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Longing for an Ideal

Hyo Jin Moon

Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY USA

January, 29, 1989

Unofficial Notes from 6:00 am Speech

I'm sure that those of you who are Blessed and have families are concerned and thinking what can I leave to my family? Before we talk about a providential level of restoration, we have to face this question on the personal level. I am sure that you have given it deep thought. You want to leave something for your children greater than just personal joy and achievement. In this world many people do not even believe in having families nor do they see the significance of it. So for us this is a great challenge this is the task we face.

If something is given on this earth, there is a force of life contained within it. We must start with a seed, but we need some content to follow to bring about the ideal, so let's discuss this today.

Historically, mankind longed for an ideal all throughout time. Even now people are not satisfied with what they have, but are longing for more. Why do they feel that way? Because man fell from grace and departed from Heavenly Fathers ideal. Man was to fulfill God's ideal. There should have been an inseparable bond, that kind of relationship with God. So fallen mankind still longs for this, a return to the ideal. No matter what we have we will always lack something inside unless we realize that God is alive and we believe in a substantial relationship with Him. Our longing and searching ends from that moment. We need to ask ourselves, "Am I still longing and searching?" If we are it means that we have nothing to give to our children.

Throughout history man has betrayed God and has taken Gods name in vain. Atheism exists as well as many other Godless-isms, but Heavenly Father has never changed. His desire to save mankind has never changed. We believe that perfection is a feeling of being almost machine-like, automated, with no life. That is our predominant thinking. Through history man has cursed God, but God never gave up loving mankind. There was never even one moment of hesitation on His part. He has invested everything, that is the example of a truly perfected being.

In order for you to give something to your children- the only way that they will not wander is if they see their parents living that same way. That is the only way to set them free. If you do not measure up to the standard of God, you cannot succeed. The love you feel for your children will last forever, it will never go away. From the first moment you hold your child until the time it dies and goes back to the earth, your love for it will never end.

The first thing we have to do is to know ourselves. We have to believe that we have inherited the historical failures. We must believe in Heavenly Fathers heart of love and restoration, that Heavenly Father is trying to save mankind and bring us back to the origin. You already know how this can be accomplished. God alone cannot accomplish this, but you man and woman can bring God's ideal to fruition. We have inherited this responsibility because it has gone on unfulfilled. We need to have the love and consciousness to take responsibility. We need to say " I will not leave this burden to my children, but I will take on this great task." That is the only way to bring about the ideal of True Father.

If 1,000 people in the New York area gave just one hour a week to the church that would be 52,000 hours a year, or if each one gave ten hours a week, that is 520,000 man hours in one year! You might say that we lack power or time, but in Heavenly Father's eyes that is not true. You are being irresponsible. Your responsibility is to bring an end to this suffering. We must restore America, Korea, Japan and the world. You have to take initiative, just as Father has done all throughout his life. That is why Father is here, you believe in that.

People in the past sacrificed everything looking for the truth and for an ideal, but we are the ones who are here. We say we have found the truth, that this is the truth. Our longing and searching ends here! You must give! Once you have something you must give!

What does principle tell you? How does give and take work? Did you really think about that? If you believe you have found something, then give back for the sake of true love. You have not been giving, that's why nothing is happening. You are still selfish, struggling within yourself. Time will not wait for you to grow up. We must meet heaven's timetable! Do not expect God to wait for you, that is putting your dominion over God! I am saying this very strongly, but take my word, you must know this.

Why did Father and Mother bless you? So you can settle down with your family and claim your place in this world? We want to cleanse this world of all satanic thoughts and culture. We are here to bring the realization of the Heavenly Kingdom on this earth, but we have not reached that point yet. Father has a providential viewpoint, he has laid the global foundation. He made the global foundation with his own hands because man failed to receive the True Parents. His entire historical foundation that had been won with so much effort went "poof", it vanished, because the crucial, key players, mankind, failed to realize what heaven was saying to them.

Father has succeeded. Father has succeeded in taking responsibility for our failures. How does individual perfection come about? Centering on Heavenly Father your mind and body must unite and become one. That perfected being (a man) grows to unite with a woman, and then what do you have? Children. A substantiation of your love. They are crawling, walking, living love. How do you expect to bring an ideal nation and tribe? Why is the second generation so important? They are the product of love. What is the Blessing? It is grafting onto True Parents root, separating from Satan's lineage. The second generation is a purified version of you, your purified lineage. Then those purified children from all walks of life will unite that will establish the ideal tribe. Based upon that the ideal nation comes about.

All the people blessed this time symbolize the second generation. That blessing was made upon recognition of a symbolic foundation. On that foundation Father blessed the seventy two couples who represent the purified tribe. They are the fruit of our labor, the first generation. You cannot establish the national foundation without preparing the tribal level and the family level first. You must go step by step, this is a process.

People from all over the world have come and received the blessing and love from True Parents. Some of the first generation have sacrificed for them. After the blessing of 6,000 couples Father said this is the time for tribal messiahship. How can you do that without following the true model? Is 99% good enough to give? No! Father wants you to follow principle. We have already told him many times that we understand, that he does not need to tell us anymore.

Do not blame God and True Parents. You haven't even really tried living this way yet and still you blame someone. You just sit there and criticize with no real idea of what is happening, is that the attitude of a rational person? If any of you have complained in the past this is what you have been doing. Look at yourself first. Ask yourself "Am I a true person, can I criticize?" God is a true being. He went first. Mankind betrayed Him and cursed Him, but He went His course, taking in all the hardship, pain and tears. That is your model, nothing else.

My models are Heavenly Father and True Parents. If you want to be an individual, then be that kind of individual. My model does not exist in Hollywood, or in the American government or in the history books. You do not even know who you follow or embody. How do you expect to change the environment of America or even your own household?

Every day you are confused. You think, "Who am I? What am I trying to become?" On a good day God is your model and then the next day when things are sour you choose some millionaire to be your model. You are weak, your model is determined by some outside influence. Get influenced by Heavenly Father and True Parents. Come to grips, have control over your own life. You must know what you are doing and why. You are here to bring an end to the historical suffering of God. We want to be an origin, our settlement lies in the original dwelling of God, not here in this world. That is where we belong, in a living, active relationship with God.

We do not want to live in uncertainty anymore. That is the necessity of a relationship with God, that is what we long for. Do you see that about yourself? Why not? Let it start from here. Be inspired by each other. When you look at True Parents you are inspired so why not be inspired with each other? If you fulfill with True Parents you would feel that, but so far you have not given enough commitment and devotion.

Stand up, take charge, take control over your own life. Subjugate Satan, do not be subjugated by Satan. The most precious thing that we can give to our children is to become the embodiment of true love. The most precious thing is to live for the sake of something greater than yourself, having the heart to embrace others. See everyone as connected to yourself. If a part of you, like your little finger was rotting, would you just let it happen? How about if someone is struggling, have you paid attention? Just as you pay attention to your body, see this family as your heavenly body.

I might be hard on you, but that is because I am trying to help you. When you get sick you call the doctor. Even if you do not like the medicine, you have to take it. Sometimes you even need to get stuck with a big needle.

The one thing, the only thing, the absolute thing to leave our children is to follow the model of Heavenly Father. When people reach a certain age they should have some kind of control over their lives. Feel that from now. You should think,"I understand Father's heart and what he wants to give. I know the content and meaning of True Parents. I am ready and prepared to receive, I am worthy to receive. I know what is right and wrong. I must be a good person because the ideal world is a good world." It is not a co-existence of good and evil. You must know what is good. You are old enough to know. When you know what is right then you have to do it. Do not expect to be dragged around by elders for the rest of your life, that shows you do not believe in responsibility.

Father has raised many members. There are many people who can do a lot. They can come here and speak, they could speak better and with more eloquence than I do.

No matter how hard it is for you, you have to do it. That message has to be drilled in. Someone has to yell at you, that is okay, I will do it. This is for you and for America. You take charge, have a sense of ownership. Think that "This world belongs to me, not Satan! I will make it a better place." What you do matters. As a whole it matters. Every day thousands of cells die in your body, use them for the purpose of good. Your sacrifice will mean something for the whole. It matters!

Say for example that when you go to the bathroom and wash your hands you use a paper towel that costs two cents. One is enough, but you decide you want to use two or three towels. If everyone in America did this, if all 250 million people wasted two towels, how much money would be wasted? Multiply this by the average number of times that you go to the bathroom each day, that adds up to a lot of money. You can see that each persons actions can make a big difference to the whole.

The ideal world is based on family. Think of the world as a family, visualize it this way, as a whole. When you waste one cent there goes 50 million. Think like that. If I waste ten minutes, think of how many hours, or how many days it would be for everyone to do that. Think like that, then everything you do will matter. Have this sense of responsibility. " I have the right to own true love. No other creature has this, but I have it!" Use it!

What if you really wanted a motorcycle. You went out and got a job and saved all your money until finally, you had enough to buy this motorcycle. Would you leave it out in the road to get stolen or forget to take care of it? No, you would sleep with it wouldn't you? You would cherish that thing which you had put so much effort into. You do not have this sense of ownership. There is nothing in creation that can receive what you can receive. Father has forgiven you so do not repeat your failure again.

We have the power to set issues. What is important is who is going to take charge. Are you going to give it to someone else? We need enough people to take charge of all of our institutions. Father needs you to become like that. The first generation must fulfill their responsibility. Until Father passes the baton to the True Children, you must totally unite with True Parents. You must be responsible, that is why I am here. I want to assist and serve True Parents. It is not my time yet, I am still preparing for the day. If you make up your mind to do your responsibility, your lives can become trouble-free and worry-free.

I can forgive you, but it is not easy for me with my character. If you make taking responsibility a trend then all the blessed children can follow. My power is limited, I cannot subjugate your mind, you have to make your own decisions. Our position is crucial to influence the second generation. If your children have to go through what I did they will find it difficult to forgive you. Live for the sake of the whole, this is serious. You belong in the realm of true love, no where else is safe for us. Eternal security, joy and happiness can only be found there.

Have you tried? Lets try again. Take initiative. These are serious times, but also joyful because now we understand. We know who we are, we know our value and we have a sense of our direction. Because we know, now we can give. Even in the smallest way, this can reflect in the whole. It has to start. Have some pride because it is starting from us, no other religion has these concerns.

We must take responsibility for the salvation of mankind, not neglecting them. We can say to other people that even if you do not understand I will take responsibility now, until you can too. I even want to forgive Satan because Jesus on the cross forgave his enemies. That is the real Christian spirit. We have to love the people who deny that, even homosexuals. People from other churches say "If you do not believe what I do, then you will go to hell and burn there forever!" Do not carry on that wrong kind of tradition. Sometimes we did that in the past by not caring for people who would not follow the way we wanted them to. Know how to make love uplift. Bring life into a relationship with God.

When you were little your father might have told you not to do something. Then you did it and he caught you and asked you why. Maybe you said the bogeyman did it. Blaming the bogeyman will not work anymore. We are old enough to understand.

You should know what eternal joy tastes like. Bring life into your relationship with Heavenly Father. Know how to make this eternal relationship work. We go through three stages, so we do not know this eternal true love in the beginning, but we must start to initiate it. When you look at a seed can you see the flower? No, not yet. But you know it will come with time.

Father has spent one quarter of his life preparing this foundation for us. The majority of influence in our lives has come from outside. You have to repent!

Always think big. Think clearly, everything will have focus. Truly love your wife and love your husband.[ He asks the brothers "Do you truly love your wife?"] Why is your answer so weak? Not everyone grew up in an ideal circumstance, but still the potential is there. After you grow to mature love, that full potential can be realized in spirit world. Physical beauty that we could not enjoy in this life because of an accident, or because of no money for good nutrition and health care, do not matter when we see through the eyes of true love. You cannot just say I will raise my child right. First you must prepare yourself to receive a heavenly child. You can think after I receive him I will raise him right.

Responsibility is not automatic. You think blessing is automatic. Anyone who thinks like that is crazy. Do not live with that stupid idea. Prepare yourself to receive a heavenly child. Father has said that many times, but we still have not done that.

Father has created the foundation, it is up to us to bring about the realization of the ideal world. Everything True Parents do is for the sake of the whole. We must build this ideal world. When the foundation is ready, if there is a shortage of people, what are we going to do? Our physical resources and outreach are limited, but once we bring about global mobilization things will change. Be prepared, if you are not prepared, blessing will not come to you. You must set principled conditions to receive. Blessing will go to the ones who can receive it, there must be reciprocation. Love will not exist within you if you cannot give it back. If you are not a representative of true love, do not expect to receive it.

Please set an example to your children . Our model is True Parents. Now we know, that is what True Parents are all about. Our searchings have ended, we know who we are, we know what we have to do.


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