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How To Achieve Love

Hyo Jin Moon November 24,1991 Belvedere. New York

Today's topic is "How To Achieve Love." It's a "how to" speech. As you know from the Principle, through the crucifixion, Jesus could save people only on the spiritual level. After Jesus ascended to the spiritual world, his work in the salvation process primarily centered upon the relationship between himself and the Holy Spirit. As you know, the Holy Spirit is in the mother's position. In essence, for Jesus to act with authority, he must achieve True Parentship. He must achieve an ideal position to represent the first Adam.

The ideal kingdom of God is attained through the perfection of mankind. That will happen when man and woman come under Heavenly Father and accept His ways. They must understand God's ideal of achieving love and ultimately love one another, first as brother and sister and when the time comes, in a marriage consummated under the blessing of God. From that point man can have an ideal family centered on God. That family will be magnified, creating an ideal world of goodness.

In order to restore fallen humanity, you must reestablish the position of Adam. That is why the messiah is coming. Although Christians believe Jesus attained the salvation of mankind through his crucifixion, he has to come again because his responsibility was not completely fulfilled. We need a True Parent with a physical body.

The scriptures speak of the importance of marriage. Jesus talked about it in Mark 10 and Matthew 19. He was speaking about himself in the parable of the marriage of the king's son. Marriage is important. Even Jesus wanted to achieve it but he could not. For whatever reason the Jews crucified him. I don't want to get into it right now, but you know what I mean. He never achieved marriage. He never had a wife. All the phenomenon that went on concerning the ascension of Jesus and all the spiritual phenomena that took place afterwards occurred through the relationship between him and the Holy Spirit.

That shows us the importance of True Parent's position. In order for you to be anointed by God and have the authority to use the power of God, you must be in the position of True Parents. Why? Because we have to re-establish the origin. The origin of humanity has to be established in order for us to restore the fall. The primary ancestors, Adam and Eve, were not perfected under God's principle. So according to the principle of restoration the same circumstances have to be re-established. This time around Adam and Eve have to be centered on God to achieve perfection and ultimately be blessed by Heavenly Father. That's the basis and foundation.

How is this relevant with respect to man and the spirit world where angels exist? How does the three part relationship between God, man and the angels work? Who are we? We have to understand who we are and the purpose of creation in order for us to be perfected under Heavenly Father. Ultimately we have the right and authority to have dominion over creation as well as over the world of angels.

Man was made in the image of God. We believe we are physical and at the same time, spiritual beings. All of us have, not just physical bodies, but spiritual bodies as well. The important thing is that through responsibility we attain perfection. However, the original mind is always connected to Heavenly Father. What does this tell us? Father always says that though we are fallen men we have an original mind. In other words, we were made in the image of God. Every one of us is a particle of God Himself. Every individual here bears his own uniqueness and is a representation of God Himself.

The Principle talks about the importance of sungsang and hyungsang relationship. Sungsang has to be in the subject position and hyung sang has to be in the object position. The original mind that we all bear is literally a particle of God. Based on that, through our own responsibility, physical ability and intellectual ability, we were to adopt that original spiritual body. In Hebrews 8 God talks about Jesus as the son. It says the son has authority over this world. He has the right to the throne of God. He told his son, "Me scepter of righteousness is the scepter of your kingdom." What does that mean? You must understand what is right.

The primary ancestors of mankind, Adam and Eve, fell. They should have known what was right. What was right was to unite with God, but they fell. They did not realize what was right. The scepter of God's kingdom is righteousness. There is right and wrong. Man was to separate what was right from what was wrong. What is right is centered on love. just as God absolutely needed man's presence to achieve the ideal kingdom of love, man needed to have the same desire and yearning for God. In Him lies the key of love. The principle of love was derived from God.