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Our Strength Lies in Our Differences

Hyo Jin Moon

January 1, 1993

World Mission Center, Grand Ballroom

This is a short excerpt from the God's Day speech given on Jan. 1, 1993 in the Grand Ballroom of the World Mission Center in New York City.

I really take the preface of the Principle deeply to heart. It says that Father gave us the homework to unite science and religion, the external world and the internal world. That homework is the greatest challenge that I have facing me in my future course.

The reason I am stressing this point is that I believe the way in which we can truly unite the world is to transcend all the dogmatic doctrines and concepts and really embrace all the scientific knowledge being revealed about the nature of creation itself; all those principles which are being revealed through scientific endeavors. I feel that our key to being victorious in America lies in uniting the understanding of science with the essence of religion. That will be the way to bring about solutions and change all the conflict, suffering and struggle that exists in the world in general.

Scientists say that for every element that exists, there is something which is opposite, sort of an anti-element, or anti-material, anti-proton, anti-electron. There is the reality of anti-matter. I really try to think about these things. Based on these three relationships, duality exists. The complete opposites exist. When you look at the essence of our own self, you can reflect on the way the physical world exists.

Of course, scientific understanding is developing and they are learning more and more about the nature of the creation. However, based on the knowledge that we already have, it is clear that even among those materials which are tangible, things we can see and touch, the mirror-like image exists in the opposite reality within the domain which is intangible. Just as we physically exist and we don't see our spiritual self, we believe, we know that there is a spirit. It is intangible. We can't touch it. We don't see it, but we know it exists. We don't see anti-matter, we can't really tangibly recognize or pin down its existence; however, we know it exists. The manner in which all these elements exist is based on a foundation of trinity.

Spirit begins

I don't know if I'm making sense here. Father said something very interesting. Somebody asked him, "When does our spirit begin?" and Father answered, "Our spirit begins as soon as you are born, as soon as you are brought into this world." Based on this understanding, we can see that the most important stage for reaching our perfection, as we know, is in the realm of the physical world.

The growth stage is the most important stage and Principle always stresses this. The growth stage is where the Fall occurred. This is the stage where our intellect comes into play. It is only through our intellect that we can create things. Period. Without our intellect, we would have no way to create our true self. It is our responsibility to use our intellect correctly, centering on Heavenly Father, and to perfect ourselves and become God-like beings and God-like objects. We must become like the Father.

How can you achieve godliness if you don't have the power to use your intellect to bring about ideal results? Based on our own self, you must bring about an ideal creative result. The importance of intellect is so great. You must have dominion over your intellect in order to truly utilize all the assets you possess in this world to really become a godly being.