How Are You Going to Change the World?

Hyo Jin Moon January 27, 2008 7:00 am Belvedere

Here are my notes from Hyo Jin nim's speech Sunday 27 January 2008. My ability to convey what was actually said is limited. These, at most, convey some sense of what Hyo Jin nim said and are not a verbatim record. To see projects that Hyo Jin nim is working on log on to: Joe Kinney

Rev. Andrew Compton is the MC. All welcome Hyo Jin nim and Yeon Ah nim and offer a standing bow.

Hyo Jin nim bows to the audience as he approaches the stage.

How are you?

Good morning. (Good morning)

Happy New Year! (Happy New Year) (This is Hyo Jin nim's first Belvedere speech this year)

One more year is gone; what does that mean? (Laughing)

How many years do we have? OK.

It depends on how you think about the way things are and what you are in control of in reality.

How are you going to change the world?

Do you know how to change yourself?

Do you know that your ways are the right way?

Are you absolutely sure that what ever that you think that you have talent in, do you know what perfection is in it?

Are you a master of that; can you control it?

How are you going to change the world? You ask yourself.

We're trying, but how are we going to do it in actuality?

You have your ways, right? You have to start from there.

You have to change the ways of other people.

If you're going to change the world, you have to know what the ways of the world are, (the ways) of the people that you're focusing on, and from there try to make a difference.

What is your way? How do you live? What do you live for? What is your goal?

I know that you want to be somebody. Everybody wants to be somebody.

So what is your way? There are many, many ways.

That's the problem. We have to know all those ways to change the world.

Yes it comes into cliques so to speak. It clumps into some kind of tribal reality. But that's what you need to know to change the world.

You have to know human ways; otherwise you will not change the world. Right?

And that's what we need to focus on; otherwise it's meaningless.

I'm trying to understand my little kids okay? I'm sure that they have a hard time understanding me. (Laughter) A crazy guy like