The Words of True Parents on the Occasion of the 233rd Anniversary of the Independence of the United States of America (July 7th 2009)

We have left the Era Before the Corning of Heaven and have entered the Era After the Corning of Heaven and the era of the unity of Cain and Abel. We are formulating a new history as we enter this important era. These words relate to a worldwide 100-day movement centering on the Bunbongwang, the 50th Wedding Anniversary, the 55th anniversary of the founding of HSA-UWC, and 110 years, and the publication of my autobiography.

The World Changes in One Second

Even though the era has changed, the environment in which you live does not change. Just as we cannot discern the precise moment when day becomes night, and we cannot discern the precise moment when the seasons change from spring to summer, so we cannot identify the precise moment when one day ends and the next day begins. Time continues on as though it were still the same day, even though in actuality there has been a transition to a new day. The same is true with history. We did not recognize the precise second when the Era Before the Corning of Heaven ended and the Era After the Corning of Heaven began.

People tend to believe out of habit that time continues along the same line from yesterday, today and tomorrow. But look at history: when a new age arrives, what happens to the old values that people may have held for tens of thousands of years? No one realizes it at the time, but a way of life that had persisted for tens of thousands of years can change in a single second.

People do not recognize when there is a transition from one age to another. It is the same for transitions in the life of an individual and for transitions in the family. For example, there is a time for parents to be focused on raising sons and daughters and a time for them to be focused on serving the ancestors. There is a time when the grandfather has the role of parents and a time when he stands as a king. There is a time when parents are working things out as husband and wife, and a time when sons and daughters are going through the transition to becoming husbands and wives themselves.

The Era Before the Corning of Heaven can be compared to a person exhaling, while the Era After the Corning of Heaven is like a person inhaling. The Era Before the Corning of Heaven can be compared to shutting one's eyes, while the Era After the Corning of Heaven is like opening one's eyes again.

People are not aware of when they blink their eyes. Except when you consciously blink your eyes repeatedly, are you aware of when they blink? Do you think about your breathing in and out? The map shows a division between East and West. There is the Tropic of Cancer at 23 degrees north latitude and the Tropic of Capricorn at 23 degrees south. Yet people do not realize that South and North, and East and West, are separated because things are opposite of what they should be. It is important to know this.

That single second when things changed from the Era Before the Corning of Heaven to the Era After the Corning of Heaven was the same as any other second, but it marked a change in the entire cosmos.

Ladies and Gentlemen, there has not been a word like "Won-gu." [Round ball; sphere] The "Won-gu Peace Cup." I don't think you realize that as a result of this tournament called Won-gu Peace Cup, the universe has changed. Are you aware of what the Won-gu Peace Cup Cain-Abel Cosmic Competition has brought to heaven and earth?

Do you understand that at the Fall heaven and earth became one and separated from God? Do you understand that the Fall occurred when heaven and earth became one? When a man and a woman love each other, what change occurs in the sexual organs of the man and the woman as a result of their sexual act? They may appear the same, but they become different. Thus, it is important to understand that at the split-second of the Fall, we changed.

We live our lives without realizing that the world can change in a single second. Yet in that single second of the Fall, all heaven and earth plummeted from the level of the New Testament... to what? In the space of a single second the individual being of absolute faith, the individual being of absolute love, and the individual being of absolute obedience all become separated.

Today the world is divided between those who use the lunar calendar and those who use the solar calendar. There is division between the East and the West. Yet their first ancestor was just one. So how did this first ancestor have descendants who became divided between West and East? How did all the separate countries come about? How did people come to be divided into high and low? How did siblings come to be divided against each other? This is the question.

The Owner of Peace

God, acting from the core of the fundamental motive of creation, sought to create a partner with whom He could relate. But what happened? The Fall occurred. God sought to have unified lineage as the foundation of a true family, but this was not realized and the family disappeared. Are American families really families?

The origin of life is the father and mother, who are each separate instantiations of God's dual characteristics. By what power do they then become one? We are born because of love; we were nursed and raised with love. So our purpose must also be for the sake of love. A man by himself cannot be an object partner of love. That is why women are necessary.

Rev. Moon is promoting a philosophy of peace. A philosophy of peace. I am the owner of peace. The owner of lineage.

What are the love of Alpha, love of Omega, and the love of the process? You think that to find this love you have to be large, but there isn't a principle that allows you to find love by becoming larger. Even though two people love each other, if each is trying to become larger, then they will grow more distant. The more distant they become, the less there is of the things that can fill up the circular place in the middle. If the two people continue in this way, they will inevitably separate.

It only takes a crack for air to get in. It only takes a crack for water to get in. It only takes a crack for sunlight to get in. If there weren't an opening, you would have no way to breathe. It is because living things let them in that air, water and sunlight can be the basic elements of life. If even one of them is missing - if water is missing, for example - life ceases to exist If sunlight is missing, life ceases to exist Are you confident that you will not cease to exist?

How amazing are the words "One Family under God"! In "One Family Under God," we see God's lifeline, God's air line, and God's sunlight. The roots of God, the Alpha and Omega, are deeply embedded there. Only when we analyze it this way can we say, "Wow!" We then will come alive to find our ideal par