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Do You Like to Fight?

Hyo Jin Moon June 17, 2007 Belvedere, 7:00 am

Here are my notes from Hyo Jin nim's speech Sunday 17 June 2007. My ability to convey what was actually said is limited. These, at most, convey some sense of what Hyo Jin nim said and are not a verbatim record. Hyo Jin nim's website is: To see two of the projects that Hyo Jin nim is working on log on to: and Joe Kinney

Rev. Andrew Compton is the MC: All welcome Hyo Jin nim and offer a standing bow.

(Hyo Jin nim bows to the audience as he approaches the stage.)

Good morning. (Good morning)

Do you like to fight? (No.)

Why do we fight? (To win, to dream)

To dream? Wow, that's cosmic!

There's a lot of fighting going on. Right?

It's sad and I'm sure that in your own ways, I don't know you individually, but I'm sure that you have to struggle and you have to fight. So, for life in general, dealing with people because you can't live alone. If you want to live alone, go live in a mountain and become a "hunter and gatherer." (Laughter) You're more than that so you fight.

That's one way to avoid fighting, just cut off all the world, and just find some, if there is a piece of land left over, where you can actually live that cave-man-like life. You can do that.

OK Having said that; why do we fight? What do we normally fight for?

Let's talk about physical things. Let's talk about possessions. What do you in physical things, within the limitations of physical things and possessions, the concept of possession, what do we fight for? (something better, home,. truth)

We're just talking about physical stuff here. I mean literally possession stuff. (control)

Authority, control, power, money, fame: They're just pure physical stuff.