. My ability to convey what was actually said is limited. These, at most, convey some sense of what Hyo Jin nim said and are not a verbatim record. To see projects that Hyo Jin nim is working on log on to: and Joe Kinney

Rev. Jack Corley is the MC. All welcome Hyo Jin nim and Yeon Ah nim and offer a standing bow.

Hyo Jin nim bows to the audience before he approaches the stage.

Good morning (good morning)

Is everybody here committed to something? (Yes.)

When you think about commitment, what does it mean to you?

Why do you want to commit to something?

Because it defines you.

Any kind of commitment that you make will define you, and you'll be judged. That's why you commit to something.

Because you know that life is about learning something and it is short. Very short (laughing).

How about what makes you good, what makes you right?

Even in business. I'll be away for about two weeks. Okay?

If people give you money you have responsibility; you have commitment.

You have to make them profit. Otherwise I don't think you're going to get another opportunity.

So even just dealing with money, you're committed; that's what it is.

Now think about yourself. What are you thinking? What terms of thinking are you committed to? What are you reaching out to understand?

Even if you do understand something, achieving it is very difficult.

Now, take that to the next level, spirituality. How are you going to answer that question?