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Day Of All Things 1992

Hyo Jin Moon Unofficial Notes World Mission Center, Grand Ballroom Monday, June 1st 1992, 9:00am (1 Hrs. 45 min.)

To me this day is most important. God made the creation for only one reason, Man the center of the Creation. When men fell, God lost His ideal. God wanted to establish a world were God, man and the creation were bound together by True Love. Man at the center was to love God, each other and the creation.

Creation was in the position to receive men of True Love but because of the Fall this was lost and even the creation is suffering. Instead of experiencing a life of True Love and joy, God, man and the creation are now suffering and need to be liberated.

In Search of True Man And Woman

The basis of love was not established and thus no one can rejoice and everyone is suffering. How can we liberate the creation? It can not be liberated without a Perfect Man and a Perfect Woman. But not only the creation needs the Perfect Man and Perfect Woman, God needs them too. Unless God has a Perfect Man and Woman, He can not be happy and you also can not be happy.

No man can be in a position of glory until the True Parents come. Adam and Eve were supposed to be true parents but they went against God s will and caused Him incredible grief. Adam and Eve could not unite With God and thus God has been looking for someone to unite with Him ever since the Fall.

God can not fulfill His will without a true object. Only a perfect man can be a true object to God. This Perfect Man is the man to set a new tradition of obedience, True Value, True Love and absolute sacrifice and suffering for God. The path of God has been a path of absolute sacrifice and suffering.

Why would God go this way? God would not go such a way of suffering unless He absolutely believed in the power of True Love.

We all have our own problems. How difficult is it to even resolve those problems. It is very difficult, but God is asking us to resolve the problems other people. But what about God, what is His situation? God has been trying to bring all of mankind together above and beyond their individual problems. Do you think this is an easy task?

I myself have many difficulties. How can I take care of other people with their many problems? Well, God is doing it and He has been doing it for a long time. He has given total love and walked a path of absolute sacrifice.

You must also go the path of True Love and sacrifice for others. Only then can you stand in the presence of God. There is just no other way. God cannot come to you unless you live His kind of life. God cannot compromise His standard of life before satan.

When you live God's way of life you won't even have to ask God to come to you, He will automatically be attracted to you and be with you.

Who Is Qualified To Rejoice?

How many can truly rejoice on this day? You can only rejoice if you have gone beyond the level of Adam and Eve. You who have the Blessing, can you truly rejoice on this day?

The secret of success is True Love and Unity. If we can unite, we can change the USA and the World. Can you unite with your Central Figure? I can do it, how about you?

God has tried to lay the foundation of True Love from the very beginning. All Central figures of the past have failed God. Ham could not unite with his father. He interpreted his relationship with his father only from a physical perspective and that was wrong. He was dominated too much by the physical. His spirit should have dominated his mind and body. The whole family of Noah was to be an offering to bring about God's will.

To attain True Love we must become one with God, only then do we become a worthy object of God. You can not be forced into that, but have to use your own reason, creativity, ability and willpower to become one with God.

How many of you like your Central Figure? How many of you dislike your Central Figure? Honestly raise your hands. How can you expect to change the world if you can not resolve your relationship with your Central Figure and other members. We must establish True Love relationships.

Lets assume your Central Figure is a complete nut case. But if you can love him even in the worst situation, then the spirit of God can come and intervene. That was the situation when Abraham offered Isaac. There was total unity and thus God could intervene.

Take a look at yourself and ask critically "Why do I hate my Central Figure?" We must create a family with offering hearts.

Abraham was the High Priest when he made the offering of Isaac. God made Jesus the offering. If the Israelites had absolutely united with Jesus, He would have changed the world then and there. The point here is that God needs an ideal object of Love. Then an ideal world can come about.

What is the solution to hate and bigotry in this world? Can these problems resolved through the intellect? No! We need some tangable means to physically connect all people. That is the reason Father speaks about True Lineage.

Racial problems can be resolved through Inter racial Blessings. How about Pres. Bush. He has In Laws of Hispanic origin. He is half WASP and half Hispanic, halfway brown. Will he still love them? Of course, Parents can't deny their grand child. It is part of the basic family unit.

A Symbolic Binding

All things have to be established in Father's life time. The Holy Wine ceremony is only a symbolic binding to the True Family. Only through your unconditional giving, sacrifice and dedication can you eventually connect to True Parents Lineage. You must absolutely share in True Parents direct Lineage.

At the last supper Jesus asked His disciples to drink the wine (His blood) and the bread (His flesh). He told His disciples that He would not be drinking any wine until the Kingdom has been established. In the new age He will share this communion with you.

We need to go through a drafting process. Even if you are Blessed, your children must also be blessed by God. They are born without sin but still we must watch out for them. Adam and Eve were sinless also but still they fell. Through your children you can reach the True Love plateau and True Parents Lineage.

Not Many Great People

Only after your total dedication to True parents can you claim your perfection. Will that be easy? No! It is very difficult and you must give up everything for that purpose.

The reason there are not so many great people in the world is that no one wants to go a suffering course and pay their dues. The world is too selfish. For you to become a great person you must have absolute conviction and dedication to go that way. Only then can you prove your worthiness.

In this world we are challenged every day by something that does not exist in the ideal world. We are in the midst of a war and we have no choice but to fight.

We really have enough manpower. If we were truly united could turn this world upside down. We could start a big fire that would never fizzle out. I would like to cook something big and eat it up. We could cook up the whole country.

Father came to the Washington Times Tenth Anniversary and gave a Peace Price to major political leaders. Amongst those who accepted the award were Jack Kemp, Alex Haigh and Senator Hatch. That they came and accepted this award means that the mental attitude is changing here in America.

Only the Washington Times had the foundation to do this. Pres. Reagan had been invited but he could not attend. He sent a four minute video Tape instead saying that without the Washington Times and Rev. Moon's help he would not have been able to "destroy communism" in that short a time. Of course he took all the credit for doing it, but still through this tape it is easier for Father to forgive him for his failure (to pardon Him?) while in office.

Rev. Jerry Falwell opened the proceedings with a prayer in which he stated that "The world must thank Rev. Moon for what He did." The world is changing fast. Father was received by one thousand politicians in Washington which can easily be considered the capital of the world.

Father spent about One Billion Dollars on the Washington Times Project. Imagine we had used that type of money to promote our church. We could have a bigger building than the Empire State Building. But we rather invest in the world and save it.

From now on we must have more confidence to take dominion over the world and God's creation. Are you committed? Through the media we can educate the masses. The day will come when millions will study Divine Principle.

Your Father Is A Great Man

Before this Decade is over, we will have changed the USA. We will be able to walk with pride being a Unificationist. People will salute our Church flag.

In Washington, while Father was speaking, Senator Hatch told In Jin Nim "Your Father is a great man!" How about you? Do you believe that? Yes! Well, then you must do more!

Now religions are fighting and killing each other in various places of the world. Only Father could bring all the religions together. That is truly the work of the Messiah.

We could have built the tallest building with all the money we spent to save the world. Or we could have built an atom bomb and no one would mess with us. Our Church is going up and up and the world (satan) must surrender their position to us.

Our time is coming. In the Old Testament age the creation was sacrificed. In the New Testament, the Son, Jesus was sacrificed. In the Completed Testament Parents are the sacrifice. You must restore yourself. How much are you going to invest for the sake of your lineage? The more you invest, the more will come back to you. $3 Million and 50 Campuses

The Manhattan Center just hooked up to a Marketing Company that goes around Campuses promoting Health and Fitness programs. They have hired us to supply the music. We have total freedom to do whatever we want. We have absolute control and can use any person we want. We will start in September and cover 50 Campuses at a cost of $3 million. We do not have to pay a penny, they cover all the cost.

This is really exciting but we must keep our feet on the ground, satan is always watching. This is only the beginning. In the future many bigger things will happen. It is amazing how this whole thing came about. The proper conditions were made and then it happened. Some day one of my staff will give a testimony about this.

Sometimes when we make a condition we attach a condition to it. That represents a failure and your condition won't be accepted.

I have done this also and have learned from my mistakes. I do everything to bring joy to Father and when I make my work an offering to Him, I expect Him to respond in a certain way. If He does not do it, if Father does not say the right things, I am not so happy. That is a wrong attitude.

The Ideal World Will Come In Our Lifetime

Your joy does not come from your subject but form your object. Even Father said ones that when He felt he accomplished something, God pushed him down and gave Him greater challenges rather than praising Him.

Do not expect anything in return from the offering you are making. Be selfless and sacrifice without expectation. With this attitude we can be victorious and we will mobilize the Spirit World.

The Ideal World will come and we will build it with our own hands in our lifetime. Satan will try to screw it up but he won't last too long. Our time is coming. I want to tell Father to relax and take some time off, go fishing or something.

Promise to invest more. Thank You.


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