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Developing the Heart of a Filial Son - Interview

Developing the Heart of a Filial Son - Interview with Hyo Jin Moon, Hyun Jin Moon, Kook Jin Moon, and Jin Sung Pak

Dong Moon Joo July 1985

From January 12 to February 20, Hyo Jin Nim made a special forty-day condition to pray every night from midnight to 2 a.m. at East Garden holy ground His motivation was to solidify his determination to support Father completely as his True Son and to deepen his commitment to Father's sacrificial way of love. Among many other things, he prayed for the unity of the True Family and/or the unity of all the blessed children of the world for whom he feels personally responsible.

Shortly after Hyo Jin Nim began his condition, Hyun Jin Nim, Kook Jin Nim, and Jin Sung Nim wanted to support their brother by praying with him, and they ended up making forty-day prayer conditions themselves. The following is an interview with the four brothers after their conditions were completed

Dong Moon Joo:

Hyo Jin Nim, could you tell us your motivation for doing this prayer condition?

Hyo Jin Nim:

I am the eldest son of True Parents' family. I only did what I felt I had to do. There are no words to express how moved I was when my brothers joined me in prayer every night. What especially touched me was that they did it voluntarily from their hearts, thinking, "I must go through this together with my brother. Whatever it takes, I want to support him." They all have a very full daily schedule but they came every night without one word of complaint.

I want to be a person who can give freely, but it's not easy to constantly have this attitude of heart. My utmost desire is to be able to give my greater, larger self. Many people have lost the ability to manage or develop themselves constructively; they pursue only their own interests and settle for merely personal achievement or material success. You cannot become your true self if you are only disjointed fragments. So because of this, I want to understand and manifest God's will, whatever it takes, and I want to not only digest all the different aspects of myself, but convey this "digested" self to others.

And I also have a wish for my brothers and sisters: that they become people who can stand before the world and convey God's message. My lifelong goal is to glorify God. In the eternal world God is all there is; so I want to become a person who can understand God's will and reflect His love. My hope is that my Unification Church brothers and sisters can also become such people. I believe our path is the only path that can lead us to the achievement of this goal.

I wish with all my heart that without a day's delay blessed families, including blessed children, can become united and absolutely obedient and responsible to the True Parents.

Dong Moon Joo:

Could you other brothers explain what motivated you to participate in this condition?

Hyun Jin Nim: