How We Can Restore America

Hyo Jin Moon February 24,1991 Belvedere, New York

Good morning everybody. As you can see, Father is away today. I really didn't plan to come here today. To be blunt, since Father is away I felt obligated to be here today. The topic of what I want to share with you today, is "Let's Restore America" or "How We Can Restore America." Father is giving us the responsibility to take charge of the world, in your case, to take responsibility for America. I want to share some of my opinions on that subject.

Father recently gave us a great new direction. Most of you, I am sure, attended Father's speech on his birthday. Everybody came, right? Were you inspired by Father's message? Father gave us a new direction that day. Father gave us freedom. He gave us the freedom to minister to the public. What does it mean to have the freedom to exercise the way in which you minister to the public? Obviously when Father says this he is certainly not directing you to act the same as you have acted in the past. This is certainly not his intention. What he's giving you is the freedom to minister to people, to your family, and in your mission, as you see fit, based on your understanding of the Principle.

That kind of concept itself is borderline, it's uncertain, however, based on your understanding of the Principle, Father is trusting you to the point where he is giving you permission to go out and minister as you see fit. He is completely entrusting his belief to you. That itself never happened in the past. He never gave us that kind of direction. Why is it happening now? Why did Father not allow us that kind of freedom in the past? Why is it happening in this particular time? Why not forty years ago, why not right from the outset of the church ministry?

What do you think is the most important aspect of the principle? [Five percent portion of responsibility. Becoming a true son]. I guess that question is too broad. We understand the importance of the restoration of Cain and Abel. We know the importance of the struggle between Cain and Abel. What is happening within that relationship? Why is it so important within God's dispensation? When Father talks about restoration of elder son's position, when Father talks about restoration of the parents position and ultimately of kingship, what is he saying? Why is it important? Why is it that Father's ultimate goal is to attain the restoration of kingship? Of course to reach that ultimate goal, there has to be certain phases completed. Why is Father stressing this? It is important to understand.

What do you think is the most important aspect of the Principle? Receiving love. You like to talk about true love. True love is important, everybody wants true love. But how do you receive it? What kind of position do you need, in order to receive true love? Can you just attain true love? Is true love without any condition just freely dispersed to you? No. How do you receive true love, what kind of conditions do you first need to prepare in order to receive it? That is very important. Restoration of Cain and Abel is such that without restoring the Cain and Abel conflict, there is no way fallen man can receive God. And without being able to receive Heavenly Father there is no way you can attain true love. What is happening in Cain and Abel's relationship? What are we addressing when we confront that Cain and Abel struggle? What did Heavenly Father lose in the Garden of Eden? What was man supposed to do? What was the responsibility of man from God's point of view? In facing God, what is man's position? Ultimately to become His children, but what must man do to accomplish that? Man must become the object of God, the object of God's love, and the object of God's will. Without having man in the object position, God cannot minister nor have dominion over this physical world. God needs a body. Without man attaining the position of recipient, a physical form as the object of God, God cannot have dominion over this physical world. That is what He lost in the beginning. That is why the Cain and Abel conflict is very important. Ultimately what it comes down to is restoring dominion. You must restore dominion. God wants to build a kingdom of Heaven, but without dominion how can He do that? How can He build a kingdom if He has no foundation of Adam and Eve being the object to Heavenly Father? Without fulfilling that goal, there is no end, there is no reaching God's goal.

When you address the question of the Cain and Abel struggle, what is important is that God must have dominion over the dispensation. God's will is propagated and manifested in this physical world through the presence of Adam and Eve. He lost Adam and Eve to Satan's temptation. Man was in the position to receive Heavenly Father through his own will. In order to receive Heavenly Father, man had this obligation. Man had this great task of becoming God-like. God expected man and woman to realize the importance of becoming one with Heavenly Father. Through their own accord they were to receive Heavenly Father. Man's fulfillment is the only way that God can become God-like.

God did not spell out why man should follow. He did not make it unequivocal that man follow the commandment. God gave man free will and the power of choice. Why did He do that? So man, through his own accord, through his personal involvement and motivation could realize God's ultimate goal. By putting man in that position, man becomes the ultimate part of God's plan. Without man fulfilling that ultimate task, man is not worthy to receive Heavenly Father. Man must become worthy to receive Heavenly Father. Man must become like God; that is the only way to be worthy.

Almost all of you here are blessed. In a way, you are in a very special position, but you wouldn't be here if all the foundation prepared by the spiritual world to receive the messiah had been fulfilled. You wouldn't be here. There were many attempts to erect the foundation even before Father went to North Korea. There was a religious sect prepared, it was called the Congress of Israel. That kind of religious organization was prepared by spiritual world in South Korea before Father went to the north. These people were receiving spiritual revelation. They received direction from the spiritual world telling them specifically that Father was not an ordinary person, but somebody special with whom they must unite. The revelation came that Father was in the position of King Solomon. Not King Solomon the fornicator, but as the king who built the temple of Israel, the temple of God. To these people who belonged to the Congress of Israel, this kind of spiritual analogy was very significant. Not only the leader received the revelation, but many of his followers as well. Father started to associate with this group and after that all these revelations started coming. Many of their members were receiving revelations which told them not to listen to the leader but that they must follow this young person. Obviously this preparation in South Korea at that time ultimately failed. So God asked Father to go to North Korea, where Father met up with another religious sect called the Inside Belly Church.

What is the reason behind all these preparations and settings created by the spiritual world? They advocated a transference of power by a certain leader to Father. That's interesting and very important. When we look at the life of Jesus Christ, we study the significance of the relationship between Jesus and John the Baptist. John was in the position of an elder to Jesus Christ. But he was also in the position to minister. He had a greater foundation to minister and influence his family as well as the Israelites in general.

By looking at the importance of the Cain and Abel situation, by looking at the situation of Jesus Christ in terms of his relationship with John the Baptist, and looking at Father's position in terms of the beginning of his ministry, we see that all these settings have a similar circumstance in which certain rights, which are elder son's rights, the authority of dominion, are transferred to the person who represents Heavenly Father's side. The reason behind that is that because of the fall of man there is the reality of the coexistence of good and evil. That in itself, the concept of a coexistence of good and evil, should have never happened, never existed. However, because of the fall, Satan has a claim to this physical world beside Heavenly Father's claim. Without having this physical world, God cannot build an ideal world of true love. There is no way. This physical world is significant because only in its context can there be a realization of true love. So God must have dominion over this physical world.

Unfortunately because of the fall, there is coexistence of good and evil. In order to separate the existence of evil there has to be union between Cain and Abel. These two entities basically represent the coexistence of good and evil. If there is unity between these two entities which represent the existence of good and evil here on this earth, and that unity is attained based on good, then the substantial presence of evil will be eliminated. That kind of condition is important, that's why the Cain and Abel struggle is stressed so much. That unification has to be magnified to the level of the world. That is the ultimate goal. In every aspect, every step of the way, the important thing is to reach the point where we can ultimately have dominion over that conflict. We must unify in such a way that the evil forces, the evil claim, that substantial foundation of evil will be eliminated. That's why there has to be two figures or two entities which represent good and evil. I'm emphasizing the reality of the coexistence of good and evil. It should never, never have occurred. That possibility should never even come to our minds. However because of the fall, that is reality. The unthinkable became thinkable. The unimaginable became imaginable. It should have never happened.