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Father Needs You

Hyo Jin Moon February 24, 2007 Chungshim Youth Center Chung Pyung, Korea

Thank you. What should I talk about to you people, who are important because True Father needs you? I believe you will do well. Please do your best. Then you can go back home. [Applause]

This morning Father spoke to you; I'm sure he will continue to share many good points with you. If I had anything I wanted to say, I wouldn't need to because you all believe in Father and follow him, and you know yourselves best. In that sense, I too, as Father's son, must attend Father. He gave me the name Hyo-jin which is why the only thing I need to do is be dutiful to my parents. [Applause] I guess you could say that this is the path I should take until my death. We only die once so we should die well. I'm beginning to feel that time is short.

You are here because Father gave you the word, the Principle. Beyond that, Father has also spoken about true love, about loving humanity and about living for the sake of others. He has lived completely immersed in the word.

You all have important positions in the church; some of you are district leaders. Your path in the end must be rooted in and aligned with True Parents. Consequently, your reality is, shall I say, an unending challenge. Why? Because new choices are constantly emerging. The path you will take until the day you go to the world after death will be the most strenuous, difficult, tiring and lonely path. Isn't that the path of a church leader?

I can frankly say to you, as a father, that when you raise children, you absolutely want every single one of them, without exception, to create a family. This desire does not end with your family; there is no end in the particular bloodline you belong to. Why? It will carry on into your role as an ancestor.

Regardless of what kind of seed is produced from a certain individual, regardless of whether he or she knows the Unification Church, this is something that is the same for everyone. Nobody can deny this reality nor avoid this challenge. I'm sure that such a consensus regarding the position you are in exists regardless of where you go -- and I don't really know you. That is what people -- even your children who have begun family life -- will feel all throughout their lives, regardless of their age. They will surely feel that burden accumulating throughout their lives; they cannot feel free from it.

Yet, how true is that in itself? Is it real? You are the only ones who know the truth about this. If you're going to do something (Father has said this, hasn't he?), you might as well do it right, or you would be better off not doing it.

When you carefully observe children these days, honestly speaking, the kids in Korea are just like those in America. This is because this country is now about to enter the ranks of the developed nations from the ranks of the underdeveloped nations. Different aspects of the environment have improved, and in many respects people feel security from their standard of living. The situation is such that the youth are now acutely aware of the extent to which they can control a certain situation, which cannot compare with how things were in the past. The technology the young people speak of is quite formidable. They are not easily persuaded. Nothing can be done if you don't do it seriously. If you're going to do something professionally you should do it to the end. It will definitely not work if you do it half-heartedly.

That is how people look at it. People these days say they like a certain celebrity they see on TV. In this age, unlike the past, you see people walking around like someone from a comic book, frankly.

In various places in America, there is a gaping difference in that standard compared to the past. That is the reality. In the past, information that took a year to be conveyed is now conveyed in an instant. You can find everything you need in a single day, and you can do that right in your living room!

I have a favor to ask you. Please forgive me. [Applause] How wonderful it would be if symbolic things were one and the same with reality. Is there anything that is naturally and automatically perfected from the start without going through a process of growth? There is no need to ask; each individual has his own portion of responsibility. Who says? Has there been anybody who helped another or even asked for help? That's the truth. It's the undeniable and absolute truth. That is reality. Really, do you think I came to Chung Pyung because I like it? Do you think I came here because I wanted to? There are not so many people here that I like. There are many whose thoughts are more like those of an enemy, to tell you the truth.

You must now persuade people to live for the sake of others. Weren't the members of the Unification Church with plenty of money called to come here? It isn't easy to witness to people these days. It isn't easy to take care of those who are in the movement, either. What should we do? It is also difficult to witness to people who have problems because their standard is different. It is particularly difficult to deal with people with many problems. Isn't that so? You must really invest a lot. That is the only way. The way to fill people with grace is by sacrificing, or otherwise by financial means. You have to present things to people in a way that they can really feel it. Otherwise, they will feel reluctance.

Sometimes, honestly speaking, I don't want to be near own my parents. If I go to them, I don't feel so good. It's not as if I know everything. Also, there are many among you here whom I don't know. That's a fact. Yet, I also see many familiar faces.

Did I come here to judge you? I am not here to be judged either [Applause] I know that you have faith and are doing a good job. I too was blessed again by True Parents. You should now receive a lot of blessings and do your best. Let's do our best in our lives.

On a personal note, my body is almost completely well. I am preparing now to begin my work in earnest. So I will offer what Father needs to the extent that I can and to the best of my ability. That is all that I can do. In the end, those are the things that are needed in our activities.

The Principle is the Principle. Yet, you would need a lot of self-development -- or shall I say a lot of useful information and material -- to create an opportunity to start a conversation using what's in the Principle. This must be in the hands of each individual, of the members.

In case there is good information, I'm saying that we should enter into good competition. We are now living in the internet age. That is why broadcasting stations no longer spend as much money as they did in the past. If somebody can provide a good idea, if they just have the content, they can attract a lot of people. They can draw the attention of the audience and continue to develop themselves. It must first begin from the psychological level. From there it can spread to the church. If you can't feel that yourself, people will naturally go in search of something more profound. You have to be working with that focus. Otherwise, who will follow you when you tell them to?

Such things must emerge on their own at various points. That is why it is desirable to have that kind of good competition. Then a lot more people will gather in different places as one person speaks. What good is it to gather and talk?

I think that coming to speak is the greatest gift I can offer to Father. That is how I honestly feel. I don't think there is anything else. I will continue to do that. [Applause]

It seems you have tried to create that kind of opportunity. If it is there, let's go and do it. But it is hard for me. People feel good when they have something to do that they want to do. If you want to come, come. If not, don't. I told you that at the Berlin Wall, I would have gone anyway without you. I have now just begun. There is nothing else. I am somebody who can focus on that task and carry on with it. Didn't you all set conditions and strive to live like that?

That is what I have to say. I was asked to come and say hello to you today but honestly, what is there that I can do that would be of some help to you? Thank you for your hard work. You are all doing a great job. Isn't that what I should say? Isn't that what I should say to make you happy? I should make you happy and just leave. That's what I was originally thinking of doing. [Applause] I will do things one at a time. If you've endured until now, please endure a little bit more. Thank you.

If I were to have one last wish, I would ask you to pray and set conditions so that Father can live for a long time. Shouldn't he live for another fifty years; don't you think? I'm asking you this as it is the only thing I can ask you. What else can I ask you to do? And if you really want to give me something please do so. That's the gift I need most. Whatever you appear to be doing for me or appear to be doing for Father, you are still his children, right? If you can at least do that, I too can recover that mindset that I had in the past of having hope and doing my best. I will work on melting away the hard feelings I had and try to love. Total Love! Thank you.


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