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How We Can Restore America

Hyo Jin Moon February 24,1991 Belvedere, New York

Good morning everybody. As you can see, Father is away today. I really didn't plan to come here today. To be blunt, since Father is away I felt obligated to be here today. The topic of what I want to share with you today, is "Let's Restore America" or "How We Can Restore America." Father is giving us the responsibility to take charge of the world, in your case, to take responsibility for America. I want to share some of my opinions on that subject.

Father recently gave us a great new direction. Most of you, I am sure, attended Father's speech on his birthday. Everybody came, right? Were you inspired by Father's message? Father gave us a new direction that day. Father gave us freedom. He gave us the freedom to minister to the public. What does it mean to have the freedom to exercise the way in which you minister to the public? Obviously when Father says this he is certainly not directing you to act the same as you have acted in the past. This is certainly not his intention. What he's giving you is the freedom to minister to people, to your family, and in your mission, as you see fit, based on your understanding of the Principle.

That kind of concept itself is borderline, it's uncertain, however, based on your understanding of the Principle, Father is trusting you to the point where he is giving you permission to go out and minister as you see fit. He is completely entrusting his belief to you. That itself never happened in the past. He never gave us that kind of direction. Why is it happening now? Why did Father not allow us that kind of freedom in the past? Why is it happening in this particular time? Why not forty years ago, why not right from the outset of the church ministry?

What do you think is the most important aspect of the principle? [Five percent portion of responsibility. Becoming a true son]. I guess that question is too broad. We understand the importance of the restoration of Cain and Abel. We know the importance of the struggle between Cain and Abel. What is happening within that relationship? Why is it so important within God's dispensation? When Father talks about restoration of elder son's position, when Father talks about restoration of the parents position and ultimately of kingship, what is he saying? Why is it important? Why is it that Father's ultimate goal is to attain the restoration of kingship? Of course to reach that ultimate goal, there has to be certain phases completed. Why is Father stressing this? It is important to understand.

What do you think is the most important aspect of the Principle? Receiving love. You like to talk about true love. True love is important, everybody wants true love. But how do you receive it? What kind of position do you need, in order to receive true love? Can you just attain true love? Is true love without any condition just freely dispersed to you? No. How do you receive true love, what kind of conditions do you first need to prepare in order to receive it? That is very important. Restoration of Cain and Abel is such that without restoring the Cain and Abel conflict, there is no way fallen man can receive God. And without being able to receive Heavenly Father there is no way you can attain true love. What is happening in Cain and Abel's relationship? What are we addressing when we confront that Cain and Abel struggle? What did Heavenly Father lose in the Garden of Eden? What was man supposed to do? What was the responsibility of man from God's point of view? In facing God, what is man's position? Ultimately to become His children, but what must man do to accomplish that? Man must become the object of God, the object of God's love, and the object of God's will. Without having man in the object position, God cannot minister nor have dominion over this physical world. God needs a body. Without man attaining the position of recipient, a physical form as the object of God, God cannot have dominion over this physical world. That is what He lost in the beginning. That is why the Cain and Abel conflict is very important. Ultimately what it comes down to is restoring dominion. You must restore dominion. God wants to build a kingdom of Heaven, but without dominion how can He do that? How can He build a kingdom if He has no foundation of Adam and Eve being the object to Heavenly Father? Without fulfilling that goal, there is no end, there is no reaching God's goal.

When you address the question of the Cain and Abel struggle, what is important is that God must have dominion over the dispensation. God's will is propagated and manifested in this physical world through the presence of Adam and Eve. He lost Adam and Eve to Satan's temptation. Man was in the position to receive Heavenly Father through his own will. In order to receive Heavenly Father, man had this obligation. Man had this great task of becoming God-like. God expected man and woman to realize the importance of becoming one with Heavenly Father. Through their own accord they were to receive Heavenly Father. Man's fulfillment is the only way that God can become God-like.

God did not spell out why man should follow. He did not make it unequivocal that man follow the commandment. God gave man free will and the power of choice. Why did He do that? So man, through his own accord, through his personal involvement and motivation could realize God's ultimate goal. By putting man in that position, man becomes the ultimate part of God's plan. Without man fulfilling that ultimate task, man is not worthy to receive Heavenly Father. Man must become worthy to receive Heavenly Father. Man must become like God; that is the only way to be worthy.

Almost all of you here are blessed. In a way, you are in a very special position, but you wouldn't be here if all the foundation prepared by the spiritual world to receive the messiah had been fulfilled. You wouldn't be here. There were many attempts to erect the foundation even before Father went to North Korea. There was a religious sect prepared, it was called the Congress of Israel. That kind of religious organization was prepared by spiritual world in South Korea before Father went to the north. These people were receiving spiritual revelation. They received direction from the spiritual world telling them specifically that Father was not an ordinary person, but somebody special with whom they must unite. The revelation came that Father was in the position of King Solomon. Not King Solomon the fornicator, but as the king who built the temple of Israel, the temple of God. To these people who belonged to the Congress of Israel, this kind of spiritual analogy was very significant. Not only the leader received the revelation, but many of his followers as well. Father started to associate with this group and after that all these revelations started coming. Many of their members were receiving revelations which told them not to listen to the leader but that they must follow this young person. Obviously this preparation in South Korea at that time ultimately failed. So God asked Father to go to North Korea, where Father met up with another religious sect called the Inside Belly Church.

What is the reason behind all these preparations and settings created by the spiritual world? They advocated a transference of power by a certain leader to Father. That's interesting and very important. When we look at the life of Jesus Christ, we study the significance of the relationship between Jesus and John the Baptist. John was in the position of an elder to Jesus Christ. But he was also in the position to minister. He had a greater foundation to minister and influence his family as well as the Israelites in general.

By looking at the importance of the Cain and Abel situation, by looking at the situation of Jesus Christ in terms of his relationship with John the Baptist, and looking at Father's position in terms of the beginning of his ministry, we see that all these settings have a similar circumstance in which certain rights, which are elder son's rights, the authority of dominion, are transferred to the person who represents Heavenly Father's side. The reason behind that is that because of the fall of man there is the reality of the coexistence of good and evil. That in itself, the concept of a coexistence of good and evil, should have never happened, never existed. However, because of the fall, Satan has a claim to this physical world beside Heavenly Father's claim. Without having this physical world, God cannot build an ideal world of true love. There is no way. This physical world is significant because only in its context can there be a realization of true love. So God must have dominion over this physical world.

Unfortunately because of the fall, there is coexistence of good and evil. In order to separate the existence of evil there has to be union between Cain and Abel. These two entities basically represent the coexistence of good and evil. If there is unity between these two entities which represent the existence of good and evil here on this earth, and that unity is attained based on good, then the substantial presence of evil will be eliminated. That kind of condition is important, that's why the Cain and Abel struggle is stressed so much. That unification has to be magnified to the level of the world. That is the ultimate goal. In every aspect, every step of the way, the important thing is to reach the point where we can ultimately have dominion over that conflict. We must unify in such a way that the evil forces, the evil claim, that substantial foundation of evil will be eliminated. That's why there has to be two figures or two entities which represent good and evil. I'm emphasizing the reality of the coexistence of good and evil. It should never, never have occurred. That possibility should never even come to our minds. However because of the fall, that is reality. The unthinkable became thinkable. The unimaginable became imaginable. It should have never happened.

Do you understand what I am saying? The only way we can separate from the coexistence of good and evil is to have these two entities attain unity based on God's direction of goodness. This will eliminate Satan's stranglehold and claim on this physical world. That is the ultimate goal.

Father is telling you to become what? You have to restore the elder son's position. You have to restore the parent's position and ultimately you have to restore kingship. What does that mean? The position of Jesus Christ in terms of his relationship with John the Baptist was that of physically younger brother. What is the position of John? In many verses he was identified as the person to make the path straight, to prepare the way for the Lord. He was in the position to receive Jesus and to prepare a certain foundation. Through the presence of John and his responsibility, Jesus would be able to fulfill his mission. And what is fulfilling the mission? Jesus, as someone in the position of True Parents, must restore the world, but how do you go about reaching that goal? It doesn't just happen. It goes by phases. The first phase is to establish that relationship between himself as Abel and John the Baptist who represented Cain. Through their unity, Jesus would have reached the national foundation and through the people of Israel he ultimately would have reached the world. Certain things must come first though, and that certain thing was for Jesus to have dominion over the relationship with John. He first needed to receive dominion.

What must happen after receiving that dominion and eliminating the position of Satan? You go back to the beginning, back to the Garden of Eden, in the position of parents. Why? Without restoring parentship there is no life. Parentship equals life. Without having the power of parenthood there is no life. You cannot give life. We want to build the ideal world of God. Without the power to give life you cannot build this kingdom. So after you restore the conflicting relationship of Cain and Abel, through unity based upon God's ideal will, the mixture of good and evil can be eliminated, at least conditionally. Do you understand? Based on that what must happen? You must restore the position of parenthood. Without a person who represents God in that position to give life, you cannot recreate. The whole restoration process is recreation. In the case of you becoming Father's children, it's not physical life that he has given you, it is spiritual life.

Maybe I'm going a little too fast. I want to be a preacher. [Laughter.] What's wrong with that? So you understand the parenthood part, right? What happened after the Pentecost? The Holy Spirit came down. The spirit of Jesus came down and what did he say? At that moment, did he come into every individuals mind? Did he knock on everyone's heart? Did everybody in the world receive Jesus? [No.] He came to his disciples. He revealed himself spiritually to his disciples. After he died in the position of fulfilling his mission, why couldn't he just reveal himself to the rest of the world? If everything had been realized why couldn't he reveal himself to the world. Why only to his disciples? There must be a certain reason. What he didn't realize was the ideal relationship between John the Baptist and himself. His disciples were, in a way, in the place of John because he failed to receive Jesus.

The disciples, these fishermen, these people who were nobodies, came to be in the position of John the Baptist. The disciples truly loved Jesus Christ, obviously not to the degree to sacrifice on behalf of Jesus, however they loved Jesus more than John did. When Jesus came down, he spoke to his disciples and he told them to go out and minister. He told them, "You must go out and teach and proselytize the people of the world." And from there, their ministry began. So ideally speaking, people who are in the position of John the Baptist must unite and restore the elder son's position. Based on that restoration Jesus becomes the parent. With that foundation, he could build his family to the degree where he could ultimately influence his people, meaning families other than his own. He would then become the father of all people, not just his family. And what is that? That is the kingship. Kingship means becoming the father of that people that Jesus represented. What is the responsibility of the messiah? As the Bible says, "King of kings." Those aren't just symbolic words. Do you understand that?

What I'm trying to get to here is very important. Jesus eventually had to reach the position of king. Only one man can become the king of kings. Why am I saying this? Because it has absolutely to do with your responsibility as Tribal Messiah. You represent your own race and lineage which physically has nothing to do with the messiah. Through you receiving the word from Father and being inspired by Father, taking the example that Father set forth, your lineage can be connected. In terms of restoring lineage you must take responsibility and become a Tribal Messiah, the king of you r own tribe and lineage. By your fulfillment of that position, what ultimately happens is that Heavenly Father has the condition to connect all the races of the world to one center. That is important -- one center. Ideally speaking, even in the time of Jesus, if the relationship between him and John had been great and John had become his object, they would have laid the foundation to restore the Israelites. Jesus would then have been in the position to become King of Israel and he would have chosen certain members to go out to the world.

Father has said that at that time certain nations were prepared to receive the message of God. Jesus would have picked missionaries from his people, sent them out to the world and through them, all people of the world would have been inspired. The flock would have come to Jesus. Ultimately then, Jesus could anoint people representing each region, each civilization and culture to become the messiah of their own people. That would then fulfill the condition to substantially bind the people of the world, all humanity. That is the ultimate end. That's why the responsibility and position of Tribal Messiah is so important. Without you, Jesus can't do it. The messiah can't accomplish alone because he has nothing to do with your lineage. He does not substantially represent your lineage, but you do. The only way he can do it, is to inspire you, and motivate you so that you can follow in his footsteps in becoming the tribal messiah in your own lineage. If you accomplish that, becoming the only person with dominion over your lineage, and you connect to True Parents, you bring your whole lineage to Father. That kind of process must take place. That's why Father is saying the Tribal Messiah process is so crucial in the restoration of the world. Do you understand? Father cannot do that, that much you have to do. Father can try to inspire you to fulfill, however that is as far as he can go. To the extent which you understand the importance of that mission, the realization of God's will can be accomplished.

Father talks to me sometimes, and to the elders. He says that from now on, as much as he suffers, that much more quickly he will go to the spirit world. Father has fulfilled his responsibility and he is trying to make you understand your portion of responsibility. Every individual has their own responsibility. Especially you people. You are the ancestors of your lineage. There has to be restoration of that position, otherwise you cannot cleanse all of humanity. Everything must have an origin; everything must have a source of purging, a point from which God can cleanse all the different races and lineages that exist in this world. And that is you. Father cannot do that. Although he is in the position of messiah, he can't do the responsibility of the Tribal Messiah. He can acknowledge, he can tell you, he can give you such a direction, so that by following you can realize the goal, however, he cannot realize it for you. That much is your responsibility. That is your five percent. Do you think fulfilling five percent means just "following", just avoiding the way of the secular world? That's not five percent of responsibility. Your five percent responsibility is to become a Tribal Messiah. Obviously you will not suffer what Father has gone through in the past, or experience all the torment that Father has suffered because of people's neglect and irresponsibility and arrogance. I'm talking about those people who were prepared by the spiritual world.

Because of their contempt Father had to suffer. Because Father has laid the condition of restoration, Father has won victoriously. His efforts climaxed at Danbury, when he completely and victoriously finished his forty year course of indemnity. Father is now telling you to fulfill the responsibility of Tribal Messiah and on top of that is giving you the freedom to minister as you will. That is unprecedented. It is tremendous! The only thing that I kind of feel bad about is my own shortcomings in sharing with you. I can't say it to the degree I can squeeze out all the importance and make you understand what this means! But you understand what I am saying, right?

Father says that, "The more and more I suffer from now on, that much I will more quickly go to spirit world." That really makes a great deal of sense to me. Father is True Parents. I told you Father cannot take your responsibility, however, he can prolong the dispensation to such a degree that you will eventually be inspired so you can do your mission and responsibility. In prolonging this dispensation, Father is doing it for your sake, but to the extent he does this, you are becoming indebted to Father. More and more you become indebted and that much you will have to pay, and if not you, your children will have to pay. As True Parent, if Father stays here longer to do this kind of thing, prolonging time for you to come to your own senses, for you to grow up and realize your portion of responsibility, you are becoming indebted to Father, you are becoming burdened for your neglect and the pain and suffering it causes to Father. In that case, unfortunately the best way for him is to go to spiritual world and not be here in the physical world. Do you understand what I am saying? Father has done all the responsibility. Of course he has his children, but you will miss Father when he dies. For many of you, your hearts are hardened. However if Father dies, most of you, even the coldest heart, will sit back and come to your senses and try to repent. That is so terrible. I want to see Father stay here longer, to see us grow and see us bring victory. I don't want him to go to spirit world. Of course his message will never die, of course his victorious foundation will never disappear, however I don't want him to die just in order to wake us up.

Rightfully, ideally, justly speaking for all the neglect that you have caused, which brought suffering and torment to Father, from now on we should force Father not to work. Rather try to make it ourselves; try to please him. That is the only right thing. If anybody expects that Father will take all the responsibility, even your responsibility, you've got another thing coming. That's not good. You should really repent. You should take responsibility. I have a certain portion of my responsibility and you have yours. You know we really have to get serious and get into it, into restoring America.

So, how can we restore America? Father is giving us the freedom; what can we do to restore America? Does anybody have suggestions? Jesus tried to communicate the message of his responsibility and mission on the earth to the leaders of the Jewish people. He tried to convince the Sadducees and Pharisees; however, the Pharisees ultimately crucified him. He tried to persuade these people, these arrogant, Bible stomping people. He wanted them to wake up and receive the son of God. However they didn't pay any attention to him. They were inspired by his words but because of their arrogance, shortcomings and pride they could not receive Jesus.

So what did Jesus do? Wisely, he did the only thing he could do. He went out and preached to the people who were in the position to receive his message of a new beginning, his message of hope. That is, he spoke to the suffering people. The people who already had positions of authority and prestige weren't interested in a new beginning. Why would you want a new beginning if you had everything? So what do you do then? Obviously you have to go to the people who have nothing because people who have nothing have everything to look forward to. That's why Jesus spoke to the fishermen and the prostitutes, he spoke to the beggars and cripples, the trash of humanity. He completely changed his tactic. He spoke about hope and salvation to these people who were in dire need of change. They needed hope, they were suffering people. Just by looking at Jesus, you can see he adapted to his surroundings, he adapted to a certain situation. Right away, as soon as he realized the failure of unity between the leaders of the Israel people, he turned to the people who were in need of change. He quickly adapted to that circumstance.

What I am trying to say is that Father gave us permission to work freely to minister the word. What we need to do first of all is to find such a group who are in need of receiving the message and build a relationship. Don't go out and just start from right off the bat speaking about all these things about restoration. We have to work in phases, the first phase being laying a relationship. Lay a foundation to at least give and take, communicate with these people. After developing that foundation a bit then we will introduce them to more about the Principle and our belief. We'll introduce them to Father's teaching and understanding. However our first goal is to lay the foundation to have give and take with the rest of society. We have to find the society to target, those who are ready to receive certain things, a certain new message. We have to find a group in the society who are ready for change. You can see the great effect we are having in the Soviet Union and other eastern bloc countries because right now they are in a stage of new formation. They are in a process of change. Change is in the air. That's why the result is tremendous. The impact that Father's word is having is tremendous in those places.

How can we bring about that kind of change in America? America is very well-to-do and is a very proud nation. From now on, unfortunately, we have to work in many avenues. As Father has said many times, we have to get involved in the cultural aspect of American society. That is very important.

In a way Christianity was most successful, not with the people of Israel, but with people of other religious persuasions. It was most effective with the pagans, including the Greek pagans. Christianity thrived as a pagan's religion. Jesus wanted to convert his own people, the Israelites, first, but because that failed, then they tried to find another way. Christianity went in a circle opposite from the way it was supposed to go, ultimately coming back to the lost foundation. In taking that route, that huge and long detour, what they have done is convert people other than those of the Jewish persuasion. So Christianity thrived among pagans. Our time is different than the time of Jesus. Father is absolutely focusing on restoring Christianity. Christianity is the second Israel and it must be restored. We have a tremendous foundation in terms of the restoration of Christianity. However, at the same time, we also must target other religions. "Other religions" means secular religion.

Secular people have concepts of atheism or whatever, and those are their forms of religion. These people have to be touched, because, simply put, without liberating them, there is no Kingdom of Heaven. If you do not liberate the utmost dirty and utmost filthy part of this world, you cannot restore this world. As long as that kind of element lingers, there is always the possibility of a breach of security. There is always the possibility for Satan to claim a certain influence over people. You cannot leave any Satanic influence in this world. There is no room for Satanic influence. Everything has to be restored, even hell has to be liberated. What we need to do is from now on, aggressively reach out to the secular community. The most crucial group is, as always, young people.

Unfortunately, because of the circumstances, people are forced to think in terms of their physical pleasure, but inside their heart, they are searching for eternal joy, eternal happiness and eternal pleasure. That is their original mind speaking. Of course those eternal things can only come from God. Because the world is under Satan's dominion and as long as Satan has his claim in this world, he will somehow make them disregard the callings of their original heart. So what happens? In place of that eternal joy, Satan has to provide something else. It is the eternal joy and happiness that man seeks, so Satan has to provide other things in place of that. Physically Satan has the edge. Why? As long as the environment is created in such a way that certain pleasure, although it's not eternal, is presented to the people, people will. take it. Kids will be influenced by it. It's what they want.

Obviously once a person reaches their thirties, they will come to realize that's not the end. However when you reach that point, it's too late. Many people become hardened in that lifestyle, they just start accepting it. They become bitter, sarcastic, cynical. That is the effect of growing up in those kind of circumstances. When you are hardened under that circumstance, even if you have the will to break away from the Satanic bonds, that experience will linger with you and haunt you. Look at the experiences many of you had prior to joining the family. Sometimes they come and haunt you, don't they? It comes and tempts you. That is the most strong tool that Satan has over all humanity. When you look at pleasure, the physical effect is the same as . . . specifically speaking, for example, the lovemaking action that you do with your husband or your wife is similar to the action of fornication. The effect is similar, though the circumstance is different. Satan is giving people certain conclusions, he is offering a certain effect. However the process or condition with which you attain that effect is completely different than in God's way. The physical effect is the same. Just as when you make love to your wife, that physical joy you receive is the same as that resulting from fornication. However, that kind of joy is contorted, degrading and evil. In a way, by receiving this kind of joy you are caught up in pleasure and the physical effect of it. But, does man only five with a physical body alone? No, man has a spirit and soul. Although physically they may be satisfied, spiritually they are being depleted.

The more and more they live that kind of life, though they may be satisfied in that moment, when that moment ends they start suffering. More and more suffering comes. When you live in a society where there is a tremendous amount of fornication, even psychologically, you are tormented. Why? Because if someone wants to mess around, so will that person's partner. All these kinds of thoughts bother the heck out of them. If you think about it, it is torment in every aspect. But because the physical effect is similar, you go on chasing it even though you feel empty. People these days say they want a meaningful relationship. More and more people want more than just a physical, sexual, relationship. Once you start getting into that promiscuous sexual behavior, you chase that physical joy on and on, even though you are becoming depleted in every aspect psychologically, physically, spiritually.

We need to lay a foundation to initiate the first phase of building a relationship so we can ultimately reciprocate with the secular community. That can come in many different forms. That's why Father stresses culture and using culture as a medium to communicate to a secular audience. Many young people, and I'm sure a lot of you, were influenced by cultural forces while growing up. Everybody loves art. Especially young people need art. Without art they can't live. It brings them joy. Man cannot avoid trying to seek and obtain joy. It's natural. If you try to avoid it, it isn't wise. In the past, in order to restore the foundation of John the Baptist and ultimately because we had to go through the course to lay the condition of indemnity, we avoided this. But from now on, because Father is giving us permission and Father has now completed indemnity, we have to get involved in building the kind of medium to reach out to the secular audience in a way to proselytize them just as Christianity did to the pagans.

When you look at the synoptic gospels, you see all the authors and all the texts are different. Each book has a different theme, the reason being that each author was responsible for a different region. They weren't all conglomerated into one group; they were responsible for different cultures. According to such conditions, they had to adapt. What I'm saying is not that we should start a whole new pagan religion. Our purpose is to lay the foundation to make a relationship so we can get a certain reciprocal action going. Build trust and build a kind of bond so that we can eventually spill our hearts out and talk to these people heart to heart. That's what is needed.

This world is very arrogant and selfish. The key is understanding that point. Because this world is a selfish world, Father talks about being a servant of servants. To be in that kind of a position you have to satisfy these people. You have to serve these people to a degree. You have to sacrifice first. Our objective is to restore these people. The cultural medium that we are trying to influence, for example in the music thing I'm trying to do, I'm not trying to change the people of the world through music. No, that's not the whole concept. The only reason that I am doing this is to build the condition, build the foundation, so we can draw these people's attention and interest. I'm serving them, I am serving them with what they want. However, I represent something completely different than what they can receive or gather from the rest of the world. The packaging might be the same but the content is completely different.

Why do we need Insight why do we need newspapers? Why do we need that kind of conventional format? Why do we need to go through that system of conventional media? Because we need to communicate with these people to the point where we can build a bond between us and the selfish public, the very defensive public. Do you understand what I am saying? Throughout history many people have been neglected, many have been abused. Obviously people are selfish because they have Satanic lineage, and at the same time they are defensive because they have been abused and neglected so many times. There are so many hypocrites and thieves out there and you can't trust anybody. There is a trickiness, a complexity in utilizing that kind of music or entertainment format. Although people love what the performers are doing, they do not trust these people because so many of them are hypocrites. However the entertainment media has a great influence over young people. A great, great influence.

The Korean second generation is being wiped out by American culture. Look at Japan. Ever since the loosening of governmental power Korea has declined morally. For instance, teen pregnancy is almost like fifteen to twenty percent. It is unthinkable! When kids reach high school about thirty or forty percent have experienced sexual relationships. That is unthinkable. Why do you think it is happening? Because of you, because of American culture. People who have kids know the effect of television and music right? Kids follow anything. They see these beautiful people and it is very titillating and tantalizing. It's stimulating. Looking at all these beautiful things, beautiful people, beautiful colors, hearing beautiful music stimulates them more. They try to copy exactly what they see. It is just ruining young people all over the world and no one wants to do anything about it, why? The entertainment culture is the lowest culture, especially in the Orient. You look down on these people. They are like the lowest of the social order. It's not prestigious.

All of you want to become congressmen, senators or president, don't you? You have to do it sooner or later. I can't do it. But I have to raise people, Father has to raise people, so they can be responsible for missions even at that level. What Father expects from you is that you take all the things that Father built and take charge, become a leader using all those things Father has prepared. Obviously Father would like to see the Washington Times run one hundred percent by members. Also the World and I and Washington Television, all run by members. This kind of media is necessary because through it we can communicate to the masses, the general public. If our goal is to restore America it means we have to communicate, we have to get to the public, and mass media is the way to do it. In the past we didn't have this kind of foundation. In order to build it, we had to start from scratch, from the very beginning, going door to door. However we have this kind of foundation now and we have to take charge of it.

Father is saying it is up to you. It's your freedom, but with freedom comes responsibility and your responsibility is to ultimately fulfill Tribal Messiahship. If you're wise how can you let this opportunity pass you by? How can you just let it slip through your fingers? The time is right. Father has great influence over the intellectual, economic and academic communities. We have their backing, so in a way we have the freedom to do almost anything. Many religions are believing that Father is the only hope for the future. We can do almost anything to try to communicate to the general public. That is our responsibility. We have to at least be in the position to gain the public's interest. Once we attain that position, what we do will make a difference. Why? Because we are different from everybody else.

For instance, we might provide certain music that people like, but our attitudes, our presence, our way of living, our beliefs will be completely different from other people. People want change. People want something different. People cannot trust the media now. But in a way they are sleeping with the enemy. They can't do without it. They want music, however the only music that is being provided is by these hypocrites. When you grow up you realize this, but young people, they don't know it. They just accept it without understanding the nature of the music. Now more academics are getting involved and raising awareness of the effect of music culture and pop culture on young people. You know, more and more courses in college are being focused on just that topic. Harvard just came out with this certain study that lasted for about fifteen years, and their conclusion is that music and television affects young people. [Laughter.] It took them fifteen years to realize that is the conclusion?

The entertainment culture is very low, however we must liberate hell in order to build the kingdom of heaven. Why should music be the lowest culture? Do you like music, do you like watching drama and theater? Do you like literature? Do you like art? [Yes.] So why should that belong to Satan? Why should that signify Satan the most? Why should that thing which we want become an effective tool for Satan? Why should that be the case? More than anything else it is committing the greatest devastation to young people. You can't neglect it. I'm not trying to promote my position, but in my being responsible for the second generation, how can I neglect that? It's like something inside is always telling me that this is important. It says, don't worry about what other people think, you should take care of this situation. I really believe that. Without restoring this, it is no good, there is no way we can change the future. You know the old cliche, young people are the hope of the future. They are the future. If we neglect these young people, if we disregard the most influential force over young people, how can we change the course of history? How can we bring about a better future? It's common sense, it's basic. Of course education is important, but does education alone change people? No.

In the beginning Father didn't allow any of us to listen to rock music, the music that you like. Right? It was very difficult, right? You had to live without many things and most of you are survivors. Prayer alone and Father's presence alone have dragged you this far. [Laughter.] In a way you are special people. Just that alone, sacrificing that much, living without all this physical joy and having to isolate yourself from all those possibilities which could bring you joy, and you have survived this far. So you are special people to that degree, I'll give you that much credit. [Laughter.] You are special people, why? Because your responsibility is special, it is an extraordinary responsibility. Not every man could do that. You have sacrificed to a degree. It is incomparable to Father's suffering and course, obviously, but you have suffered to a degree to receive that kind of blessing. However our responsibility from now on is to restore the rest of your lineage and the rest of the people of America.

The only way in which we can reach that goal is to gain complete dominion of all those things, physical as well as spiritual. You have laid the foundation to receive spiritual blessing, what you need to do is claim all the physical things that God has given unto mankind and that God has created for the sake of mankind. We have to restore these things. That is our ultimate responsibility. That is the Principle. Having received the position of Tribal Messiah, you have to sacrifice, you have to disregard, you have to neglect physical things. You have to neglect your physical body because you have to lay the condition to restore and recreate yourself. You have to reject all the physical things. You have to endure to the point where Father is saying, "Now new life begins." Until the point in which you can receive a new beginning by way of Fathers consent, you have to sacrifice, you have to lay the condition of indemnity. That is physically sacrificing, completely disregarding what you have a right to receive. God gave us all the things of creation for the sake of our happiness, but all those things have to be neglected. In order to restore the fall, you have to do that, you have to disregard what you want and what you like. You have to completely restore and recreate yourself.

The fall occurs by just following what Adam and Eve liked. That was the fall: disregarding what God wanted, mankind followed their own will. The restoration process is completely different. You have to reject what you want and what you need. Lay a condition of indemnity and based on that condition, when the time is right, blessing will come through the consent of Father, just as blessing would have come by the consent of God to Adam and Eve. Based on God's consent the time will come when you can receive all these things, and now is the time. Father is saying you can do it. Father is giving us the freedom to go and minister.

I think things are going okay, don't worry about me. Worry about yourselves, okay? Big things are happening, but I don't want to say anything. I have faith and I'm confident that I can really change this world and greatly effect the second generation and also the first generation. They have no where to go. What they need is, what the first generation wants, is order and within the Principle they can find eternal order and security. They can find security. With the first generation they want to find security and social order. Those are the most important things that they want. The only eternal security and the only eternal social order can come about through the application of the Principle. Until young people restore all these physical things, they have to come to us because we offer them . . . we're true. You'll see, I hope soon.

All people will be affected because our message and our action are completely united, they're not separate. We're doing our best to make things that are better than the things Satan offers. That is our goal, that's what we have to do. Father has given us everything. God and Father have given us the tools. Father has given us the training and environment to work in with the tool, the tool being the Principle. We have the word of God and the word of Father. There are all these things that Father has created for us and what we need to do is perfect it. Our Washington Times has become the best newspaper. World and I is the best periodical. Manhattan Center will become the best record company and Washington Television will become the best television station. We have to become the best, we have to try to perfect our foundation, and not lose the competition with Satan. We want to offer the very best we can possibly offer to Heavenly Father through our own efforts from now on. That's what we have to do. That part is left over and that is not easy. But compared to what Father has done, well it's incomparable. But we have to do it on our own and that itself is difficult.

So you have to try the best you can. You ultimately have to become the king of your own lineage so that Father can become the king of kings. I hope you can understand what I wanted to say today. Honestly speaking, there are some times I come here to share with you and sometimes, well, you test me. [Laughter.] Anyway it's good training, I like to look at it as good training. However when you come here, please come with an open heart. It would be much better if someone of your own race could convey Father's heart and Father's teaching. That is most natural.

So please understand what I am trying to say and what we need to do. Please open your heart and let's take control of all of Father's establishments. Father wants everybody to become a leader and take charge of all those things and be involved in those kinds of things. To some of you I know it's kind of late in the hour, but you have to start somewhere. You can't just say, "We'll find the competent people to fill those vacant positions." Don't think like that, try to do it on your own. Why is it that I have to start something? I am the second generation. Ideally speaking we should be receiving the completed foundation for us to keep the work going. That's the ideal way. However, so many things are not prepared.

Many of the first generation have failed their responsibility. Do you think it is ideal for you to just let that responsibility fall into the hands of the second generation? I don't think so. If you have that kind of attitude, "Well someone else will take care of it," then you really don't deserve the blessing. You should really repent. Why should I have to suffer to make these kind of things? I should be working on top of a foundation already built. Why am I trying to just build it from scratch? Do you understand? Taking the responsibility and passing it on is difficult enough, so why do I have to build it from scratch? Because it hasn't been done, it has been neglected by the first generation. Right? Father doesn't have this tool. Father needs this tool at this time and he doesn't have it. Father talks about restoring Hollywood, did you give him that foundation? Starting from scratch is difficult.

Just do your best. Every step of the way is a challenge, but I have confidence. We are getting closer and closer. We're going to make something happen. Just believe in Father's words. Right now the time is here, Father has given us the freedom to minister at our will. So take this opportunity and do your best and let's bring victory to Father. Father deserves it. He has suffered on behalf of us for too long. It is our responsibility to take charge now. Take charge and bring victories without Father telling us always to do this and do that. Let us be responsible for our own missions without Father's assistance. Of course we will unite with him absolutely but without his assistance. That's different. That's my goal. I want to ask less and less of Father's assistance in my work and ultimately I want to reach the point where I don't need his assistance at all. I want to use my own power to bring victory and glory to him. That is my goal. I don't want his help. I love him and I am absolutely united with him, I will do everything that he wants. However, I don't want his help. I want to do it with my own power, my own hands. That's different.

There are all these details, sometimes tremendous, however let's do it. That's the spirit that Father wants to give to us and I think that has been neglected in the past. But from now on let's change that for the sake of your children and the sake of the future generation. Let's become a true example that the future generation can emulate. Let's galvanize this nation with the power and through the example that Father has set forth. Without assistance from God, Father has built this foundation, so based on that which you have received from him, how can you not take charge and be responsible on your own without his assistance? It's shameful. Let's truly take charge and let's bring victory to the American Church as well as to America and ultimately to the world. The world is our stage. So let's do it, okay? Can you do it? Lets pledge. Thank you very much.


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