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If I Can Dream

Hyo Jin Moon Novenmber 29, 1992 Belvedere, New York

Today I want to continue in line with where I left off two weeks ago, with a little different topic, If I Can Dream. Do you know that song, "If I Can Dream"?

Before I get into anything serious, I just wanted to let you know that starting from next year, we will broadcasting Unification News and also, we will have a program called Perspective on Race. It will have a talk show format. We'll have several hosts. Some will represent the white community, the black community and the yellow community. We'll have three hosts to talk about important, current racial issues. They will try to address the problem and hopefully, bring some solution to the problem which exists all over America and the world in general. Also, I am considering a variety show. Ultimately, we will do a weekly variety show, but in the beginning we'll start off with once a month. People can read poetry with background music, or dance, or create a play, or sing. We'll also have an amateur hour. People can bring in their home church contacts. Anybody can participate. We'll shoot the footage and then we'll broadcast it via satellite.

We want to get started. Everything is prepared. We're now in the process of acquiring two state-of-the-art studio cameras. We already have three cameras which are good enough to do high standard broadcasting, but we're getting the best they make. Technically, the presentation will be up to par with anybody out there. It will just be a matter of us getting more experience and understanding to use the equipment that we have. That is what will determine our success in the future. I have confidence in our guys—your brothers and sisters. I know we can do it. The most important thing is to start. That is half of everything you've got to start somewhere.

Having said that, I want to get to my topic. To some of you, it might be a little bit new and fresh, but just bear with me.

How do you distinguish the individual self? What do you consist of? What are you? What is your existence all about? How can you analyze your existence? How can we characterize our individual existence? According to Principle, we can say we have original mind. We have a mind and a body. We have a trinity, a relationship of three. That is the foundation for physical existence. There will be a mirror image in the spiritual form. There will be a spirit body, mind and also the spirit of spirits.

If you look at yourself as an individual, vou have an original mind: the mind that connects to Heavenly Father; the mind that connects to goodness; the mind that can separate what is right from what is wrong. You also have a self-mind, beyond the original mind. It determines which direction you will take. Am I going to follow the original mind's calling or am I going to follow what my physical body wants to act on? Am I going to pursue what my physical body desires or am I going to follow the desire that calls from within? The mind is in that position. In a way, it is neutral. You can bring about a certain conclusion based on whatever the mind decides to attach itself to. That's how it works. If the mind decides to attach itself to the physical body more than the spirit body, yes, the product of that action would be the mind doing something. The mind would use its energy and potential to bring physical results which ultimately are derived from the desire to pursue physicalness. It has the desire to attach itself to the physical body.

But it can go in the opposite direction, too. If the mind decides to attach itself more strongly to the spirit than to the physical body, then of course the result will be a spiritual result. The mind can produce spiritual result as well as physical result. The mind is in the neutral position. The mind can provide whatever it desires, whatever it attaches itself to.