Inheriting God's Heart And True Parents' Heart

Hyo Jin Moon April 28,1991 Belvedere, New York

Inheriting Gods heart and True Parent's heart is the way we can liberate ourselves from Satan's bondage. When you look at the cause of the Fall of man you can see that man was in a passive position to be influenced by Satan's temptation. Passively being the object of Satanic influence caused the Fall of man. Ideally, God should have been the one in the position to influence man to act according to His ideal will. However, the Fall occurred because of Satan interfering in the affairs and the action of man. Man is the primary reason the Fall happened.

Understanding that notion, the first thing we have to do in order to restore ourselves in the course of restoration, to rid ourselves of this fallen satanic lineage, is to completely reverse that position under which man has put himself. So by having a subject to influence mankind in a way opposite to the Fall, man can be reinstated to his original place. There has to be someone in a position to influence mankind. That must be realized first. In the course of restoration you must have a figure who can influence fallen man to ultimately change the course of history, thus change themselves also. Having that central figure is very important in the restoration course. Why? Because due to a satanic presence and influence, man chose, through his own volition, the course of Satan. However, having to rid ourselves of this fallen lineage we first must find some being other than Satan to influence us, to help us pull away from the course of fallen man's history, attitude, perspective and way of living. We must have somebody other than Satan to change and redirect us, to give us a new bearing in our way of life, and change our way of living.

When you look at the Principle, the important thing is overcoming the conflict of Cain and Abel. It raises the importance of subject and object relationship. What I am trying to stress before I go any further is that in order for us to separate from our fallen nature, we must have a subject. We must have an ideal subject and object relationship. In every aspect of our lives, having that ideal subject figure is the way that we can separate ourselves and physically lay the condition of indemnity. That is very important. We have to lay the necessary condition to rid ourselves of our fallen nature.

How do you go about doing that? Because the Fall itself was physical, we must have some physical manifestation to rid ourselves of this fallen human presence. We need that ideal subject and object relationship within our lives which can be the condition of indemnity ultimately to substantiate ourselves in our own individual restoration.

Normally we don't have that kind of perspective. Most times that subject and object relationship is a burden to us. We must separate ourselves from that old way of thinking. Satan wants us to be exclusive. He doesn't like the idea of inclusion. Obviously he did not want to be a part of God's whole idea or plan of creation. Knowing God's plan he thought of his position as worthless compared to other positions. He had an individual preference to God's plan of creation in this specific area. He did not realize, did not grasp, did not inherit the whole ideal. He had a preference for just a certain aspect of it. Based on that he drew himself larger and larger. He excluded himself from God's ideal plan. This whole notion of exclusion from the ideal plan is the key factor in separating mankind from Heavenly Father. Satan always tries to hold onto that key aspect and, in a way, it is his utmost abused weapon. He utilizes this weapon in every aspect of our lives.

Going back, to rid ourselves of this fallen nature, we must first start with an ideal circumstance. We must erect an ideal circumstance in which we can separate ourselves from Satan and create an ideal relationship with Heavenly Father. To reach that goal we must start by creating that ideal relationship of subject and object within our lives. It is that important. We have to separate substantially from the satanic way of life and satanic influence -- Satan's lineage.

The key lies in having that ideal relationship. Ask yourself, "Do I truly value that kind of relationship?" If you don't, you still have a long way to go. I'm telling you, that is the first step. It is the beginning of your ultimate liberation. Your liberation lies in accepting the ideal. principled relationship of subject and object. So when Father gives an assignment, everyone is object to that. Everybody is object to the subject. No one is excluded. Even God is an object to love. In order to become an ideal being we have to realize the value of subjectivity as well as objectivity. God also realized that. Even though He is the subject of all humanity and all the creation, the ultimate subject, He still realizes the value of being an object to love. Although He is the absolute subject, He also wants to become the absolute object. Within Himself them is the existence of an ideal duality of subject and object.

In order to attain God's true ideal of love, you must possess that quality of ideal subjectivity as well as objectivity within yourself. That is the first step from which you can ultimately realize the ideals of God. Everybody has certain positions. Within the church there is a certain order and that is very important. How else can we attain unity? Knowing the value of this ideal subject/object relationship that we all have to possess (that ideal quality of possessing subjectivity and objectivity) we practice in our lives and try to unite with our central figures, the people within the group to which you belong. You try to unite based on that understanding.

Many times difficulty comes because you assess that relationship physically. We rely too much on external perception, our physical senses. Because we rely so much on that, we overwhelmingly emphasize it and our lives literally are dictated by our physical senses. We bring conflict onto ourselves. Try to gain the perspective by which you can overcome what you feet externally, and allow your spirit, with the Principle standard, unite with the spirit which ultimately wants unity of the whole. Let's try to follow that and do away with our external perceptions. Based on that kind of effort we will realize eventually an environment where even with our physical senses we won't be influenced. We won't be led into conflict. Because through our efforts everything else will be erected in a proper way. Things will be manifested according to the ideal plan of God.

Because we are in a course of restoration we have to recreate the ideal. Perspective literally lies within one's self. The vision of the ideal environment, the ideal world, has not yet been manifested but it dwells within our own consciousness and spirit. It exists within the inner body of humanity. In a way that is a difficulty that we am facing. Although we're living in a physical world being influenced by physical things all through the day, all through our lives, we're trying to bring out something that lies within. At the same time I cannot really see and touch the reality of the future. That is the difficulty we are facing. You can't avoid accepting that idea when you accept the notion of the restoration of mankind. We have to create a new world. Do you think we can create that out of the old world? No. It lies within the ideals of mankind. This world is manifestation of the evil of man not the ideals of God and mankind. It is the other side. So we must seek within and avoid what has already been manifested. Seek within to find the ideals of God because they have not been manifested. Look within yourself.

Do you understand what I am saying or do you think this is just wishful thinking? I can compare myself in the very beginning and now. You don't feel so intimidated by my presence anymore. [Laughter.] In the past you felt a little uncomfortable, a little strange because sometimes I'm too forceful. In a way, I'm grateful that everyone is trying to rethink and understand my words rather than just look at what I present to you externally. You are trying more to understand the essence and meaning behind the words that I speak. I really appreciate that. I'm grateful that you are trying to do that. That is the first step on the path by which we can understand Father's heart.

To completely digest Father's words you really have to invest yourself 100 percent. You literally have to do away with your physical body, your external senses. They have been formed in un-ideal surroundings. Many of the things that you rely heavily upon, assessing, comparing, and evaluating, lie in a domain with which you really shouldn't tamper. In a way you are left in a dilemma. You need a certain standard by which to evaluate, yet many things that you have acquired through your life are not really worthy of that task. I understand the difficulty.

Inheriting God's heart is truly the way we can liberate ourselves from Satanic bondage. When you look at your selves the most important aspect of man is our ability to create. That really separates us from the rest of the creation. I feel that ability is really essential in this course of uniting with and ultimately attainin