Looking Forward to the Future

Hyo Jin Moon Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY USA February 5, 1989 Unofficial Notes from 6:00 am Speech

Today I would like to talk about the goals of the Unification Church. At some point all of you have felt sorrow and grief. The reason varies between individuals. You have a reason though. If a person you love passes away, you feel your love has departed. There is a separation, therefore you feel sad. If you separate from the things that you value then you feel sad and sorrowful.

Mankind's history is based on sorrow, searching and yearning for something greater and higher. As religious people believing in life after death, we can transcend this. We have spirits, we will dwell in spirit world, where ultimately we will be re-united. As religious people we have these assurances for ultimate unity in the spirit world. Secular people do not have this. They believe that they will never see this person, their loved one again. They feel they have lost something forever. The basis of our sorrow is that our desire to unite with the object of our love will never come about. If anyone in this room feels sorrow, ask yourself why. We have to address this before we look at our goal. How can we pursue a goal if we feel like we are lacking something? We need a substantial foundation to stand on in order to pursue a goal. A goal cannot be based on wishful thinking, you need substantial resources.

As a Unification Church member looking forward at the future, we have to look at ourselves first. Do you still feel you are lacking qualifications? The Principle teaches us about relationship with Heavenly Father. What is your ideal? Is it something other than to unite with Heavenly Father? I do not think so. If that is true then what else is there to make you feel stress or that you lack something?

The individual must come to be worthy to participate as part of the body of the Unification Church. We have to embody the goals that the entire church is pursuing. How should we think? Long for unification. All of us should be totally enraptured in longing for unification, this can be a shield against Satan. Be solidified in this. Satan is the master and king of division and separation. The only way to fight his tactic is to unite. Heavenly Father has tried so hard to unite people with His ideal, but Satan has opposed this and has been fighting against the movement of unification. We must long for unification, reflecting it in our daily lives. As an individual day by day taking care of daily chores, have this thought in your mind at all times.

How do your mind and body unite? This is the first place to focus. If your mind sets a direction, your body must be willing to follow it. You know that fornication and stealing are not right, but what if in the moment, out of hunger your body pushes you to steal some food, something that your mind does not allow? You must suppress this unrighteous feeling. You have to be willing to be subjugated by what is right.

Is unity based on individual initiative and desire? Or on how we can be physically assessed? I do not think so. Unification is based upon love. Love puts emphasis on the whole and every individual. Everyone within the realm of love must participate, it takes everyone's effort. That is living for the sake of something greater than yourself. Everybody must follow this way with no discrimination. It is the only way that we can unite as one. We need this one idea. If your mind has two, three or four ideas your body, your life are lost. An example is if you want to become five or six different things in your lifetime. That is very difficult to do. Can you really become accomplished in those things or would you be like a jack of all trades with no real focus? You have to ask yourself, are all those different things right? Are they all valuable in Heavenly Fathers eyes or only according to my desires and perception? One man alone cannot build the ideal. Realistically, we are faced with uniting the rest of humanity. This is a great task. First of all, how can we unite all religions? In what way can it be done? We must show an example ourselves, show our true character. So we have to know what that is. First, it is the personification of truth. Second, show the true meaning of religion, substantially, with action. We have to teach others what true life means and the right way to approach things. Show these things and embody them, not just once in our lifetime, but continually.

Many people want to become one with God, that is their goal. Buddhists want to become one with Buddha, Muslims want to be one with Allah. They all want to reach Nirvana, the realm of joy and happiness. Religion has guaranteed this, saying that if you unite with God, you will find eternal life, joy and happiness. That is why no matter how hard this life is we can keep going and continue to sacrifice, to become one with this God.

Think about it- how are we going to embrace and absorb Christianity? Giving and sacrificing is their doctrine. They teach living for the sake of others, benevolence and forgiveness, believing that each man has the right to go to Heavenly Father. But humanity is suffering. Christians have tried to live for the sake of a suffering humanity, but today how do Christians perform? Through leaders who are following Christian doctrine? No. Literally all the charity they have comes from you. [Hyo Jin Nim spoke of today's Christian leaders who appear on television asking for donations.] We cannot depend on donations, we have to be willing to do more ourselves. We have to set an example and be willing to go to the extreme to serve mankind. Forget totally the things that you treasure or take pride in. Give yourself totally, then you can absorb Christianity completely, because their doctrine says so!

Be extremely embracing, loving those you hate. Is that easy to do? You must absolutely deny yourself to do that. If you have such a strong hate that it makes you crazy each time you see this person, you have to deny it, erase it, transcend the moment and see him through eyes of love. Look at him with spiritual eyes, it is the only way to overcome bad feelings. There is no easy way out.We cannot base the salvation of the world on television appearances and using the television to ask for money.

Take this task on yourself. Make it "my responsibility". You have to take initiative. You cannot say that you need something else to depend on. You can think that I will build a factory to produce food to feed people if they are hungry. I will educate them if they cannot read. We have to be willing to do that. With that example we can change history. Do not ask for donations. Father never asked for handouts, he did everything himself by his own effort. Through our action we will absorb and digest Christianity. Our ideal must be reflected in our lives. The only way we can save the United States and humanity is to live for something other than yourself. No matter how hard it is, we must be willing to do anything for the sake of God's dispensation and love.

Be willing to unite. Unity is important but depends on who we unite with. Through unity we can absorb even communism. Communists have an ideal of reaching the perfect society. Within this communism everyone will live for the state and all the individuals needs will be provided by the state. There will be no conflict or class struggle. The understanding they lack though is the reality of man having a God given character and inequality. They stress physical equality but that is impossible. Some people are gifted with musical talent, some are more analytical, some can make money easily, people are not the same and their needs will not all be fulfilled in the same ways. Communism stresses external oneness without accepting that people have equality only through their God given traits. In a democracy we see that people put too much emphasis on individuality with no vision of the whole. Both points of view are lacking something.

The point of unity is basing priority and importance on heavens standard of love, embracing all different physical entities. The ideal is determined by God not by you. Communism lacks an understanding of wholeness or ideal quality. This was Satan's problem. Satan as the archangel had a specific place in the Kingdom of Heaven. It was to serve Adam and Eve, but he denied this special quality and position given to him by Heavenly Father. He wants to create a similar structure, a system of order based on himself.

If the ideal is a world based upon parent and family, we can make a religion of a global family. Is relationship based on physically imposing the power of authority? What is the power that fuels relationship within a family? The love of parents, who live for the sake of their children. By living this way parents receive joy. The child feels, I can do whatever my parents say, because they love me. I can trust them, I can follow them because they only want to help me. That is what a family should be- trusting each other. Believe in this idea of a family oriented global system, where leaders truly care about people and take care of the people they are responsible for. If everyone in that religion believes that and lives that, there is unification on a global level.

Look at each other in this way, as a family. Lead as an embodiment of your belief. We cannot be