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No Pain, No Gain

Hyo Jin Moon


Wednesday, January 3rd 1993

Unofficial Notes

Speaks (1hr 30min)

Before I get into my topic I just want to share some of my thoughts about the structure of government in the Ideal World. Some one wrote me and asked me about it.

Ideal Government Structure

This structure will include a Sovereign, President, Prime Minister. The structure of the government would reflect the structure and life within the Ideal Family. The Father is the Sovereign, the Mother the President, the Elder Son the Prime Minister.

The role of True Mother is very important. The first president of this nation, George Washington, is most revered today. The Ideal government would be somewhat of a democracy coupled with Theocracy. This is not the official position of our Church, just something I have thought about.

Now on to the topic. When you are doing something creative, there has to be a form and with the form a system.. Form exists because of a structure that supports your life. The Give and Take of love created your form.

Understand Basic System

Without understanding of the basic system you can not do anything. You can not write music or become an ideal Being. Joy is the byproduct of a particular formula, the formula of love.

When I go into my "Music Writing Mode", I hate everybody. I guess it is similar the feeling pregnant women have. To write music takes my complete intellectual and physical investment. This is necessary to create good music.

I have a tape recorder in my car to catch an inspiration I might receive as I am driving along. If I hear a noise driving by a construction site and it sounds interesting I reproduce it and put it on tape for possible later use.

Lyrics give new definitions to things that already exist. For example the night. The Darkness of night has humility. Darkness revolts because of mistreatment. Evil things are mostly committed in the dark. Take a model of humanity and apply it to the night. Give the night new life.

Forget Yourself

If we want to re-create America it will take more effort and it will be more difficult than writing a song. You have to totally forget yourself to the point were you no longer exist.