Inherit Father's Heart

Hyo Jin Moon November 1, 1987 Belvedere

Good morning. As you know, Father is in Korea, and I want to be closer to you from now on. I'll try my best to express what I feel about Father as his son and how we should look up to him as our True Father.

All Unification Church members, who are in a sense the embodiment of True Parents, must really understand Father's heart in order to represent True Parents to the world. We must understand the path he has walked. Father's course wasn't easy. From the moment he received the revelation from Jesus, it was an uphill battle all the way.

By 1945 Korea was the harvesting point of all the religions of the world, East and West. Many spiritual groups in Korea had received revelations about the coming of the Messiah not just as one person, but as a man and a woman. Father sent his followers to witness to these spiritual groups, but none of them united with him. All the prepared foundation around Father crumbled. Father had to go to North Korea alone and start all over again. And he knew he would be tested all through his life by Satan to deny God.

Choosing the right path

Many times I hear it said that Father's victory in the North Korean prison was that he forgave his enemy. But more significantly, he knew beforehand that he would be abused physically to the point of death and pushed by Satan to deny God. Still he chose to go this road by himself, and he did so without faltering. That is even more significant than forgiving one's enemy.

Father even had to walk his Danbury course by himself. Do you think God ever wanted Danbury? To God, Danbury is the most wretched, miserable place on earth. Did Father do it for himself? No. He did it because he wants you to understand true love.

As members you really have to sit down and think about this: Adam and Eve fell even though they didn't have original sin. The fall took place because they allowed Satan to take the subject position to them instead of God. Adam and Eve failed in their individual responsibility.

That the fall could take place means it is possible for a sinless person to choose to go in an evil direction. God gave us the freedom to choose, but when you choose not to go God's way, at that moment you are having give and take with Satan.

We each have to create ourselves in the image and standard of God. When is the final victory? When Satan has no object left to have give and take with.

How can we help bring that victory? You must deny yourself, totally. You have to feel, "I, in the selfish sense, do not exist." I am sorry to say, but that is the only way. Every moment you have to choose between God and Satan. In this war you can't let your guard down until you win the whole war. We have claimed many victorious battles, but the war is not yet over.

Many times when Father tells you to do something, you try to do it, but your heart is not with Father 100 percent. It may be at the most only 75 or 80 percent. Even if you are 99.9 percent united with Father it's still not enough. That's just how cancer starts -- with one cell. You have to be absolute in terms of your love. When you reach that level of heart, Satan cannot touch you. But your minds are often shifting back and forth. Many people start out with good intentions but later on become lazy. You must have an absolute standard if you want to claim true love and become true sons and daughters of Heavenly Father and True Parents.

My Responsibility

I am sure the elder members tried very hard to create an ideal world. But the True Children did not grow up in an ideal world. I came to America when I was 1O years old. I tried to make friends with the American kids and understand them. I admit I strayed. I used to hate all Unification Church members. I hated the world. But now I have no hard feelings. Whatever I did wrong, I have to indemnify that. It is my responsibility to realize Heavenly Father's ideals, to follow heavenly tradition and order.

The longer it takes for us to create unity with True Parents, the longer restoration will take. That is why I am preparing myself to inherit everything I can from Father, so that Father doesn't have to do it all. Father went to Danbury because God couldn't bring anybody else in front of Satan and say, "Look, this person is just like True Parents. Why don't you send him instead?" I want to be there if such a sacrifice is ever necessary again.

Many of you have good intentions, but you can't just stop at that. You must know exactly what Father is all about. You must know everything in order to defeat Satan. Don't be a casualty. Please, if one man can mess up the world, then one man can bring prosperity to the world by taking responsibility. If all of you in this room were totally committed, if all of you truly understood what Heavenly Father and True Parents were trying to say, you could be the true inheritors of their love.

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, true order would have been established. Father emphasizes Oriental culture, not because everything in that culture is right, but because the people of that culture know how to serve, how to bow down to their ancestors and their elders. Korean people were raised, according to Korean tradition, to never complain. Think about that. Unfortunately, when Father speaks, many times I see you resisting, shaking your head. You don't like what he says, because you still have that fallen nature of rebellion within you. The enemy is within. That is why Father says overcoming yourself is the hardest thing.

Whether I joke with you or tell you shocking things, inside my heart is always the same. I am trying to reach everybody. I can be wild and crazy sometimes, but actually I'm a pretty silent person. I like my own silence, because I like something that is deeper than things that I can touch.

God Needs Us

Everything in the world ultimately belongs to Heavenly Father, not Satan. When you look at an ugly man from a fallen perspective you think, "Oh, that man is ugly!" But God doesn't feel that way. That's just the way God made him. He made different varieties. That doesn't mean one person is any better or any worse than another. When I look at you, I want to see you with that kind of heart. I want to bring total victory to everything, and I want you to do the same. The only way is to deny yourself. If you do that, I know Heavenly Father can work. All He needs is a physical foundation, and you are it. It's up to you.