Do We Want To Be Molded?

Hyo Jin Moon November 17,1991 Belvedere. New York

Good morning. Today I have chosen a question as my title. The title of my talk today is "Do We Want To Be Molded?"

Do you like to be molded? Do we belong to a certain mold? There are society molds and many different categories of people's behavior. Whether they like them or not, people have certain molds put aside so they can easily and quickly identify certain behaviors and people in general. Unfortunately, throughout the past we were "molded" into an organization disliked by many people.

Somebody gave me a magazine called Christianity Today. It's a monthly journal of religion. They had a review of the book, Inquisition. Apparently the two people who read it and reviewed it were very much impressed by it and the detail that the author revealed. They were both impressed by his development of the case, ultimately stating the injustice of Father's incarceration. These two critics acknowledged that they were impressed with Inquisition.

One of the writers is a person who has criticized us many times in the past. He is a great skeptic who didn't like the church but apparently he has changed his view after reading the book But they both acknowledged that we are enormously unpopular. Why are we enormously unpopular? Certainly when we look at ourselves we understand the value of our work. We understand why we need Principle. We know very clearly and our work benefits the world and society. Everything that we do, everything that Father does is absolutely dedicated to changing the world for the better.

Even if they are not religious, people recognize this is not an ideal world. We want to create an ideal world where there is perfect harmony and peace and everlasting happiness. We have absolutely dedicated our physical resources and human resources to bring about this ideal environment. That is clear. Everyone here recognizes and understands that, so why have we been molded into this un-ideal, very disliked people? That is what I want to address today.

Let's look at the term mold. What does it mean? Someone who is picky about words may not like the word mold. So for those who are choosy with words let's call it matrix. It is something within which something else is developed or originates. That's the definition according to Webster's. When you look at the earth for example, this is a type of mold, isn't it? Within this structure, things originate and develop. What is structure? Structure is the arrangement of elements.

Within this whole 'earth matrix', things come to life and develop and that process is perpetuated as long as the matrix stays true to itself. Heavenly Father had a certain plan and we understand what that plan was. Another mold was introduced into this creation process and that caused an interruption. Heavenly Father wanted only a certain mold to exist. That would have allowed a precise result. He wanted to make sure the matrix He initiated stayed true and didn't lose its integrity. The fall occurred when another mold was introduced into the creation process. Man had to be within a certain mold and grow and develop within that matrix, but Satan provided another matrix which caused man to deviate from the original love matrix intended by God.

From the beginning, man was introduced into surroundings that held the potentially conflictive possibility of becoming two different things. If something is to last forever, there cannot be any other elements which conflict with its existence. You must negate the possibility of introducing a second thing into an environment where you expect a singular manifestation, but from the onset there was conflict introduced which created two different possibilities.

The thing about it is, within this matrix, so many different things exist. just within the environment of the earth, there are so many different things which are generated and become whole. Even within the love matrix, that possibility exists just as we see, on earth. Things can happen. Things come to life in various ways and forms. We all differ in certain things and have unique characters even in respect to creativity.

For instance, let's say three of us are assigned to create something about Father's life. One person might have a talent in music, one might be an excellent poet and another in graphic design work. Whatever it might be, they may differ slightly in the way they manifest their creativity. So if I give that theme to these people who differ in their talents, an the results will be different. I may praise my love, devotion and respect to True Parents with my musical talent and creativity. That would be completely different from an illustration. So people don't lose their variety or uniqueness when you put them into a certain mold. It's not like that. Think about it. We are all unique. We all understand Principle and we all understand who Father is and why Principled relationships are so important to create an ideal structure. In order to create an arrangement there has to be certain organization and order. We understand it exists for love; for the sake of creating an ideal world of love.

Based on this ideal matrix, once we put ourselves autonomously and independently into that mold, and utilize our different special abilities that we all have, the things that we create will be different. We can create so much variety and beauty. God had a specific plan, I'm calling it a mold. Within that mold or plan, man was to create a certain environment. For example, a ceramic cast has a certain environment. When you put things into it, they will be molded into that shape. When you introduce different elements, like different types of clay, it will get different coloration. We are more diverse and complex than just a ceramic mold, it is only an analogy. What I'm saying is that God had that specific matrix in mind when He initiated the creation process and introduced man into this picture. The fall occurred when some other matrix was introduced which interrupted God's plan. It was tainted. A foreign, impure element was introduced into the environment which should have been existing uniformly centered on Heavenly Father. The foreign matrix made it impure, disturbing the possibility of creating an ideal world. That is why the world is what it is. More and more Satan is trying to create a conflicting environment; therefore, he constantly introduces more molds into our lives, making them more chaotic.

In order for us to restore and regain what we have lost, we have to find a way to create an ideal environment or ideal mold. The reason we became so unpopular is because we didn't have the ability to create our own mold. We really didn't have sufficient ability to create our own ideal matrix.

Life can exist within earth's atmosphere. Without it things will die. There is a physical matrix necessary, you can't deny that. But we are not just physical beings, we are also spiritual beings. We are also intellectual. So obviously if we need a physical matrix for the physical body to survive, we need a spiritual matrix and intellectual matrix as well. That's what I've been trying to get to. We need to create those kinds of elements in order to create an ideal world. We need to create the ideal environment where things can exist harmoniously.

So how are we going to create this? We need a process. Education is an important thing. We must create a certain structure of intellectual progress. The foundation of that is the Principle. We have Principle, but we have to understand that like all the things which exist on earth and act in certain ways there must be created an intellectual climate where things can act in the way of the ideal form. Spiritually too, we must create an environment where we can act ideally. Reaching this and having the ability to control the conditions so that things can grow ideally is a tremendous task. However, it is necessary.

How can you act spiritually ideal? You have to recognize who Heavenly Father is and you have to recognize, through Principle, who True Parents are. Then, position yourself with respect to their presence. When you understand these fundamental things it gives you the foundation in which you can act ideally within this spiritual matrix. You must create the kind of environment where even intellectually, when we discourse and analyze, we follow principle. In what way should we analyze? What conclusion should we come to when we analyze all the struggles that go on, for instance, in the animal kingdom? I like huntin