If I Can Dream

Hyo Jin Moon Novenmber 29, 1992 Belvedere, New York

Today I want to continue in line with where I left off two weeks ago, with a little different topic, If I Can Dream. Do you know that song, "If I Can Dream"?

Before I get into anything serious, I just wanted to let you know that starting from next year, we will broadcasting Unification News and also, we will have a program called Perspective on Race. It will have a talk show format. We'll have several hosts. Some will represent the white community, the black community and the yellow community. We'll have three hosts to talk about important, current racial issues. They will try to address the problem and hopefully, bring some solution to the problem which exists all over America and the world in general. Also, I am considering a variety show. Ultimately, we will do a weekly variety show, but in the beginning we'll start off with once a month. People can read poetry with background music, or dance, or create a play, or sing. We'll also have an amateur hour. People can bring in their home church contacts. Anybody can participate. We'll shoot the footage and then we'll broadcast it via satellite.

We want to get started. Everything is prepared. We're now in the process of acquiring two state-of-the-art studio cameras. We already have three cameras which are good enough to do high standard broadcasting, but we're getting the best they make. Technically, the presentation will be up to par with anybody out there. It will just be a matter of us getting more experience and understanding to use the equipment that we have. That is what will determine our success in the future. I have confidence in our guys—your brothers and sisters. I know we can do it. The most important thing is to start. That is half of everything you've got to start somewhere.

Having said that, I want to get to my topic. To some of you, it might be a little bit new and fresh, but just bear with me.

How do you distinguish the individual self? What do you consist of? What are you? What is your existence all about? How can you analyze your existence? How can we characterize our individual existence? According to Principle, we can say we have original mind. We have a mind and a body. We have a trinity, a relationship of three. That is the foundation for physical existence. There will be a mirror image in the spiritual form. There will be a spirit body, mind and also the spirit of spirits.

If you look at yourself as an individual, vou have an original mind: the mind that connects to Heavenly Father; the mind that connects to goodness; the mind that can separate what is right from what is wrong. You also have a self-mind, beyond the original mind. It determines which direction you will take. Am I going to follow the original mind's calling or am I going to follow what my physical body wants to act on? Am I going to pursue what my physical body desires or am I going to follow the desire that calls from within? The mind is in that position. In a way, it is neutral. You can bring about a certain conclusion based on whatever the mind decides to attach itself to. That's how it works. If the mind decides to attach itself to the physical body more than the spirit body, yes, the product of that action would be the mind doing something. The mind would use its energy and potential to bring physical results which ultimately are derived from the desire to pursue physicalness. It has the desire to attach itself to the physical body.

But it can go in the opposite direction, too. If the mind decides to attach itself more strongly to the spirit than to the physical body, then of course the result will be a spiritual result. The mind can produce spiritual result as well as physical result. The mind is in the neutral position. The mind can provide whatever it desires, whatever it attaches itself to.

Having said this, I want to address the concept of race. I'll start out this way. What do you think the Garden of Eden represents? God made the creation and said it was good. Then why, within the good creation, should there exista place that is separate from the rest of creation? Why is this one particular place emphasized?

Look at yourself. Within yourself, there is a spirit body and a physical body. What the Garden of Eden represented was the inside, the inner self within the physical body of earth. It is a representation of the spirit in respect to the individual self, on a global level. You can look at the Garden of Eden concept like that. It was the "inner sell" within the greater physical form of creation. Just as within you lies a spirit body within the physical self, the Garden of Eden was an inner self that would ultimately represent what would, ideally, be physically manifested on the global level. From the spirit body, the ideal self will ultimately come. In the same manner, based on the ideal manifestation of what God intended in the Garden of Eden, it could ultimately be manifested globally.

Looking at this concept, you ultimately have to address the question of who was there. There are many races in the world. What race represents what? What race can represent each of the three aspects of the human being: the spiritual body, the mind body which is the intellectual body, and the physical body? How can we distinguish them?

When you look at even the minute, smallest, physical element, it is composed of a proton, neutron and electron. There is a trinity. That is how the physical world exists, in trinity. Gas, water and solid is one example. The combination and relationship of three elements is the basic reality of everything that exists, even you. You are comprised of atoms. When we're talking about atoms, we can talk about negative and positive ions, cations and anions. They center on the relationship between the proton, electron and neutron. The neutron is all neutral. The neutron is always in connection with the proton, and together they form the nucleus of the atom. Surrounding the nucleus is the electron, the minus charge. The electron revolves around the neutron. Based on that relationship you can define all the elements that exist in this world. The combination between these three, the proton, neutron and electron, the basic three-relationship, is very essential.

If you have a world map, look at it today. Based on geographical locations, you can see how races have mixed and come about. If you mix any combination of the three distinct races- black, white, and yellow- you get all the different races. But the basics racial trait of humanity is black, white, and yellow. When you mix these three you will get the reality of the whole human race. We can see that through what Father has done through interracial marriage.

Having said that, within these three independent races, there has to be characteristics or traits that each of the particular race? Let's talk about their natural inclination or propensity or partiality. Let's talk in generality. Of course, we have the ability to learn, we have the ability to adapt, we have the ability to do anything we desire to accomplish. Even with that fact, there has to be some natural trait that is a common base among a distinct race of either black, white or yellow.

Look at white people. Yes, you can give much of the credit for discovery to white people. White people, in my mind, represent the mind self, the intellectual self. In a way it is neutral. As I said in the beginning, the mind can follow the desire of the physical body or the desires of the spirit.

When we look at another race, black people, they are excellent in therms of physicalness. If you take the same number of white, black and yellow people, and put them in the same setting and train them to do something physical, the black people cannot be defeated. In terms of physical excellence, black people represent the greatest among all the races. The way you can sing, the way you use your physical body, the way you dance, the way you do athletic things or whatever it is, whatever physical form, you cannot follow black people's lead.

I like jazz music and I like blues. These types of music stem from the theory of classical music which white people developed. Jazz is created by using a lot of dissonant chords and a lot of chord augmentation. They give a contemporary feel to the classical concept by adding rhythm, physicallness. Jazz is an attitude. A lot of jazz musicians agree to this. All the time on television, you can see musicians saying, "Jazz is an attitude." It is a theory based on classical musical concept, but it is a physical attitude. Even blues music is created by using very simple chords. It has a simple concept but it is very physical, too. Many times blues music represents the suffering of black people. It is a way they express their suffering through music. That is why blues music is normally played in minor chords. You don't see happy, major-ish blues music. All the old, traditional blues are very sad.

Looking at Oriental people, they are very headstrong, about what? Order, discipline.

When everything revolves around intellectualism, it's almost natural to talk about self. Why? Think about it. Centered on your mind, you must realize the will of God. The way you can achieve greatness is through your mind. The way you can attach yourself to God is through your mind. Your mind must take the initiative to attach itself to the spirit body. That will bring you success in achieving the ideal realization of your self. You achieve perfection through your mind. You have to try to understand by using your mind, and through it get closer and closer, through analysis or whatever, to comprehending your own ability. At the same time, by using our minds, we allow ourselves to grow, to raise and expand our ability to learn more and know more so we can ultimately come closer to the will, desire and perception of God. Through our minds we must achieve a God-like perception. How do you do this without a mind? If you are mindless, if you're a zombie, a robot, how can you realize a God-like perception? You cannot. The mind has the ability to determine whether I am going to live for my physical body, for example having sex. Some may think, "Whatever it takes, I will use my mind to manipulate people so I can have sex all I want."

Oriental people really stress the importance of order, hierarchical relationship between elder and younger and that kind of thing. What do you think the reality of the spirit should be? Do you think the spirit understands the way it can achieve the ideal relationship with God? Do you think your spirit understands the way you can relate to Heavenly Father to achieve the ideal relationship? I think so. Of course it has to. We agree on the fact that the original mind is a given, that everyone has one.

Let's talk about it this way... in dealing with Korean or Japanese leaders-especially American members--sometimes, it is a difficult relationship because you have a certain American understanding. You have the basic understanding that everything you do has to be earned. But the concept in Korea, Japan or wherever, especially within a relationship, is that there is order. Certain things are given, you don't earn it. It's given. Especially loyalty and especially the hierarchical relationship. It is a given. It is not something that you earn, it is a given factor. Many times, conflict comes from this 621 reality of Oriental people thinking of certain things that are very important, very crucial in realizing a relationship, as given, yet Western people think it is earned. That is where the conflict lies. Many times Oriental people act, you can say, brutal, very aggressive, offensive, very self-serving, not really caring about the person in the object position. But in the minds of Oriental people, it is given, you don't think about these things. It is there. It is like your arm. It is stuck to your body. You don't have to think about it. But for some people, everything has to be assembled. Many conflicts I see, even just around me, stem from this lack of understanding each other's culture.

When you look at it ideally, think about what Adam and Eve did. Think about the way in which they could have perfected themselves. No matter what they felt, by way of temptation or whatever, if they had stuck to the notion that subject and object relationship is a given if they had somehow through their intellectual ability realized, 'Yes, it is given, I accept," and they had followed, do you think they would have fallen? No, they would not have fallen. Because they didn't do that, they fell.

The thing is, it is our responsibility. Even if you are an Oriental elder, Korean or Japanese, it is your responsibility to raise the objects. We're in a position to what? To become absolutely one body. You can consider your position of elder as a parental position. We are to raise children. Try to understand them. Understand their traits and work with their characteristics and traits. I can't just say that the way Oriental people view things is good. Ideally speaking, the way they think is right. However, as we are dealing with restoration and indemnity, when we're trying to restore the enemy, we have to try and do it through the way of natural subjugation, right? That's the way we should try to do it. We should really try to understand and extend ourselves further to understand one another. Yes, let's say that the positions and relationships are given; however, both parties within the subject and object

relationship must extend themselves to really try to make the relationship work

right. Let's be smart, let's be practical. If you are married, let's say, based upon a

Principled view point, man is in the position of subject and woman is in the

position of object. What if the man always goes home and yells, "Hey woman, I'm

the subject, give me food! Make yourself pretty and go lie down!" (Laughter) Is

that an ideal relationship? You can say there is a subject and object relationship,

but it has to have more than just a physical form. It has to have the ideal spirit. In

everything, it must have the ideal self. It needs the ideal spiritual form as well as

the ideal physical form. The spirit always calls to embrace, to love, to live for the

sake of others. The true subject wants to live for the sake of its object. The

reason for Father's sacrifice is so his object can benefit. That is parental love,

right? That's why parents sacrifice. Through their sacrifice, their children can

have greater things. The children will take that tradition and pass it on and on and

on. As generations and years pass, as history moves forward for thousands and

thousands of years, that tradition will keep the whole lineage that is to come

intact. It is like the link of all the chains that are to come in the future. Establish

an ideal physical form as well as spiritual form.

I believe that each race represents a certain reality within the individual self: Spiritual form, intellectual form and physical form. Each race represents a distinctive form on these three different levels, spirit, mind and body. I truly believe this.

Because of the Fall, these three distinctive characters have been abused. That's

for sure. Even look at yourself. Because of the Fall, you are abusing your physical

self through drugs and all kinds of crazy things. You abuse your mind through all

kinds of satanic ideas. That is why your spirit is suffering. That is reality. You

can't deny that. There are abuses. Especially when you look at white people who

represent, in my view, intellectualism on the individual level. You have come up

with all sorts of ideas. Even destruction is based on idea. It's based on a certain concept. It's not just "Go out and destroy because I'm

pissed off;" you have to have some kind of intellectual reasoning. How many

people died in the hands of communism? A lot of people. You justified your

killing. Yes, there have been many dictators and small, measly tyrants, all

throughout human history. But, how many of them used an elaborate excuse or

justification to do away with those they desired? Nobody.

Spain is the closest European country to the African continent. It borders

Morocco. They only thing separating the two is the Strait of Gibraltar. Of course,

people can travel from Europe, through the Asian continent down to Africa, but

when you look at these transient regions, the people's character and quality is

mixed. You can see clearly they are a mixture of white and black and Oriental. Go

home and have fun with that idea. I believe we will prove it. What our responsibility is, is to bring science and religion together. That is my responsibility and yours. I have this concept and I know it to be true. I just have to prove it. That is why we have to be interested in science. That is what it says in the preface of the Divine Principle book. Our responsibility is to bring the physical world and the spirit world, science and religion together. I know the knowledge is out there. Everybody out there is trying to make their own persuasive argument. We, too, with the right perspective can go out and make a very strong and persuasive argument that is true. I absolutely believe that we can do this.

You can't do without any one of these characteristics. You can't do without a physical body. You can't do without a mind or without spirit. All these things are relevant and important. When you try to distinguish the races, many people, based on selfishness and arrogance, Satan's fallen traits, try to make it into what is superior and what is inferior. That kind of concept does not exist within love. It does not exist. How can you say, My wife is less than I? Without her, my children do not exist. Although the seed comes from me, although the egg cell ultimately wraps around, and the sperm becomes the center of the egg cell, hey, without the egg cell, my sperm doesn't mean diddley hoot. (Laughter)

All these things are very, very important. What I'm trying to get to is, the reason that there was only Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, was because if we are going to physically realize the ideal world, there has to be a manifestation of the spirit

body first. Ideal man should have a spirit body, then the mind, then the physical

body. That is how you are born: with a spirit. When you come out to this world

and create the mind and body and live, you have the right to possess your own

identity here as well as in the spirit world. That is why Father doesn't allow


You have to understand the people who wrote" the Bible thousands and thousands of years ago, wrote very symbolically. Man and the way the mind works, are very symbolistic. Even gaining perception, can be achieved much more easily through example and analogy. That is reality, that is how we perceive things. Every good teacher knows good examples. Through using good examples and analogy, students can easily get access to the teacher's ideas. The students will use the example to relate to their own reality. The learning process is filled with symbolism. Life is filled with symbolism.

Symbolism represents what it could be, but what is not yet realized. Whatever is still only symbolic in your own life can exist somewhere else at that given moment, but since it doesn't exist within your reality yet, that is why you use symbolism. We use example and analogy to bring understanding of something that does not yet exist in our isolated, limited environment. That is what symbolism is all about. When I say, we don't have networks, we need mass communication as a nerve center, it will be the way we can connect all of Father's organizations and be functional and effective, it is an example, but it exists outside. Everybody has it except us. Do you understand what I am trying to say? I hope so.

This is a pretty big thing I'm trying to explain today, isn't it? But, I'm excited

because I'm on the right track!

Who are the Jewish people? I don't know if there is such a thing as pure Jewish

or not, but look at the Jewish traits. It's a mixture of what? In my mind, it's a

mixture of a white person and a yellow person. A big nose, a little bit flatter, and

circular eyes. About two weeks ago I talked about the archangel. Who was

Lucifer? Lucifer was the intellectual one. Because his natural inclination leads to

intellectualism, he has the capacity, more than the other archangels who might represent femininity and masculinity. They are plus and minus, and the neutral agent is the mind. The neutron, Lucifer. (Laughter)

The reason Biblical history evolved around the Jews was because the act of the fall was between the lineages of the white man and the yellow man. I believe, from the

beginning, there had to be black people, white people and yellow people. What the Garden of Eden represented was the spirit self, the manifestation of the spirit self which came first, before the intellectual self, before the physical self. That's why the absolute focus was on the Garden of Eden. Don't even think that because of what happened in Noah's family that black people were cursed and that's how their color turned, and then they became slaves. That is bullshit and nonsense. That is not right. Think about it. God prophesied about the brother becoming a slave to another. Yes, when the mind is in control of a certain individual agenda, separate from the physical body, that is the result. It was not God's judgement. It wasn't God's curse. That was His prophecy. There is a big difference between the two. It sounds the same. "Your brothers will turn one against the other, and make him into a slave." It sounds like a curse, but no, it was a prophecy. A curse and a prophecy sound the same. God said, "Because of the Fall, because of you, the mind will bend toward the physical body. For its selfishness it will destroy everything else. It will have dominion over everything else." That's what He was saying. It is a prophecy, not a judgement. God is a god of love. All these prophecies which sound judgmental and like a curse, were brought about, not by God's doing, but by

man's doing. Don't blame God. Christians have a screwed up point of view. What the Garden of Eden represents is the realization and manifestation of the spiritual self. That is why all the focus was there. If it had been realized, mind and body could come together and create all these different races. With the basic combination of atomic elements, you can create all the different races. Do you get what I am saying? You can say it's a little revolutionary, but it's in line with Principle. Father said we need additions to the Principle book, but who is going to provide it? Well, I'm suggesting my idea, you can think about it.

We have to put some more meat on this, that's for sure. That's why I want more scientific facts. That's why I'm interested in technology. We have to get involved. How are you going to convince arrogant, physically centered people, if you don't have this kind of knowledge? If we can't combine science and religion, God will always be separate from the physical body that He created. That is why within the context of our religion, the Unification Church, Father prepared all this technology. That is why Father, a religious leader, has been involved in high tech. He was persecuted for it. People misunderstood his motivation, thinking he was only out to make money. "The reason that he's doing all this crazy business, especially this high tech and industrial business, is because he wants to make money." No, it is because of the reason I've explained. It is our duty to realize these things and put it together. We have to put all the pieces together and bring the glory back to Father.

The reason I am standing here is because of Father. I know what my origin is. What is an intellectual? Intellectuality is basically our "self." Why? Because through self we must reach perfection. That is why everybody has a self. But that self is separate from God. That is the problem, that is what was caused by the Fall. That self is separate from the spirit. This is why I stress individualism, but individualism within principled bounds. I want everybody to understand their uniqueness. It's time. Father is giving us the freedom now. All the indemnity has been done away with. It's our time to go and start collecting. I want everybody, I want all your traits to be utilized. Give me the best of you and we can utilize it to restore the world. I want this knowledge to come from America, that is why I'm sharing it with you. That is why I share with my guys. I will do everything in my power to make it happen in America. I don't know what the limits of my ability are, but as long as I keep humility, I will receive inspiration. I know for a fact inspiration is always flowing. It's arrogance that blocks it. Arrogance is a dam. As long as you hold onto your arrogance, your dam gets higher and higher and higher and blocks the flow. That is why I always say humility is the essence of understanding and achieving a greater self and understanding God. You've got to have humility. I hate arrogant people. Yes, I have hatred in my heart toward arrogant people. But, they can change. When you change, I have no problem with you. It's the falsehood that God hates, not what you ultimately will be. He doesn't hate your ideal possibility, it is the falsehood that He hates. If you are humble, you can always receive inspiration. If you have the right attitude, the right principled relationship, if you

have the right body, just as you can build up muscle if you have the right physical

form, you can create that self. You can reconstruct your physical body, why can't

you restructure your mind?

Going back to this Adam and Eve thing, I believe the Fall was between white and yellow. The race that represents intellectualism, desiring for its gain, separated from

God. Having that physical relationship, they bore the lineage and brought about

procreation of the union between mind and body in the absence of God. Through that lineage, it came down to Jesus, who paid all the indemnity to try to restore that lineage. But it failed, so it ultimately has to go all the way backup until the second messiah who comes from the East.

Where in the East? Do you think Japanese or Chinese people can represent

God's history and God's sacrifice? The people who understand Oriental history

know it could only be Korea. The Korean race has historically suffered so much.

In 5,000 years of history, they were attacked over a thousand times by the Japanese and Chinese and we never attacked once. Many times the bitterness and arrogance that you perceive from Korean people is due to Western influence. Western influence kind of cycled through Japanese people to Korean people and directly, from Americans to Korean people. "Be independent, be aggressive, show your emotions!" So they say, "Yeah, I'm angry, I'm pissed! Why? Because I suffered so much because of you." Traditionally, Korean people accept pain and suffering as something that is natural. That is why we have endured so much. That's why we never attacked. There was on incident in Korean history, during the Koku Ryo dynasty. When the Mongolians permeated his province, Kwang Kae To Dae Wan, the emperor, literally went and wiped out a lot of them. He took much of Manchuria. It's not that we can't fight, there is somet