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Mother's Forty City Tour

Hyo Jin Moon July 7, 1992

Some of you might know that Mother finished the additional 40 city tour. As you know, she had completed 21 city tour, and the additional 40 city tour she just completed, and Father asked four of the True Family members, Ye Jin Nim, my elder sister and In Jin Nim, my wife, we also participated in the rally, Father wanted the four of us to give the main address, so we did.

Ye Jin Nim did 6 cities, In Jin Nim did 7, I did 5 and my wife did 2. So, my personal testimony, since I was attending these rallies, and I was giving the main speech on behalf of Mother at the Women's Peace Federation. It was very unusual for me, but it was very inspiring to see so many people at the rallies, and actually sitting through the whole speech, and this is practically a Divine Principle lecture, I mean, we talked about the Chapter 2, we talk about what has to happen in order for men to redeem themselves, restore themselves to an ideal position, and the only way that it can happen is through true life, true love and true lineage.

And all the rallies were overflowing with people, most of the rallies were like 1,000, 1,500, 2,000 people, some places 4 or 5,000. Over 1,000 people in each rally, practically. Some places where the cities were small, practically half of the women, in that small town showed up, but 500, 600 people, still it was very successful. Everywhere we went, we projected this amount of people to show up, but people were overflowing, even the rallies that we attended, that we were directing, were overflowing with people.

Every rally there were over 1,000 people gathering and more than the amount of seats available, people were coming. So, it was a complete success in terms of the rally itself, but the most important thing, people were really listening, people were feeling the need for the importance of family values, importance of woman taking a role in the society, because practically everybody agrees, men have failed in their responsibility to guide this world into a God-centered direction.

So, all the women that were gathered at the rally were feeling the theme of the rally, which is, since man has failed the responsibility of leading this world toward God's direction, that woman must take control, woman must take charge in restoring the world to a God centered world. And it was truly successful and I was truly moved to participate in it, because everywhere we went, it was such a sincere embrace, I guess there wasn't any hostility and certainly there wasn't any kind of ill feeling or any mistrust in any ways.

People who were attending truly felt Father's accomplishment, and through his accomplishment, they truly felt close to Mother and what the Woman's Federation stands for. So, I really felt welcome. I was very well received, all of us.

Most of the people who attended the rally were women who were holding a certain position in society, some teachers, people associated with woman's movement, a lot of house wives, of course, a lot of people who were active in society, and to a certain degree, they are the leaders of their own town, village. So in that sense, it was truly successful, and even the government, they projected that this rally would not last over 20 days, but it went through over 2 months and this rally is being going on, and everywhere we went, we were packing the places and it was overflowing.

So in that respect, it was a tremendous success, certainly a tremendous signal to the politicians that certainly what Father is doing is legitimate, is being accepted, and what Father is tapping, they must wake up and realize the value of what he has initiated. So it is a tremendous political statement, as well as a social victory. Also it is a very strong religious signal.

One of the main theme within the main address is letting the Christians know their failures, and Father has written in the main address the most important thing to the Christians, the value of sacrifice. Sacrificing even for the sake of the enemy should have been the main Christian value, main religious value within Christianity, and Christians have failed, but in respect to that value, which should have been the main stream Christian value: sacrifice for the sake of other.

After revealing what Christians should have done, Father states that the way this world can be restored is through accepting True Parents and by being engrafted into True Parents' lineage.

Father talks about the importance of true love, Godism, head wing, basically, the importance of Godism which is True Parentism. In that respect, it was a very close and almost intimate pronouncement to Korea that the Messiah is here. So, it's not just a symbolic thing, it's a very intimate thing, and Father, literally, centered on Mother, in a time of transition, time of restoration, this is the end of time, centered on Mother, Parents are going into all different regions of Korea and touching people individually, gathering people in a very crowded auditorium and talking to them very personally.

It's just a tremendous experience, of course, this event is inspiring all the membership, a lot of people are giving testimony that they have now rekindled their fire, the fire which they had in the beginning, that unfortunately got lost, due to I don't know what, but they are giving testimonies that they are feeling the fire, they are really inspired, they are eager to go out and really keep this movement going. It's not just going to just [ ] and just die away, but it's going to continue on.

Mother is scheduled now to go to Japan and do the tour also, and speaking in Japanese, and Mother will give the main address in Japanese. So, there will be another tremendous occasion, so, it's really happening. Of course, the fire has to be also lit in America, too, but I don't know how much you are ready, I don't know whether you are ready or not, so it's up to you, if you want to bring the fire to America, if you want to make something happen in America, all the Americans who are here, then it's up to you, you have to prepare yourself for that day and for that time to come soon.

So, those of you who have been just thinking about "what I can do", well, that's certainly one of the direction, specifically for American woman, that's one direction that you can take in the future, to prepare for this world-wide woman's peace movement to be flourishing all over the world, and why not in America? It's big, but it can be done.

For me it was a great experience partaking in a woman's movement, rally, and before I started, I said: "As a man, being obedient to Mother, I have come to this rally to take on her vision, to be united with her vision and to support her and to assist her, to serve as best as I can, her vision, that's why I'm attending these rallies, so please, bear with me". That's a good thing, Father ultimately wants to develop the woman's movement into a family movement.


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