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Convincing People That Father Is The Messiah

Hyo Jin Moon May 14, 2006, 7:00 am Belvedere Unofficial Notes: Joe Kinney

All welcome Hyo Jin nim and everyone offers a bow.

Hyo Jin nim comes to the stage and there is a long pause while Hyo Jin nim looks over the crowd. There are many 2nd generation from STF.

There are a lot of young people here.

What is your greatest difficulty when you go out and try to convince people who we are?

It is to convince people that True Father is the Messiah.

Let's talk about the anti-Christ. What is the anti-Christ? Can anybody tell me what the anti-Christ is?

You have to know this to explain the Messiah.

Many members in the room offer various answers including:

Somebody that says they have all the answers but doesn't... Someone who block people from following the messiah... Communism... Someone who is against human welfare... Obstacle to coming to God...

(Hyo Jin nim can't hear someone's answer and he says) I have wax in my ear I can't hear you.

(He continues to encourage participation from the members and the replies continue for a while.)

This is your opportunity to speak.

Give me more

Give me more

Give me more

If you expect something from me because of my status (as Father's so