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Only True Parents' Way

Hyo Jin Moon January 1, 1987 God's Day Morning Speech World Mission Center

Happy God's Day. Let's think about the Ideal World. In the ideal world we would be absolutely united in the true love of God. We would not have to try to prove ourselves externally to receive God's love. Heavenly Father would relate directly with us, and He would dwell in all relationships among human beings.

If we had established an absolute true love relationship, our lineage would have been Heavenly Father's absolute true love lineage. But because we did not fulfill the original, ideal four position foundation, we have inherited Satan's lineage.

God's ideal can be realized when men and women unite under an absolute standard of true love. In that sense, God's creation is not complete. We are striving to establish God's Kingdom here on earth and later in heaven. Just as our mind and body should be absolutely united centering on true love, so should the physical and spiritual worlds be united. Until then, the conflict we experience as men and women will not be over.

We see clearly that this world is not under God's dominion. The present kind of unity we see in this world is not based on anything eternal. It is not based on a true love standard, but on some other standard. Without a true love standard, how can you start an ideal family, and how can you even begin to think about creating an ideal nation, society, and world? When men and women live for themselves, there is no way that God or mankind can create an ideal world. Only with God can you experience true love and see everyone as part of one family.

Historically, religion has guided us to deny our physical bodies and our individual external needs and live instead according to the needs of Heavenly Father, our Creator. The role of religion was to teach people to live for the sake of others. There have been many great teachers of religions -- the founders of Islam, Buddhism, Confucianism, Judaism, Christianity -- and they all emphasized the truth that we must live for the sake of others to attain a higher standard.

Religion is necessary only until we can establish a nation centered on Heavenly Father's true love. Originally, God never intended religion to exist, because in the ideal world, every man would have a direct relationship with Heavenly Father and would live for the sake of others. The ideal world can only be substantiated when True Parents establish a horizontal axis of absolute true love centered on the vertical axis of Heavenly Father's love. That is the ideal four-position foundation.

There are many countries that are obviously suffering from a lack of technology and external capabilities. The world is becoming overpopulated, especially Red China, which now has one-fourth of the world's population. The Chinese are having a lot of external problems now, and they need help. The Messiah must be able to fulfill all kinds of needs, motivated by true love.

True Parents' Suffering

Basically we are all suffering because God has been and still is suffering. Today is God's Day. Do you know what True Parents had to go through in order to establish this day 20 years ago? God's Day could be created only after the position of parents, children, and all things was restored. This day is the result of True Parents' blood, sweat, and tears. We are celebrating their cross this God's Day. True Parents went this course because they had an absolute standard of true love. For the sake of God's will, they were willing to do anything, even give up their lives.

How many of you like to be persecuted? I don't. Nobody does. All of Father's life, he has experienced struggling and misery -- you can literally see the physical scars on his body. But his heart is unchanging. He still is grateful to Heavenly Father and wants to restore this world back to Him.