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Hyo Jin Moon July 9, 2006 7:00 am Belvedere Unofficial Notes: Joe Kinney

Here are my notes from Hyo Jin nim’s speech Sunday 09 July 2006.

My writing speed and ability to convey what was actually said are limited.

These at most convey some sense of what Hyo Jin nim said and are not a verbatim record.

Joe Kinney

Rev. Andrew Compton is the MC. All welcome Hyo Jin nim and offer a half bow.

(Hyo Jin nim does a half bow to the audience; he brought a small notebook and opened it on the podium.)

How are you doing?

Good morning.

Today I want to talk about compassion.

What the heck is compassion anyway?

It is very important to live with compassion and true love in your daily life.

Compassion comes from two Latin words meaning suffer together.

You have to have this feeling for others who are suffering that you want to help them, to reach out.

Before we talk about compassion, let’s talk about our basic self.

What is generosity? You don’t think about it. It just happens.

You think that you have more than you need and you share it.

(Some one’s cell phone rings and Hyo Jin nim says Hello? Hello?)

So I have a little more money than I normally need so I give something.

Compassion is different. You have to feel something. You have to feel the other person’s sorrow.

You have to feel the plight of others before you give.

Generosity is formation stage.

Compassion is growth stage.

Love is perfection stage.

Compassion is very important for you to understand love.

If I were to make a documentary and try to find out who is really giving to people; it is hard to find. Most charities only give about 50% of what they take in to people. Charities that give 70% or 80% are hard to find.

That’s why it’s important to teach your children about compassion and why it’s important to be generous.

Warren Buffet gave 31 Billion to the Bill Gates foundation. If you have a few Billion you are well off.

You can give a lot and make a difference, usually in the medical field.

You can take care of (fund) 30, 40, or 50 operations (foundations) with just the interest on 20 billion.

In the end it’s our creativity that matters. We need to be involved in something and to create.

Art is so cryptic that I don’t encourage you to focus on it unless you are willing to die for it. I would encourage you to go into engineering, architecture, medical science or the like. It is better.

In the end we need to be involved in something creative. Our children need to be involved in these fields because it matters.

I have a good accountant. He is an outside guy who did the books for some famous people. In the end he needs to believe in something. I have to be responsible for him because he is my guy.

When you teach your child about compassion, think about what would put a smile on your face.

(Hyo Jin nim addresses the young people from the ILTP, International Leadership Training Program that are attending.)

Your little brothers and sisters know when you have something and they want some of it. Then the drama begins.

What does the big kid do when they have something that the others want?

You know how a comic book superhero story should end.

You have to teach them how to be generous, not talk about compassion yet.

You can’t give unless you have something.

Why do you give?

You have something (a foundation) to work with and you can go to the next level, compassion.

Before you think about true love you had better know what you think about why you give and your motivation for giving had better not be self-centered.

You can’t think about your self when you give to others.

Otherwise it is not an act based on compassion.

If you say I want to give sex and give and give, that is not compassion.

Please don’t take certain things just based on convenience.

In the end you have to be willing to die for it (what you have compassion for).

It doesn’t matter what others think or even what you think if you are not willing to die for what you give.

If you want to live, then you have to make the people that you love as part of you. If not don’t say it (that you love them) because it is not true.

(In tears, long pause)

We have to understand compassion before we understand love.

You had better be willing to die for something or don’t ever talk about compassion or love.

(Long pause, Hyo Jin nim is in tears)

You have to grow in whatever way works. You have to deal with the situation realistically.

Don’t talk about big ideas unless you are willing to die for them.

It’s not that simple.

We have to believe in God.

We have to fight and win.

Let the best man win.

Do you have any idea how difficult that is?

Formation stage is generosity.

Growth stage is compassion.

Perfection stage is love.

Love is very difficult. You have to give up all your premises. (Pre-conceptions)

You kids have to learn about compassion because it is better than playing video games.

Everybody wants to be good. In the end everyone can be happy.

I believe this.

(To the young people from the ILTP)

Do you want to marry a handsome actor and get divorced a couple years later?

Excuse me old people. I want to talk to the young folks.

How about school? Who is there? Jocks, pretty boys and nerds. You have to respect nerds because they excel at something.

You can say that you have 36,500 days. Until the day you die you have to create something every day; learn something every day.

Create something or learn something each of these 36,500 days.

Do something with your life.

It isn’t that simple.

Hey kids! Do you understand that?

You got me?

You want to talk about love? Let’s not talk about love, unless we understand what is less than love.

I understand, but it can be done if we do the basics and have uniformity. (Keep a standard)

We can make the changes in the world.

It’s all perception in the end because the information network is already out there.

You can’t change it. You have to accept it and yourself.

There is no other way.

Start with compassion.

Think about what makes you better.

There is no other way but to suffer and invest yourselves.

I don’t care who says that it won’t work. It will work. It (restoration) can happen.

So be generous and compassionate.

Its better when you give something when you have nothing.

I’m going to be away for…for…

I don’t know.

(Hyo Jin nim will be with True Mother in Africa)

See you when I get back.

You all take care of your selves. OK?

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