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God's Will And Us

Hyo Jin Moon January 13,1991 Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY

Good morning, everybody. Did you have a good God's Day celebration?

What I want to talk about today is "God's Will and Us." This is based on an excerpt from Father's speeches, Volume 32. I'm sure that all of you understand that when we talk about man's nature in general, we can see that man is inclined to think about himself -- almost without exception. No matter what the circumstance or occasion, when a specific issue arises, whatever the issue that one is dealing with, you confront that issue based on what you feel and what you think is necessary. So if this applies to the individual, it also applies on the family level, tribal level, society level, national level and ultimately, to the world level, except it is magnified.

There are many people in the world today and for the most part they are focused on themselves. Not many think about the society or the nation. Mainly they're focused on trying to further or better themselves in their family situation or in a very private setting, not in a public setting. However, there are people who will try to assert themselves by taking up social issues that somehow will better the national standing or that will alter the course of the world. All these efforts are motivated based upon what the individual feels and what he believes about certain things. So all these things stem from an individual's perspective.

So we realize that we think based on ourselves. How do we normally think when we are based on ourselves? Do we think based on what is right or do we think based upon what is wrong? Obviously, normally, people tend to think based upon what is right and, based upon what is right, you want to become center of that righteousness or that environment of what is right. So, if everyone is pursuing what is right in a given environment and is aspiring to do the same thing, then we should all be united. However, that's not the case or the reality. Look at the reality. Although we aspire to be righteous and try to become the focal point of that righteousness, we never make a clear division in reality. So based on that assumption, I want to address the topic of God's will and us.

What is God's will and us? Obviously the world is changing; all around us things are changing, nature is changing, circumstances are changing and our life is constantly changing and in motion. Based upon this changing environment, what are we to do? What is the purpose of living? What is God's will? Within this changing environment what is the ultimate goal that God wants to attain? We too change. Our physical body changes, our motto changes, our goal changes and certainly our perspective changes according to the need for one to pursue the goal. We're faced with all these changing environments all the time. What are we aspiring to, deep in our hearts? What are we searching for and what do we want inside? What does a couple want? What do a man and a woman want if they love their children, what do they want? As parents when they look at a child, what do they want? They want that relationship to last forever.

When I look at my children I want my children to love me as I love them and I want that loving atmosphere, that loving relationship to not end but go on forever and last forever. That's what I want. I want unchanging things in this changing environment. Deep in our hearts we want certain things too and we want to love certain things and have certain things and exchange certain things in this environment of love. However, that environment we do not wish to change -- we want that environment to exist forever.

If that is our desire, what do you think God's desire is? God also wants that kind of unchanging environment of love. That's what God wants. How do you go about attaining this unchanging environment in this changing world? When you look at history or even in nature there have been so many aspects of creation that we have never known because they have completely perished. Although they existed in the past they are completely extinct now. The only thing that transcended the tribulations of time has been man. We are unique because we are the only creatures that can have control over our destiny. We can certainly manipulate and have control over the environment. We are in a completely different position from all the other creatures that God created, so why do we persist when so many other creatures of God have perished? To attain love, that's why. This is the same yearning of God. God must have an object because He alone cannot attain love; He must have some kind of entity that can receive His love and at the same time return it. Certainly the person who wants to be the object of God must hold that possibility and potential if God's love is eternal, unbounded, and if love is what it's supposed to be. Based on his love, the objects who are to return and to reciprocate with God must possess that quality because if God is like that then so must be the object of God, who is absolutely necessary in realizing this love that God desires so badly.

So when we look at this situation, based upon this understanding, we have to look at ourselves. You should know better than anyone about your own self. You have to ask yourself where do I stand? Where is my position in terms of my relationship with God? Because you have to understand in order to reciprocate with God you must have God's intention and you must be in a position of God -- like God. You have to become a God-like person in order to reciprocate with God. So I'm asking you a question: are we in the position to receive love and to give love back to God? Are we God-like figures? Just to make a small comparison -- compare ourselves to what God has persevered with throughout history and compare yourself with the kind of perseverance that you have endured throughout your course in the church -- your course of aspiring towards ultimate truth and to live the life of faith. Compare yourself. Where do I stand? I don't have to be the judge. You be the judge of your own doing; nobody has to tell you anything. You can look at yourself.

Every Sunday you come here to hear certain words but ultimately you take these words and what you do with them is up to you. Can I force you to do certain things? No. Responsibility; you understand the importance of responsibility; when it comes to understanding the Principle, responsibility is the essence. Indemnity and responsibility have an absolute correlation but before we even address the issue of indemnity we talk about certain responsibilities that have been given to you by Father. Where do you stand? Can you compare yourself to God? Can you compare yourself to True Parents? The fall occurred because Adam and Eve could not put themselves in the position to understand and to receive God completely. They had abandoned God, in other words, in exchange for their "noble ideas," their wish, their will -- that's the fall -- God was completely abandoned. Now, if that is the fall and if we abandon God in our lives and if we cannot even put ourselves in the position to compare ourselves to God, can we truly say that we can give and take with God through His love? I'm talking about His love, not your love. The only way that you can reciprocate with God is with His love -- God's love, nothing else.

God's love has certain standards. Without meeting certain standards do you think it's possible to give and take with God and His love? If that is true there is no such thing as restoration and there is no such thing as the fall. What is the fall? God creates mankind and mankind does whatever it wishes and that is supposed to please God. Whatever he does, it will please God! Even if it meant doing very fallen things -- God should be pleased just by looking at their actions and just by having them around. Certainly you cannot exist with what is right and what is wrong. Good cannot co-exist with evil.

Talk about what God desires: harmony. I say harmony in general but what is this harmony and how do you go about attaining this harmony? What is the basis of the harmony when you look at your parents and when you look at your life? If I look at my life, I'm a living person and I understand all the joys and all the things that follow my lively hood. But when I look at myself -- then I have to consider my source. Ultimately I have to say that I exist because there was love between my parents. Without love between my parents I could never be here. So ultimately I have to say to myself, whether I like it or not, the origin of my existence lies within my parents. So if I'm to become and if I'm to understand what is eternal and what true love is and what the origin of my life stems from, I ultimately have to say it stems from God. So even yearning to achieve my ultimate desire, I have to say that it stems from God -- if I can find what my ultimate desire is. Many times our desire is changing, however, there is something deep inside that sooner or later everyone runs into, that you wish you could have done.

Everyone wants to achieve certain things. There are many people in the world who have achieved a great deal and they have acquired many things and many treasures and have degrees and have certain positions of which everyone is envious. But even those people come to consider at some point what they could have done to keep themselves everlasting and keep their name everlasting in a lofty place. So at that point they start to do many charitable things and start to give and suddenly they become so generous -- they start giving and giving. As they are accumulating all these things, they don't think about this, but once all these things are theirs they think about becoming very generous and charitable. All these great philanthropists advertise their good deeds. They do these things because they feel certain things and they want their names and they want the lofty things that they have acquired to linger on a little longer. Anyway, people can obviously see through all this garbage. They want to be eternal, in a sense, so they desperately try to do certain things to keep themselves in that eternal mode.

Why is it that only when you do certain things can you keep yourself in an eternal mode? It's because all the things stem from God and eternity also stems from God. To exist eternally you must have a certain kind of thought. In order to exist forever you must put yourself in a certain eternal form and eternal mode. You plant yourself in that eternal place. Men desperately try to acquire these things by somehow fabricating themselves. But they are not worthy, and they just mock that eternal form. You can see it through all this. Why? Because their heart is not in it. You have to put yourself in that place absolutely. When you donate a thousand dollars or twenty dollars to someone, do you want to care for that person or do you just do it out of your guilty conscience? You can ask any of these outside people. Do you think any of them do it out of true concern? Well, some might, but mostly out of a guilty conscience they do it. It's fake and they're certainly not close to the true heart of God. Do you think God is faking that He's caring about mankind? As an omnipresent God do you think He needs to fake? Is God faking this suffering over the restoration of mankind?

When it comes to restoration you have to understand the importance of indemnity. Even if you are one percent, deviant from being absolutely united with God you must pay indemnity to that degree. Do you know that? Union is absolute and mankind must absolutely unite with God. Do you understand what I am saying? The responsibility of Adam and Eve was to become absolutely one with God and to represent Heavenly Father here in this world. If you are to represent God then you must represent God every inch and every ounce without that it is not a representation. Why? It is because the ideal world exists within the domain of God. So there cannot be even a tiny amount of impurity within that domain of God. It has to be absolutely within that boundary. When you talk about even one percent of deviance from God -- you must pay the price and you must pay indemnity to lay the conditions to separate from Satan's ultimate claim. You must have no room whatsoever for satanic claim Do you understand what I'm saying? Any deviance falls under the category of satanic domain. So even if you have a minute amount of deviance then you are under satanic domain. If you are in that position, in order for you to completely purify yourself and be under God's domain you must lay a condition to purify, sanctify, and separate and sever that portion which belongs to the satanic domain. That is the reason for the absolute necessity of indemnity.

So look at yourself and at the way that you live. You should know. Do I live according to what has been prescribed? You know people do not like prescriptions, certainly in America, the land of the free. Do you think there is true freedom here? Do you think that this is a true society? Living without bounds? Freedom without bounds is a preamble to anarchy. Do you understand what I'm saying? You cannot have a society without certain bounds. There is no way that you can attain harmony within all this diversity without having form. You must have form. God's ideal nation has a certain form just as you have a certain form. You are the microcosm of the ideal world, so within your body and within your structure there are so many cells that are just like you. However, they are organized and structured in such a way that you have form and you can function as a being. Without this structure you cannot function as a human being.

If you want to attain the ideal world, the ideal must have a certain form. That is why law is necessary and that's why we have standards and direction. If that is not the case why would we need it? You could have whatever you wanted; you could go and rape or kill; you wouldn't have to work, you could just steal. What's wrong with that? "I want joy. I'll just lie down and have joy." Today this is American society and the problem is that the rest of the world is following. Why? because the standard of living is rising, and when we feel comfortable with our living situation, what do we look for? Something to make us happy. When you are having a difficult time and when everybody is having a difficult time then you can find happiness in menial things. Even the expression in the face of a child makes you happy but when you've got everything, you need more stimulation; you need more physical stimulation. Why? Because you are dull physically? No, it is because you are so over whelmed by this physicalness of things and physical richness that you need more and more to satisfy yourself. It's like a drug; the more a drug is consumed, the more it's needed to get the high. But when you do not have these things, even the small things make you happy.

So, how do you wake up a nation like America? Think about it. How do you wake up a nation like America? Father is inspiring so many different institutions; the television center, for example. Do you know why? As more and more people become wealthy, they have a higher social status and they want art. They love art and they would sell their souls for it. Also they need culture, so in order to just stimulate these people, you must be cultured and things have to be presented in a way even to communicate with them about things. Ultimately these people are completely focused and concentrated on the physical aspect of things and art provides joy -- physical joy. It's a physical phenomenon; you get joy from looking at these things. Why? Because, as I've said many times, art is the essence of ideal relationships. Do you understand what I'm saying? Harmonious relationship. That is the basis of art; whether it's movement or harmonization of colors or sounds -- whatever -- art is that. So, when men look at it even from the bottom of their guts they feel joy-physically they feel joy. Why? Because it is the manifestation of harmony within various things. So, because people are just completely focused on the physicalness of things they need physical things to be sensitized.

However, that's not the case in terms of our situation. This is because we understand that the importance of becoming like God is to have our spirit and mind together based on the center which is the spirit. Spiritual union between God and man is the basis on which we can obtain all these other joys. The spiritual joy of union with God must come first in order for us to claim even the physical joy of things through art and all these things which are physical. You should know where you stand. You should ask yourself: where do I stand in relation to Heavenly Father. Am I absolutely united? Is there absolutely no room for Satan's claim? Am I in that position? Certainly, you be the judge. Only then can you have a claim to all the other things. Even before that, you have to talk about the importance of what is needed in the course of restoration and why we need a condition of indemnity and what we are trying to fulfill.

What God has lost is the position -- the idealness of man. Without the ideal man God cannot realize His goal of creating the ideal world here upon this earth. The fall was caused by the deviant heart, so you must lay the condition to reverse that historical failure. As an individual, to receive God, you must restore that position: the historically failed position. This position must be restored or redeemed to its rightful position. That is why the condition of indemnity is necessary.

So when you talk about the condition of indemnity, what are we ultimately addressing as a Unification Church member, as a blessed member? Do you think the condition of indemnity is the complete fulfillment? It is only the beginning. What is your ultimate goal and responsibility? What has Father given you? The mission and role of Tribal Messiahship. Why is that important? Because it is physical restoration and your individual physical restoration must come through your own effort. Spiritually the foundation can be made to restore you completely in potential. However, even the blessing itself is a spiritual grafting process; you are being grafted spiritually to Father, you are not substantially being grafted into Father's lineage. Where is that? When you are laying certain indemnity conditions, what you are doing is laying the spiritual condition to restore yourself to the position where you can connect to Heavenly Father. You are only making the condition to make the path with God. Based on that foundation or bond with Heavenly Father you must lay certain substantial conditions afterwards and make some foundation of substance to ultimately receive Heavenly Father. Without a foundation of substance God has no business with you; God cannot mingle with you and mediate through you and intervene in your affairs. Without these things you cannot receive Heavenly Father. Your condition of indemnity is only the beginning. Until you lay a certain foundation of substance, how do you make a condition? Can you do it with a deviant heart? Or do you need to make yourself completely within the bounds of God? There has to be absolute union -- completely pure union with Heavenly Father. The relationship has to be pure. So when you are not in that position, it's up to you to make the condition which is necessary and which is an indemnity condition to purify that tainted portion of yourself. No one else can do it for you.

If the races are to become one based on True Parents, what must be done? There has to be a substantial connection to True Parents. Based on lineage there has to be a connection to Father. Father has said to the members that your complete salvation can only take place once you receive Father's lineage physically. Only through that. Not until you receive Father's lineage physically can you attain the position of complete restoration not until then. So how do you go about receiving Father's lineage completely and substantially? It comes through the blessing. Who gets to become part of Father's family? There is no criterion or restriction according to race -- ultimately everybody has to come. If we are to purify the lineage, through that foundation of purification laid by God's lineage on this earth to establish the ideal kingdom, no race should be excluded. There has to be some point in time when those people who represent such and such lineage must be engrafted into Father's lineage. How do you go about doing that? Through the blessing. That is why marriage is so sacred and that is why only through marriage and multiplication can we be fruitful. This is literally combining and becoming one, two people becoming one. Your children are the product of a mixture of two entities -- two different bodies and forms. That is how the ideal world is realized. Through the union between God and man, a certain product comes to be established. By the same token, within marriage that's how it happens; two different things come together based on marriage and they consummate their marriage and what do they get? They get children. That is the combination of two different entities and the product of union.

So in order for God to sanctify and purify all His lineage and make them one, it can only happen through the blessing. Have you physically received that blessing? No. Who can receive those blessings? Only people who have certain standards. It might be easier if I didn't say it like this, but actually I shouldn't be the one who is saying this in the first place. You are not the second generation. Every time I come here I have to complain. Why? Because you're not doing your job. Certainly there is a lot of blame to go around even with the people who raised me; many times I am in a position to raise them. While Father completely abandons everything, what are you doing? Are you accomplishing your portion of responsibility?

There is a book coming out soon called Inquisition and that is going to change a lot of things in America, because this is a tremendous research work about Father's court case based on facts. There is a footnote on almost every page. It is a thick book on Father's trial and the conspiracy which was going on in an effort to destroy Father in America. The person putting this work together has won the Peabody award and the Pulitzer prize. He is an investigative reporter and is a very respected person. He won the Pulitzer prize by finding all the corruption which exists in the Catholic church. He wanted to probe into the Unification Church and find out more about Father and what the controversy was all about. As he got into it, he completely changed. All these things you will know later on. But what I'm saying is, what are you doing? Why do we need positions like John the Baptist?

Can the Messiah just come and do His will? The foundation has to be prepared by the John the Baptist figure. This figure should be with True Parents and, ultimately, should be attending the ideal world of God. What did you do? Why does someone else, outside the church, have to come to do these things?

And you think you're doing great? I laugh at you. You think you can love with God's love? How do you receive God's love? Just by faking and coping with yourself and overcoming your suffering? not to mention suffering of the world, and suffering of God ultimately. You think you can receive God's love just by overcoming your difficulties. You are ultimately responsible for the lineage -- your lineage. The only way you can physically change and restore the lineage of the world is through blessing and you are representing the lineages. There has to be some source which Father can take as a pure complete package and complete representation of such and such lineage, and through blessing Father can graft that person, and through that person and the blessing that lineage can ultimately be substantially satisfied. That substantial condition is absolutely necessary in restoring anything, and when we're talking about the ideal world we're talking about lineage. There has to be foundation of substance on the level of lineage.

Not many people take it so seriously. Is it easy? No, it is difficult. Why did I have to make the documentary? You should have done that a long time ago. Why do I need to do it now? Why do I need to do that? Why do I need to make music? Who is going to take care of the cultural medium, because that is absolutely necessary -- that is the only way you can change the attitude that America is wallowing in. That is the only breaking point. Only through this can you at least get through the door. I don't want to do this. These are the lowest things. Father talks about indemnity. In order to substantially indemnify things you have to start from the lowest place. Where is the lowest place in this society? Nobody wants that. You're so prestigious you want the higher, loftier title. That's not where it's at.

Every time I go to Korea the kids are throwing away their books and running off to dance clubs. The reason is because their life is getting easier. They want joy and more joy. Within this joyous environment can they find God? No. No wonder that within the period of growth they are messed up, because that environment is completely controlled by Satan. What are you doing? That is common sense. Livelihood is going to get better as technology is shared by everyone, so how are you going to cope with that? How are you going to cope with man's basic need to search and seek for joy? You've got to utilize that point.

I don't know where you are coming from -- I really don't. Have you been supporting me? You just take it for granted. If you die where do you think you will be -- stealing from me? You are in the position to help as best you can. There are those who take apart the things that I give and try to make their own. I like that. That's the idea. Do that. Spend more time doing things that True Parents have something to do with. Take it and make it yours. Take the ideas from me and make them yours. When I look at Japanese people I really admire them. They really know to do that. Spend time with what is Father's, especially when it comes to His children. The reason that I wanted 120 songs is that I wanted at least that much for posterity. They can take it and they can try to make it better. Fine, spend time with what is Father's. While you're doing it you'll become closer. That's the idea. It's very simple, but it's working in every aspect of our livelihood. Why do we have factories making water and food and medicine? When you drink McCol you think about Father -- this is ours. That's the whole idea. Everything that we're involved with has to do with Father. That's the whole idea. That's when the restoration will take place.

This is why it is not an appropriate thing for me to talk about. Some people see it as boasting! I know that certain things go through your mind, but somebody has to say these things. I can understand, because your whole life you have been living in that kind of circumstance; every relationship has been hypocritical. It's difficult enough as it is, but you can't make the lives and circumstances of the second generation more difficult. Do you understand what rm. saying? That is not your responsibility. It's the opposite of your responsibility. I know it's difficult to go beyond our habitual livelihood, but you have to overcome it; no one can do it for you. What is my habitual livelihood? What do I still cling on to within my surroundings which ultimately hinders me from getting closer to Father? You have to ask that question to your own self and maybe if you have guts enough, maybe you can address it -- maybe -- if you really love Father the way you say you love Father.

I go and you don't see me for a week -- we don't see each other -- how do you connect when we're parted by this space and time? That's why we need prayer and that's why we need to connect heartistically. Don't rely solely on your eyes because it's not an ideal environment so you don't have an ideal assessment point. Given the circumstance, what you really need to focus on is spiritual standing. The time has come and you have to make that sacrifice; without sacrifice you cannot receive what you receive because you are ultimately going to become the representative of your lineage in relation to True Parents -- you're the ancestor -- you are in the ultimate messianic position representing your lineage -- you are the central figure! I mean, these are big things, but that's how it is -- you have to understand that, and you have to take it as seriously as Father has.

In a way you are very special people, because without any physical glitter or glamour you came, based on your intellect. You received Father and the Principle based on what was presented through words. Many of you have been motivated through spirit world but many of you, by your own accomplishments, have received Principle. So in a way you are a special group. How many people of that intellectual caliber exist in today's world? Not many. The general public thrives on physical stimulation, physical excitement, and is physically induced to change to certain ways. So in a way I give you that much credit, because with these ideal words you have been inspired. How many people can be inspired by just words alone, as you were? You think about that. That's the big problem. That is the big problem that we face when it comes to changing American society. How many people with words alone about the ideal world and the idealness of things, and about attaining the ideal world can truly find joy in today's American society? Think about it. That is why Father is preparing all these medium. OK? I'm not going say it every time because it sounds almost like a commercial you're looking at me like I'm doing a commercial! Anyway, what's wrong with that? Knuckleheads like you need things to be repeated.

All that aside, our responsibility is to ultimately connect to the lineage, Father's lineage. So in order to do that you have to be absolutely one with True Parents. OK? Take your mission seriously. Do your best. Try to extend yourself a little further. Every time you do that, it's difficult. The more you try to become public, the more and more tests and tribulations will come from Satan. That's obvious. So, if you don't like difficult challenges and overcoming hardship well you cannot become a true representative of God. All of you Americans have to take responsibility for America.

We're at a very crucial time. Father has been pouring out his heart, just on and on about the unification of Korea. Why is this necessary? Because Korea represents the third Israel. However, it is the second nation of God historically, in the course of restoration, which has always been the problem. Abel's position has always been the problem. Adam's family, Noah's family with Ham, Abraham's family with Isaac -- all these second people and second children, second position has always been the position in trouble. Why? Because it represents God in the course of restoration.

Only through Abel's position can God ultimately win the unity of Cain and attain the ideal subject position. God must have that foundation of substance. Without that position God cannot claim the physical world and cannot fulfill his ideal goal. So when you look at it, the second Israel might be represented by Christianity, because they have been striving to attain God's nation symbolically. It has never been substantiated in the physical domain, only in the spiritual domain. Is America God's nation? No. Does democracy belong to God? No. You co-exist with atheists and everyone; everything is allowed. It's a spiritual DMZ. Our ultimate goal is to attain the ideal world and the ideal nation. God's nation! Not like America. The second position is Abel's position, in terms of historical nations, because everything stems from the individual all the way on up to the national, and has to be in the substantial position to represent God. Always through the foundation of substance you can receive God's intervention. Only through that can God intervene in the affairs of man -- right? So, even on the national level, there has to be that condition. Korea stands in that position, in Abel's position historically speaking. That's why the unification of Korea is absolutely necessary because (I talked about it many times) God's nation is absolutely necessary just as an individual is absolutely necessary to consummate an ideal family. In order to consummate an ideal world amid the body of nations, there has to be an ideal nation representing Adam and one representing Eve.

That's why I talked about the reconciliation with Japanese people. Japanese people have done enough, but many people including Adam -- nation people take it for granted. Of course, what the Japanese have done historically is horrific; however, we know your responsibility. It's true -- how can you have a family without Eve? There are certain things that I don't want to say in front of you but I give credit where it's due. How do you think the American church is run? By you? No. You blame it on Japanese special environment. That's a cop out; you're trying to find an excuse. You've got to take responsibility for yourself but Japanese are doing their best to follow Fathers' course -- much better than you. So based on that I'm praising them. What is wrong with that? I have no guilt when I say it. Why would I need to flatter Japanese people? There is no need. I'm just giving the credit where it's due. At times like this when I'm talking about the unification of Korea, you have to try to unite more with the Adam and Eve nations -- together -- more unity. It's a very crucial time and we have to unite more seriously, from our heart. Since you are representing the archangel nation you have to support this task-that is your ideal role.

You're missing out on many things -- there are so many things that you are not doing. You have to be responsible for the American church ultimately. We've talked about the historical failure and the position of Japan. I can understand why they were put in a position like that. They had to take the responsibility for committing that kind of horrific crime and, based on that condition, change. They could change because they laid a condition of transformation, laid the condition to restore on a national level. So the 120th anniversary of the initiation of Japanese intrusion into Korean affairs will come in 1996. Father has been saying that between 1992 and the year 2000 we can think about the unification of Korea because 1992 is seven years after Danbury and 1996 is the 120th anniversary of Japanese domination. It was an open-door policy whereby the Korean government was forced to open their doors to Japan and that was the beginning of the Japanese ultimately trying to conquer the Korean national consciousness. So, in order to be Israel, you have to represent the period of the United Kingdom -- 120 years. Based on that, all the conditions to restore the nation have been laid. Based on the realization of that condition, if unity can be attained, God has all the conditions necessary to do His will. You should know that. Even if I do not come here -- you do not want to see me anyway because I always yell at you. I'm busy. Today I should be somewhere else. I'm dying these days -- I am like a creativity machine. I wish more of you could come and join the group (laughs). I choose to do it and I believe in it wholeheartedly, so if I don't do it I'm a failure. So I try to do my best.

So whatever makes you do certain things that are not prescribed -- cut it off, if it be your friends or certain items that make you deviate. Father has many friends, but he had to do away with all of them. Many times Heavenly Father took away his best friends, because when he was spending time with them, he was forgetting about God -- that's what happens. So anything that makes you forget about God, even though this is a very broad and strong statement -- cut it off. I know it's difficult and you know it's difficult but that's the only way that we can cope with this environment in order to ultimately overcome it. We cannot succumb to this environment. So anything that makes your feet heavy or drags your heart, cut it off, no matter what it takes. Can you do that? Please do that.

I hope I explained certain things that made sense to you today. Since we've got some wonderful speakers here and from now on you won't see me so often -- I'll try to come as much as I can OK? [Yes, applause.] I'm a human being, too. I'm pretty quick tempered. I'm sorry, but really you have to think about your responsibility and what is happening now. The true children are trying desperately, not just myself -- you have to think about that a little more seriously, because it's a serious thing when you think about your position and what you should have done. It's a very serious thing. You can't just take it lightly -- do you understand what I'm saying? It can become a death to you, so you can't really take that lightly. I'm letting you know that I'm sorry, but somebody has to let you know these things.

It is God's will to have the position of John the Baptist -- it had to be fulfilled, The Unification Church itself would not have been necessary if all the chosen people had received the guidance prepared by spirit world to receive Father. This non-member researched and gathered data about our church. I looked at it and I read it. It's substantial enough to give you an overview of our church history. Now when I look at that, I ask myself what is this? So anybody who's thinking any other way: you really have to be ashamed of yourself -- an outside person who had nothing to do with you and has not received blessing knows more about Father's history than you, because you make the excuse that you "didn't receive funding." If you find certain reasons to excuse your position, then that is the lowest person in any man's book, certainly in God's eyes. So I willingly would not like to talk about these things, but to make you sometimes hurt, I've got to do that sometimes to be effective. I hate talking like this, I really do. I guess I need to do it more, as I speak in front of the public; that's a shame, but I guess I have to bear it. When it comes out, read the book and learn. It hurts, doesn't it? It hurts me. It should hurt you, too. We're talking about Father here. At times like that I really resent people of the past surrounding me at that kind of time, but I know I can't even think like that -- but that hurts. Anyway, whatever, Father is willing to forgive.

So take responsibility, take the blessing seriously and ultimately prepare yourself to receive Father's lineage, OK? You hate me, don't you? I make you hurt. So what -- someone has to poke you. A lot of people are doing that -- I just want to be part of the crowd.

Thank you have a nice week.


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