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Our Standards

Hyo Jin Moon Belvedere Sunday, October 11th 1992 Unofficial Notes Speaks (2:00 hrs)

What do you want me to talk about, anything in particular? How many people were here two Sundays ago. What did I talk about then? About the human condition, yes, but what am I getting at?

The fulfillment of responsibility and establishing a direct relationship with True Parents. Father has said to us that He had one dream, He yearned to see His Children grow up.

Parents Biggest Influence

What does this mean? There are many different standards in the World. You are influenced and molded by many different factors in life. Those who think that they are not, really are out of touch. The outside people usually have a standard that is centered on money, power or knowledge. Most peoples lives are defined by a financial tradition. They are also influenced by their national, cultural and ethical standards of the nation. However, the biggest influence in a persons life are the parents. When I see children, I can understand the perspectives and standards of their Parents.

But what about True Father? What does it mean from Father's perspective to have a yearning to see His children grow up. Does Father want me to grow up to make a lot of money, or get a great education and gain a powerful position? No! My life and being is defined in relationship to True Parents. True Parents expectations for me are the same as God's.

He wants me to grow up to be a mature and responsible person. This is the content of Divine Principle, Chapter One. Father would want me to perpetuate the perspectives, traditions and values that He has set in His life.

True Parents have certain perspectives, traditions and values. What is it? Do you know? It is the True Love perspective and the Divine Principle standard. The perspective guides the standard. Sometimes the things that Father does look a little strange to us, but Father does things only for the sake of True Love.

It is important to have the right perspective and standard. We Unification Members believe in an absolute and infinite standard. We believe that all can attain it. Thus we must look at everyone with a True Love perspective.

Equal Object

God needs an object on an equal level to be able to fulfill His ideal. Can you establish an equal relationship with and ant? How about a dog? A dog is better because you can train him. You can't train an ant to roll over. Dogs are called man's best friends, not ants.

How many here are blessed? How many would rather establish a deep relationship with a dog rather then your spouse? Be honest now! Satisfaction and fulfillment can only come if you have an object that is on an equal level with you. Man has unlimited potential and he can achieve anything. Mozart was considered a crazy guy by his contemporaries. His music was too far out at that time but now people love his music.

Be Like True Parents