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Day of Victory of Love

Hyo Jin Moon January 2, 1988 World Mission Center

Wherever you go, you must take the fire of true love with you. It should be like an enormous torch that all the human race can see. You are the children of God; you exist within God's domain, within God's love. When you love somebody, you want to embrace them, right? You want to embrace your wife, your child. Love is like that. In order for us to exist within true love, we must be living within God's embrace, not outside of it. That means we must be living within True Parents' embrace.

Whatever problems you have within your family, you can solve them with love. The more you give, the more you will see results. If you give a certain amount and you still aren't breaking through with your wife, then just give a little more. If that doesn't work, then give more! You've got eternal love, right? So there's no limit to how much you can love. How much are you going to substantiate true love in your daily life? That's what's important. That's the essence of taking responsibility.

Become People of True Love

If every man and woman knew true love, there would be no problems within marriages. Your wife may be physically unattractive, but she has everything; it's just the arrangement that is kind of awkward. Because she has everything, you must be grateful! Just imagine her with no nose! True love is unlimited. When God sees that you are making true love a reality within your family, overcoming all limitations, will He be angry or ecstatic? He will be absolutely overjoyed! Every man knows what external beauty is, right? But it is not as easy to grasp the beauty of true love. It's our responsibility to become people of true love. We need this physical body to experience true love. How close are we going to get to Heavenly Father? That depends completely on how much we can fulfill our responsibility in our life.

Many people who received revelations about the coming of True Parents actually failed Father. He was denied by the very people chosen to receive him. The Korean people put Father in jail and tortured him and even tried to kill him. He's been put into prison six times in his life, yet he came out victorious every time. You are here because of True Parents' victorious foundation. If Father had not been able to succeed in his course, I don't know how long humanity would continue to suffer. You should be grateful that you have Father, that Father established the true love victory foundation as an example for you.

Today is a happy day and a great day. So you should have a grateful heart, okay? You must know that we are all together in this. All of us in my family are absolutely united, and you must be absolutely united too. Are you going to live up to the promise that you made yesterday? Let me see your hands.

This year we must live up to our words. If we can't live up to our words, we can't reach the standard of true love. You have promised to do this for True Parents and Heavenly Father. I am your witness today! Be a true man and be a true woman. I will believe in you, and I know that Father believes in you.

Don't let me down! If you hate me, you can hurt me. But even if you hurt me, I'm not going to be weak. That's a promise! I will give no opportunity for Satan to get the better of me. Don't allow yourself to be weak. Don't allow Satan to take advantage of you. I'm living for the sake of true love. Am I going to let physical, external things distract me from this goal? Would I allow myself to become overwhelmed by petty limitations? You're armed with true love. How can you let any of Satan's puny obstacles bother you? Don't let anything stop you!

God Will Rejuvenate You

What if the ideal had been realized in the beginning? We wouldn't need Parents' Day, Children's Day, or the Day of All Things. Every day would be Heavenly Father's Day -- Hananimui Nal. That's what Father said. Every day should be a celebration of God's Day, so every day should be a celebration of the victory of true love. Remind yourself of that every morning! I do. Sometimes I'm physically wiped out, but I tell myself, "Okay, today's another true love victory day!"

Satan has the edge over you in this physical lifetime. The only thing that can overcome Satan is true love. If you substantiate true love every day of your life, there's no way Satan can mess you up. When you've exhausted yourself for the sake of true love, God will rejuvenate you. Try to have the standard to give first, instead of first wanting to receive. Then that standard will eventually become a part of you.

Today is a very happy day. You must carry this joy and happiness throughout the rest of the year, okay? If Father and Mother were here, they would have given you more love! I'm sorry, but I am trying my best! No, I did my best!

Whenever Father's speeches come out you should find time to read them, no matter what. Anyone who doesn't like coming to listen to Father's words or learn about true love is a fake person. You should want to read and listen to Father's words as much as possible. Having that kind of attitude is very precious to God.

With true love, it doesn't matter how much of it you get, it always feels good. I'm sure you don't get tired of the love you receive from your husband or wife, right? It always fulfills you and makes you happy. So carry the spirit of true love with you all year long. You promised, right?

Thank you and God bless you.


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