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Convincing People That Father Is The Messiah

Hyo Jin Moon May 14, 2006, 7:00 am Belvedere Unofficial Notes: Joe Kinney

All welcome Hyo Jin nim and everyone offers a bow.

Hyo Jin nim comes to the stage and there is a long pause while Hyo Jin nim looks over the crowd. There are many 2nd generation from STF.

There are a lot of young people here.

What is your greatest difficulty when you go out and try to convince people who we are?

It is to convince people that True Father is the Messiah.

Let's talk about the anti-Christ. What is the anti-Christ? Can anybody tell me what the anti-Christ is?

You have to know this to explain the Messiah.

Many members in the room offer various answers including:

Somebody that says they have all the answers but doesn't... Someone who block people from following the messiah... Communism... Someone who is against human welfare... Obstacle to coming to God...

(Hyo Jin nim can't hear someone's answer and he says) I have wax in my ear I can't hear you.

(He continues to encourage participation from the members and the replies continue for a while.)

This is your opportunity to speak.

Give me more

Give me more

Give me more

If you expect something from me because of my status (as Father's son) then you have to give me the benefit of the doubt.

One day my ear wax will fall out.

(Answers continue to come)

What the heck did that guy say? Well anyway you guys heard it.

(Hyo Jin nim's expression becomes more serious and he begins to speak again)

I believe that the best definition to the question of what is the anti-Christ is to define individualism as a concept.

The anti-Christ in its self is the concept of individualism.

It is very important for you to understand that the anti-Christ is not a person. The anti-Christ is not the Devil. The anti-Christ is the concept of individualism.

You have to understand that there is the anti-Christ in you.

Unless you address the anti-Christ inside yourself....

You have to nullify the anti-Christ inside yourself to be a moonie.

It's a concept.

The anti-Christ is a concept.

The anti-Christ is not an individual.

Trust me on this.

Trust me.

From here you have to build your understanding of the messiah.

Hey! I don't know you guys that well. OK?

But I want to give you this to build on.

If you want to fix it, then go back to what went wrong.

If you can change that concept, then you can change the essence.

I'm sure that you have a lot to say about why you don't want to be a selfish idiot.

Life is short.

Life is short.

If you can get rid of that concept (of individualism) then God will win.

Don't take your self too seriously. Remember you will eventually die.

In a sense its all about predestination.

Think about it. If it is inevitable that God will eventually win. It is finally all about predestination.

Excuse my illiteracy and my vulgarity.

Let me tell you my opinion whether you like it or not.

It's all about give and take.

It's all about learning about the true process of ontology.

I know that you can think about all these things without really trying.

The very least thing that we can do is think about it.

What do you do with your thinking? How do you make it go forward?

Do something!

Be a man!

Be a woman!

Get something done!

Animals just act to survive.

We can get away with just thinking.

Can you change the thinking of the person next to you?

Whatever you believe in, make it bigger; make it better.

Affect others!

If you want to live find something (to live for).

Then if you want to live you had better know what you want to die for.

If you know why you're living then you know why you're dying.

That is the basic premise about why you believe in God.

I don't care what you believe.

But I have to live with this till the day that I die, knowing that I have to deal with this truth.

What do you say guys? That's about it and then you die.

Every year you try to do your best and it never ends. You want to live for others. There is no other way.

What can we do together with each other? I hope that we have good people here that can do what we have to accomplish.

I don't want anything else.

It's all about communication.

It doesn't matter how it's approached or the style in which it's delivered. The only important thing is that the message is delivered.

Some people think that we need to have an Air-Force and a Navy and an Army. If you want to put it into that context, then go ahead.

If you understand the direction, then do something about it and take responsibility for it.

I know that I'm going to die, but let me die harder; let me die faster; let my death be more relevant. Can you inspire me to do that?

Why did all the young people come here all of a sudden?

(Someone says that they are from STF. There were 3 STF vans parked)

I was comfortable with all the old folks!

(Addressing the 2nd gen)

Regimentation is very important. You have to train yourself.

Why? Because you live for somebody else.

You have to live this stuff that we are talking about.

It is important.

Trust me.

It is very important.

You have to do this for your own sanity and if you don't do it you will b e corrupted.

Your life is short; and you yourself have to know what it means when you say "I live for the sake of others."

You have to plan your life; know how to die well!

That is smart.

If you can do that then you can win.

Remember: The anti-Christ is not an individual; it is a concept.

Trust me.


Nice to see you again guys!

See you next week. OK?


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