It Doesn't Matter How Old You Are

Hyo Jin Moon September 17, 2006 Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY

I apologize that last week I incorrectly spelled the names of Yeon Ah nim, Hyo Jin nim's wife and Ryuichi Fujita the executive producer of I hope that I have the correct spelling now. Thanks to those that E-mailed the corrections to me.

Here are my notes from Hyo Jin nim's speech Sunday 17 September 2006.

My ability to convey what was actually said is limited. These at most convey some sense of what Hyo Jin nim said and are not a verbatim record. Please go to: to see some of what Hyo Jin nim is speaking about.

Joe Kinney

Rev. Andrew Compton is the MC. All welcome Hyo Jin nim and Yeon Ah nim and offer a bow.

(Hyo Jin nim bows to the audience as he approaches the stage)

Did you check it out? (Referring to web site)

It's OK? Just keep it coming.

Well it's got a format so as much as we can invite (people to do interviews), you can e-mail suggestions about what you're interested in, anything, information that you would be useful to you. Let us know. We can do it.

At the same time we can develop new characters too.

These days more than any other time it doesn't matter how old you are. Obviously young people live under the pressure to be something great, something that can be in the limelight as quick as they can if it is doable. They need to really prove them selves because there are so many ways to put a spotlight on an individual. You can deliberately do it to your self or because of what ever circumstances, because of whatever occupation you are choosing an inquisition is on your tail.

People want to know what the best trend is; whatever it is at all times. In order to actually find some kind of success in today's world you have to go through that scrutiny. That's the kind of reality that my children will face, that young people are facing, today's people in whatever profession that you're involved in have to contend with just to further their carriers.

Having said that, how do you go about achieving a reality where you can actually do something and that you can compete and win? Obviously with something like this ( ) if we have more of it would be better.

For our church we can provide an incentive to seek out and further individual aspirations and understanding so that you can ultimately have control over your destiny and what ever responsibility that you might have at hand. Ultimately in order for you to be successful put aside your success for a while and just deliver your expectation. (what's expected from you). Do your responsibility and you have to be up to whatever the standard of the present might be. That dictates what you have to deliver in the end. It doesn't matter what other people tell you. That's about it.

You can't change that reality. It would be nice if we could just go out and witness to several politicians and through some kind of miraculous inspiration you convert them into our way of thinking. That's not going to change how America will be the day afterwards. America is a very different place (than Korea?) The four hundred and some odd people who make the laws get elected every two years. To pass a law or make an amendment to a law and put it in the law books, people from both sides have to agree and they went out of their way to avoid the kind of system that they ran away from. (King and feudalism)

It's a very difficult place and even the person who is in the position of management doesn't have absolute power. Yes, the president gets presidential treatment and to a point and within the context of the law does have absolute power, but his power is limited by the law and by term limits.

Ultimately in the end in order to change America, you can't do it with judges. You can't do it with politicians. You have to convince the people, people like us have to be well informed as to what America stands for and how it work; even just basic nitty gritty stuff from the bottom up that's essential (information) to the point, no nonsense just the facts.

In America there so many ethnic and religious groups of people in this land of opportunity, the land of immigrants. So many groups hold on to their own traditions and their own cultural identity. Never mind religion.

In religion too it depends on what part of the world you came from. So you have to understand all those facts. It's not a silly thing. It's crucial information if you want to believe that you have the potential to change these people. You have to know these things whether you like it or not. Otherwise you can't communicate. You are speaking in a different tongue, speaking a different language.

It would be like me talking to you in Korean. You could understand my gestures to a point but it's limited to how universally we understand body language. So as long as we clearly do not have a universal language to present a universal culture, it's very important that we are informed about those variations of human history. Why? Just to communicate, just to say hello in the right way. If we don't have those basic fundamental facts...

We can dream all sorts of dreams and anything is possible; I believe that. I believe that certain things will take time. I believe that certain things can be done relatively faster than something else. However you have to dream the dream in a realistic way. And the way to dream of changing the world, the universal idealism, the ultimate stuff regardless of who you are. Who ever does the basic homework first has a better chance of scoring than somebody who is not doing it.

Eventually everybody who wants to, every organization, every religion that wants to realize the dream will put greater and greater emphasis on that fact because that is the only way. There is no oth