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Essence Of Morality

Hyo Jin Moon Belvedere Sunday, November 29th 1992 Speaks (1 hr 10 min) Unofficial Notes

What is the nature of the Archangel? What would Lucifer have been like if he had not fallen? For you to tempt a woman, what nature must you have? You have to understand femininity and masculinity. You must have that masculine quality to attract a woman.

Looking at America, Russia and China we can see distinct differences in nature. America is a pioneer nation, very distinctively masculine. Against all odds, adversity and hardship you built a powerful nation in a very short time. In a very short time you created a successful history centered on the masculine aspect.

Even if you look at western art, you notice that it is very masculine. It is very flamboyant, intense and bold. Eastern art on the other hand is feminine, with smooth edges and round corners. This is even expressed on music.

Let's look at music! What do Westerners, Africans and Orientals enjoy? Westerners mastered the technical development of music to perfection. They can also build the best musical instruments. Westerners also like to use their heads and get involved in intellectual discussions.

Black people are more physical and they like rhythm much more. They express their love for music through very bold body movements.

Oriental music is very boring. It tries to capture the deepest human emotions. They imitate the sound of people in pain, crying. When they dance they show very subtle movements, in a very objective fashion, not at all bold.

What is the point of saying this? America is no longer pioneering and it is time to settle down but still it must have a bold approach to the future.

Father Fulfilled

Russia contains the qualities of the Western World as well as the Oriental World. America and China are the extremes. Russia also represents the AA. It seduced the world with communism and misguided and killed millions of people.

Based on Father's accomplishment in stopping communism I believe it when Father said that He has fulfilled his responsibility.

Bring Peace To The World

All children have their own view and opinions of who their parents are. But who are they? Parents set rules and guidelines on how children should live together but it is up to the children to create peace. The parents can not do it.

Father is not just a representative of the Unification Church but of all of mankind. You are the elder son, in the Abel position or the "Ideal Cain" position. You must bring peace to the world.

I am challenged to convey to my brothers and sisters proper tradition. Since I have more experience, I can teach them in many different ways. It is hard to convince them, however, and sometimes they will only understand my teaching until they experience what I am talking about themselves. Then they understand where I am coming from.

There must be a clear Subject and Object relationship within every group of people. We must have a clear chain of command. Unless that is established nothing of substance can be accomplished. Bear with me now, I am trying to make a point here. You know speaking here is training for me (for us too).

I am really inspired to see people change. Everyone has a special talent. As a leader you must be able to recognize these talents and encourage and support your followers to develop them.

Be Humble

Some leaders say things just for the sake of saying it or just because they feel a leader has to say something. That may not be so constructive. You must be very humble. The Essence of Morality is to be humble. If you are humble it will not be necessary for you as a leader to say certain things.

You must be able to see the potential of your children. You must be humble to recognize that your child has something to give to you.

This is exactly what God does. He receives joy and inspiration from His object. If God was not humble, He could not do that. You must emulate that nature. Be humble then you can learn from everyone. We must also understand the true nature (arrogance) of satan, otherwise we can not win.

If you listen to Korean music it is absolutely miserable. It represents suffering and misery. It makes you want to throw up.

Black music is also filled with sorrow based on the suffering history of the Black people. The music reflects the innermost self.

Some music makes you cry because it alleviates suffering. You know best which music makes you cry. America is waiting for the feminine approach and again the real essence of morality is humility. For America to remain great, they must attain objectivity and femininity.

America has led the world for a long time but is now declining. America has missed many opportunities to become the object to the Universal True Subject, Father.

Because of this America will suffer in the future. America must pay indemnity and go through the feminine aspect of Oriental Culture.

Why do we see so much violence around us. I thought about this while hunting. The act of killing is to cut someone off. Some may enjoy snuffing out someone's life. Why is this enjoyable. We grew up in a satanic world and there are many things we have to cut out.

Don't Be Arrogant

Cutting off allows me to move on and not look back. In hunting you cut off what is not worthwhile holding. In order to be humble you must have the edge to cut off all the stupid thoughts. Use your qualities to better the world.

If you have compassion for evil you can't restore this world. Before we can talk about restoring moral values we must first resolve racial tensions. You can not address the topic of moral values until the racial problems are resolved.

It is up to you White Americans to pay a price for the African Americans. Only then can the racial tension be resolved. But do not get caught up in the indemnity process. Unless you accept paying indemnity, unless you accept your suffering it is easy to become resentful and turn to vengeance. When you suffer you must think that because of your suffering someone will be restored out of satan's grasp back to God.

It makes us feel good many times when we see the suffering of other people. Your "good deeds" are many times only done because you want to ease your conscience. You do not really want to see Black people to be successful. But you must truly put Black people ahead of you. If you refuse to do that you will suffer more in the future. In the new millennium the minorities will be the majority.

To God all are equal. Why? God needs us equally to bring greater result. Put everything you have into one pot so that all can benefit from it. We must create an atmosphere where everyone can attain their best.

When you speak the truth be inspiring to the people. Be interesting and knowledgeable and able to carry on an exiting conversation.

America Must Give

AIDS is a big issue but it is a dead end. It is an extreme way to overcome the arrogance of humanity.

America must start giving to benefit all people. You will see a slide presentation about AIDS in a few minutes (Dr. Bergman). We must be educated about it. I will make a video from it and give it to Japan and Korea.

I have music coming out of my ears and sometimes I hate it. But my next project is to make a bigger and better Studio on the 6th floor of the Manhattan Center.

For the sake of all involved our Washington TV Studio must be run by our own people. We must weed out the weeds. We must completely eradicate arrogance. The Essence of Morality is Humility. In order for you to be successful humility is of utmost essence.

It makes me happy to see (?) you happy. I have determined to live a long time to bring glory to my Parents. I will be fully accountable for all my activities. I want you to compete with me. I believe in positive and constructive competition.

Next Sunday I will leave for Japan. Before I go I will give a performance at the Manhattan Center. We will start at 1:00 pm. The concert will go on for about four hours. Bring a donation and don't eat anything. We will make some nice food for you. You can donate to us by buying the food.

Be hopeful for the future. and be your best. Let us work together and please be humble. Then you can truly enjoy God's creation.

Let's Pray.


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