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Dedication of the Headquarters Chapel of the Unification Church of America

Hyo Jin Moon January 10, 1988

It is a great honor for me to stand today in front of so many distinguished ministers and people of social importance gathered here to celebrate this occasion together with our Unification Church members.

I truly feel that the purpose of churches and places like this building is to allow people to feel the true freedom of God and the true love of God -- love that is absolute, unchanging, unconditional, and eternal. Thus this place should be the most happy place, where every person who comes here can clearly see and feel what an ideal standard of love is. If every individual in this place substantiates the love of God 100 percent, then the love of God will be tangible to all who come here. This is a great occasion, because it represents a new dedication of our hearts as well as the dedication of this beautiful place. This is a time for us to dedicate and commit ourselves completely toward setting an absolute standard of love.

Heavenly Father needs people who will be committed to absolute love and will take action to embody it. He never meant the fall of man to occur, but because of His true love, He has been working desperately to save and restore the human race. He wants to change the fallen lineage of mankind back to His lineage. We have the responsibility to live up to Heavenly Father's standard. That is the only way to inherit the true love of God and receive the three blessings that we have learned about through the Principle. Only then can man and woman come together and be fruitful and have true dominion over the creation. We must set an absolute standard of love, and we must follow Heavenly Father's way absolutely, unconditionally. To make an ideal society with a value system based upon true love, we ourselves must become ideal men and women.

We have to take responsibility for our own mistakes and not blame Heavenly Father; our wrongdoings need to be indemnified. There is no such thing as unconditional forgiveness. If there were such a thing, God should have given it at the moment Adam and Eve fell. As the creator, He can do anything! But He couldn't, because we have our portion of responsibility.

We should be grateful even if Heavenly Father makes us go the path of suffering. Consider Abraham's situation. God commanded Abraham to kill Isaac and offer his beloved son to Him! Abraham was absolutely determined to carry out God's command, but at the moment he was about to strike Isaac, an angel came and stopped him. The angel could stop him because Abraham had set an absolute standard of true love.

What about Jesus? He unconditionally gave his life on the cross, for the sake of Heavenly Father. He did it gratefully, trusting God completely. The founder of Unification Church, Rev. Moon, lives by this tradition. It is the kind of tradition that all Unification Church members must inherit, cherish, and be proud of.

Heavenly Father needs people who can live their lives unconditionally for the sake of true love and even be willing to die, if necessary. Satan has so many people who are willing to sacrifice their very blood and everything they value for the sake of the satanic ideology of communism. What shall we do as God's children? We have to be more committed to God than they are committed to Satan. That is the only way to restore them and get them to change. That's the only way to win over communism and overcome Satan. There should absolutely be only Heavenly Father, no Satan.

This is a time of new dedication for our members, so let's not complain about anything anymore! The ministers here are inspired to work for God, but we can't just sit around and let them take all the responsibility. No, we've got to do more. As we offer this place to Heavenly Father, we must make an unconditional offering of our hearts as well. From this day on, we must carry this spirit and try to do more each day, or else this dedication ceremony is meaningless.

I am very grateful for all the distinguished guests who came to this celebration. This is our time to make a change, and I believe with all my heart that we can do it. I want to take more and more responsibility upon my own shoulders for the sake of Heavenly Father and bear my parents' responsibility as much as I can. I'll try my best to be worthy to carry out Father's mission and responsibility. And you must do the same, because this is a family. Our Heavenly Father is longing to see the ideal world of one family.

As the eldest son of Rev. and Mrs. Moon, I am trying my best to convey what I believe they feel inside and want to share with you at this moment. I don't know if I did a good job or not, but you can tell my father when he comes back! Thank you very much.


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