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Foundation Day of the Nation of the Unified World

Hyo Jin Moon World Mission Center Saturday October 3rd 1992 Unofficial Notes

Mother is in Japan, Father is in Kodiac, Alaska. Hyo Jin Nim called Vice President Tyler Hendrix (from East Garden?) and gave him instructions of what message to convey "with his own mouth."

White people must take responsibility for the new millennium. Racism in America is the biggest problem. Christians have no solution for racism and they do not even see their own fault.

White People Must Pay

White people must pay indemnity for what they did to the World. Christians speak about love but they don't practice it.

Father opened the Spirit World and all conditions are set for our resurrection. But for resurrection to take place, the white people in America must pay the price and be responsible. White Christians must do that especially, unless they do, there will be not resurrection.

Democracy was formed for the purpose of serving the Messiah, not for selfish interests and the "pursuit of freedom, peace and happiness." America is loosing her God Centered Principle Foundation. This is the reason we see the decline and degeneration of the USA.

The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution no longer have the same power and value as in the early years.

Restoration can only come through the "free will action" of paying indemnity. America will not get better until we become serious and victorious. We can not blame other's for our problems and hope that they will disappear. The leaders of this nation, both in the Church and outside must tackle the problem.

For the first time tonight a Satellite Broadcast will take place with our own equipment. In the future Divine Principle lectures will be broadcast 24 hours a day. We will start out with satellite broadcasts and later move on to cable.

Restoration lies in the hand of especially the White Tribal Messiahs. America really should be the nation of the Unified World but it lacks God's Love and Heart. Blessed Couples have been anointed to save America. Father has gone to the limits of Divine Principle, He can not do anymore.

You must wake up and then wake up America. First you must improve things in your own family and mission. This is the bottom line. White people must repent and help Black People to rise up to the top.


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