The Words of True Parents on the Occasion of the 233rd Anniversary of the Independence of the United States of America (July 7th 2009)

We have left the Era Before the Corning of Heaven and have entered the Era After the Corning of Heaven and the era of the unity of Cain and Abel. We are formulating a new history as we enter this important era. These words relate to a worldwide 100-day movement centering on the Bunbongwang, the 50th Wedding Anniversary, the 55th anniversary of the founding of HSA-UWC, and 110 years, and the publication of my autobiography.

The World Changes in One Second

Even though the era has changed, the environment in which you live does not change. Just as we cannot discern the precise moment when day becomes night, and we cannot discern the precise moment when the seasons change from spring to summer, so we cannot identify the precise moment when one day ends and the next day begins. Time continues on as though it were still the same day, even though in actuality there has been a transition to a new day. The same is true with history. We did not recognize the precise second when the Era Before the Corning of Heaven ended and the Era After the Corning of Heaven began.

People tend to believe out of habit that time continues along the same line from yesterday, today and tomorrow. But look at history: when a new age arrives, what happens to the old values that people may have held for tens of thousands of years? No one realizes it at the time, but a way of life that had persisted for tens of thousands of years can change in a single second.

People do not recognize when there is a transition from one age to another. It is the same for transitions in the life of an individual and for transitions in the family. For example, there is a time for parents to be focused on raising sons and daughters and a time for them to be focused on serving the ancestors. There is a time when the grandfather has the role of parents and a time when he stands as a king. There is a time when parents are working things out as husband and wife, and a time when sons and daughters are going through the transition to becoming husbands and wives themselves.

The Era Before the Corning of Heaven can be compared to a person exhaling, while the Era After the Corning of Heaven is like a person inhaling. The Era Before the Corning of Heaven can be compared to shutting one's eyes, while the Era After the Corning of Heaven is like opening one's eyes again.

People are not aware of when they blink their eyes. Except when you consciously blink your eyes repeatedly, are you aware of when they blink? Do you think about your breathing in and out? The map shows a division between East and West. There is the Tropic of Cancer at 23 degrees north latitude and the Tropic of Capricorn at 23 degrees south. Yet people do not realize that South and North, and East and West, are separated because things are opposite of what they should be. It is important to know this.

That single second when things changed from the Era Before the Corning of Heaven to the Era After the Corning of Heaven was the same as any other second, but it marked a change in the entire cosmos.

Ladies and Gentlemen, there has not been a word like "Won-gu." [Round ball; sphere] The "Won-gu Peace Cup." I don't think you realize that as a result of this tournament called Won-gu Peace Cup, the universe has changed. Are you aware of what the Won-gu Peace Cup Cain-Abel Cosmic Competition has brought to heaven and earth?

Do you understand that at the Fall heaven and earth became one and separated from God? Do you understand that the Fall occurred when heaven and earth became one? When a man and a woman love each other, what change occurs in the sexual organs of the man and the woman as a result of their sexual act? They may appear the same, but they become different. Thus, it is important to understand that at the split-second of the Fall, we changed.

We live our lives without realizing that the world can change in a single second. Yet in that single second of the Fall, all heaven and earth plummeted from the level of the New Testament... to what? In the space of a single second the individual being of absolute faith, the individual being of absolute love, and the individual being of absolute obedience all become separated.

Today the world is divided between those who use the lunar calendar and those who use the solar calendar. There is division between the East and the West. Yet their first ancestor was just one. So how did this first ancestor have descendants who became divided between West and East? How did all the separate countries come about? How did people come to be divided into high and low? How did siblings come to be divided against each other? This is the question.

The Owner of Peace

God, acting from the core of the fundamental motive of creation, sought to create a partner with whom He could relate. But what happened? The Fall occurred. God sought to have unified lineage as the foundation of a true family, but this was not realized and the family disappeared. Are American families really families?

The origin of life is the father and mother, who are each separate instantiations of God's dual characteristics. By what power do they then become one? We are born because of love; we were nursed and raised with love. So our purpose must also be for the sake of love. A man by himself cannot be an object partner of love. That is why women are necessary.

Rev. Moon is promoting a philosophy of peace. A philosophy of peace. I am the owner of peace. The owner of lineage.

What are the love of Alpha, love of Omega, and the love of the process? You think that to find this love you have to be large, but there isn't a principle that allows you to find love by becoming larger. Even though two people love each other, if each is trying to become larger, then they will grow more distant. The more distant they become, the less there is of the things that can fill up the circular place in the middle. If the two people continue in this way, they will inevitably separate.

It only takes a crack for air to get in. It only takes a crack for water to get in. It only takes a crack for sunlight to get in. If there weren't an opening, you would have no way to breathe. It is because living things let them in that air, water and sunlight can be the basic elements of life. If even one of them is missing - if water is missing, for example - life ceases to exist If sunlight is missing, life ceases to exist Are you confident that you will not cease to exist?

How amazing are the words "One Family under God"! In "One Family Under God," we see God's lifeline, God's air line, and God's sunlight. The roots of God, the Alpha and Omega, are deeply embedded there. Only when we analyze it this way can we say, "Wow!" We then will come alive to find our ideal partner of love. There cannot be a unified Heaven unless we each establish an ideal partner for whom we would not mind to cease to exist, absolutely.

The Real "Peace Cup"

So are you ready to offer your lives? There are West Point cadets here, and I think you have been taught that you should be ready to die for your country. The traditional philosophy of West Point was that a person must be ready to save their country even at the sacrifice of himself, his love, his family and clan. But where is that traditional philosophy of West Point today? Where is the traditional philosophy that made America great? Is it individualism?

The world of individualism will not survive. Not only is individualism doomed, but so are family-ism, nationalism, state-ism, and even world-ism. Even a philosophy that encompasses the world will fall short; the only sure way to survival is the way that transcends the world, which is cosmos-ism. "Cosmos" encompasses every nation.

What is the "ism" of all nations in the cosmos? It is the philosophy of the Peace Cup. This is so vast; it is larger than the cosmos. What is the core of the Peace Cup philosophy? You didn't know that it is the concave and convex parts of man and woman, that is, their sexual organs.

The concave and convex parts that convey the lineage of the parents are so precious! They are the concave and convex parts of God Himself. Hence, they are capable of becoming infinitely large or infinitely small.

Chicago and Its Destiny

Ladies and Gentlemen, what kind of city is Chicago? While others may fight, the people of Chicago work diligently and shed sweat. They tend to their cattle and farms, and they feed the people of the east coast and the west coast. It's important to know this. At the same time, Chicago was the main origin of the mafia and is where many sins originated. In Korean, the word "Chicago" sounds like an expression that means, You worked diligently and completed all the work, but you need to continue working diligently and establish everything.

Chicago feeds the East and West coasts and sustains them. Yet what happened? Rice is cheap, and the price of fish is controlled by the government and does not rise, so food is not hard to afford. One would expect that if the consumers on the East and West coasts live well, then the farmers in the central area should be able to live even better than they, but instead Chicago has become poor and it is left guarding the outhouse that smells like feces. Will they sit still for this? I have to take control of the East and West coasts, where people live well, and of the Eastern and Western worlds, the worlds of the white people and of the yellow people.

When the people who live in Chicago gained power, they took the food and everything else they produced and exported it. They sold it to the Soviet Union and to China. Now, however, because they taught everything to the farmers of Russia and China, what does America do with the rice and meat that it used to sell to nations around the world? They won't buy it any more.

Places like Brazil and Argentina produce their own meat, so what do they need of meat from Chicago? The people of South America won't buy it for fear of mad cow disease. Recently, there's the H1N1 virus, threatening an epidemic that no amount of money can avert. The so-called swine flu virus mutates and creates more viruses. If a more virulent virus were to appear and spread through the air, humanity could be destroyed in a short time. If the virus were to spread throughout the earth's atmosphere, everyone would die overnight.

A Textbook to Teach Everything

The sea has such capability; that is why the sea is important. The sea is able to process and digest not only sewage and other stuff that pours into it, but also an entire country. Therefore, the Pacific Rim era is the era of refuge.

When it was time for the people of Israel to return to the land of Canaan, God gave Moses His special order, "Now, go back to the land of your ancestors! Go back to your hometown, to Jerusalem!" Had Moses been able to enter Canaan, he was then supposed to gather the 31 kings and chieftains of that area and instruct them about following the Law centering on the Ark of the Covenant. They were to understand clearly that if even one person violated the Law, the whole country would be fundamentally ruined. After the whole nation, including each individual comprising it, had returned the homeland, each individual's mistake would mean a failure of the whole nation.

God gave Moses a family-type standard: the deeds of a father and a mother would determine the rise or fall of the whole nation. As fathers and mothers of their tribes, all the thirty-one kings of the land were supposed to display proper etiquette and make tens of thousands of bows in front of the Ark of the Covenant as it passed by, all the while repenting of their past sins. Nobody could pass the judgment without exhibiting such standard. Any group of people that would not submit itself because of pride and ambition would be excluded. If one person failed to submit, his clan and the nation to which he belonged would be expelled.

Look at the Second World War. It was a confrontation between England, America, and France on one side, and Japan, Germany, and Italy on the other. England is the mother-country and America is her child, isn't she? What is France, then? It is a furnace that holds seeds of fire ready to burst at any moment. France is a country ready to burst with fire. Japan and Asia were to become a central region based on the three nations of England, America, and France, subjugating the three nations of Japan, Germany, and Italy. They represented the three generations of the whole world - formation, growth, and completion. This was to prepare for the settlement of the era of the Fourth Adam, which comes on the foundation of the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Completed Testament Ages. Did you know this? Of course you did not!

Precisely because you were not aware of these things, I made a textbook that teaches everything. Those of you who are parents should buy this book for each of your children. If you have twelve sons, you should buy twelve copies of the book and educate your children to achieve the unity of the number thirteen, counting you, as parents, in the center. Have absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience! Based on the content of this textbook, your sons and daughters will become one and never separate from God.

Twelve sons represent twelve branches and form the number thirteen when you include Jesus. Jesus needed twelve disciples come before he could form the number thirteen. But because the number thirteen was not established, the twelve sons sold and denied their father. Did they not kill him?

The sinful lineage that was left behind and that destroyed the universe can be traced back in history to Arctic hunters. Since there is not much food in the Arctic, Cain occupied the plains and the land along the rivers. Originally, citizens of the Heavenly Kingdom were supposed to arrive; however, this did not happen. Instead, the land was taken by hunters. To cope with a hard life, they made guns. Hunters are thieves. Hunters like to see blood spilled.

If four people start out on a hunting expedition in the fall, only one will return in the spring. Why? Each of the men knows some good spots to catch animals such as tigers or wolves, so together they traverse peaks and valleys in the mountain forests to make their kill. At some point, they decide among the four, "This fellow is weak and won't make it. Let's kill him and take his share!" One person would be killed in December, one in January, and one in March. In the end, the last person remaining would take everything for himself. He would have all the prey that the four of them had hunted down since they started the previous fall.

When the hunters return, they have no friends, no sons and daughters, and no relatives to share the proceeds after they sell their booty. They are alone with no siblings, no father and son, and no other relatives. If they were lucky enough to catch a lion, they might need to return early. Since they arrive back by spring, they could plow the land and plant crops, but can hunters do farming? So instead they wander off to seek higher mountains, higher domains, and higher fishing places. A fishing place has no owner. Even if people are judged for killing animals, what harm is there in catching fish at a fishing place?

Do you know that Sweden and Norway were pirate bases? If countries could come together on a hunting trip, there would ultimately remain only one country. So, white people studied firearms and invented the machine gun.

With the Start of an Absolute Family

Did you know that the machine gun was invented by Czechoslovakia? The scientific civilization of Europe started in Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia is in fact two countries. It is the country of Cain and Abel. They created the machine gun, a most powerful weapon. Since this is a hunter technology that the men of Czechoslovakia used to kill and to defend themselves. When they caught a bear, they would use it to fight over the prey.

Who will do the hunting? The job will be delegated to dogs. People raise hound dogs that chase wolves, tigers, and lions by scent. Hunters can tell the animal by looking at their tracks in the snow, but dogs can determine whether it is a bear or a lion by the scent. On a plain, a trained hound dog can tell whether the scent belongs to a tiger or a lion. In the arctic area, however, the scent is weak, so the hunter has to look at the tracks in the snow. Dogs cannot deal with footprints, but in warmer climates a hound dog can tell the difference between different animal species by scent.

The sea beasts include alligators and anacondas. An anaconda snake can devour even a lion, a tiger, or a wolf. The snake's head stays immobile while it moves its tail and catches the prey in an instant. Since Heaven knows that the anaconda has no rivals in the water, it chose to judge the world centered on the sea. This is not a superficial statement. How does Rev. Moon know? Heaven taught me this.

When the world talks about Rev. Moon, they think that since everybody else is fallen, Rev. Moon also belongs to the fallen lineage. This is a mistake. Since Eve committed her mistake, she bore Adam's blood lineage in her bosom and raised offspring. Adam can recreate himself.

The Most Blessed Region in New York

That is why when God passed His judgment, He did so leaving out the sea. When you think about it from this perspective, what is the beginning and the end that can be concluded by Rev. Moon? Even in the case of the eyes, the right eye is Abel and the left eye sees well because the left side has inherited the blood of Satan. In US many left-handed people can be found. There are a lot of left-handed white people. Why is this the case? They were hunters and so carried guns on their shoulders, for which reason they did not use the other shoulder. When they slept, they slept on their left arms, and did their work centering on their left hands. They are left-handed. Why? Because they are the descendants of hunters. You cannot deny this.

I came to East Garden, in New York, and what is the name of the bridge here? It is the Tappan Zee Bridge, and it means to be very big. The Pacific Ocean, the great sea is Tappan Zee, and it is the bridge of the earth! Not just anyone can cross the Washington Bridge that connects the east and the west, but anyone regardless of social status can cross the Tappan Zee Bridge. Isn't this the mainstream path centered on the planet Earth? There is East Garden there. Famous poets and writers live in that area. The Rockefeller family, too. They are all around there.

The most blessed region in New York is the East Garden region. This region has a lake and a fishing spot.

And it is only this land and no other in the New York region that can breed deer and everything else. It is a fountain site. Also, Bear Mountain signifies that bears lived there and that it is the central mountain in Eastern USA.

So why did Rev. Moon come here and make a central headquarters for fishing? In New York you can catch striped bass even in winter. It is only in New York that you can catch fish in all seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Because it is New York, it is easy to catch fish because they are plentiful. Even if the planet Earth broke apart, New York would remain. It is a shelter. It is a place for the long-living trees, the zelkova trees(ケヤキ) of New York. Of all the trees, it is only the zelkova tree that has the greatest number of seeds.

I am also the person who captured the main land where Columbia University is situated. My sons and daughters went to Columbia University. They studied there and later at Harvard University. When all of them have graduated, twelve of my family, including my sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters, would have graduated from Harvard. Where could you find such a family where so many in three generations have done so? Could you find such a family among the whites? Do not be proud of your white heads.

Next, where is the best university in New York? [It is Princeton.] Centering on these three universities, the eight great universities give that three times eight is twenty-four (3x8=24), and the three universities are recognized as having the same value as the eight. Centering on the eight Ivy League universities, it is three times eight is twenty-four (3x8=24). 24 universities will move the US.

Everyone is turning into egoistic individualists. They must all return to idealism centered on God. God is the benign King. Satan, as the evil dictatorial king, is destroying the world, but the benign dictatorial King of the Heavenly Kingdom should protect and nurture the kingship of the three generations.

Through True Parents, We Are Connected by One Lineage

Now there is nothing I cannot do if I put my mind to it. It is all over. Under the banner of the Abel UN, we will establish the one true and ideal family, the family that can be united as one. There are more than 6000 languages in the world. And it is only the Korean language that can integrate all the different languages into one. Even English cannot be used as it is on the computer without making a new language. Ga Na Da Ra Ma Ba Sa Aa Ja Cha Ka Ta Pa Ha (The Korean alphabet: 가 나 다 라 마 바 사 아 자 차 카 타 파 하)! This language can write whichever language in the world backwards or in the correct order, in whichever direction. It is the language that can act as the owner, and it is the Korean people who own such a language. This language was made based on speech and communication.

What are the eastern barbarians? They are the champions of wars of the eastern country, and are also good archers. They win in wars because they are smart. They use tens of thousands of strategies and always win. The nation of Goguryo endured for a thousand years. It became a kingdom a thousand years ago. Goguryo has not died out yet and is trying to come to fruition in Korea, but China is causing trouble.

They say, "World peace refers to China and the Soviet Union" but even if the nations of Soviet Union and China are in existence, they cannot unite the religious realm into one, and therefore China and the Soviet Union need to become one and act in concert with each other to serve the religious realm. I told Gorbachev about these things and said to him, "Once I get you to serve God and the religious realm, the kingdom of the unified universe will come to be in Moscow."

However, it did not come to be in Moscow, Beijing or New York. New York and the Washington region did not serve their purposes. Everything was lost. Where would it be then? We can draw the conclusion that the only place that now remains for the kingship centered on God, the place that is to be the fatherland of God and the homeland of God, is none other than Jeong Ju in Northern Pyeongahn Province, the hometown of Rev. Moon. That is the land of True Parents.

Through True Parents, the True God, the True Ancestors, the True Race, the True Nation and the True World can come to be; in short, the unified universe can be linked by one bloodline. Such work needs to be done rationally and not forcefully. If one knew the value of the Blessing, one could not but follow it and vote for it.

If the UN does not listen to me, I'll say, "So keep on fighting amongst yourselves!" It is the lowest horizontal level. What is horizontal is the Pacific Ocean. And when the Pacific Ocean is completely filled up, the only island that will remain above water is the Hawaiian island. Do you know which mountain can be found there? The highest astronomical observatory on the planet.

In terms of the history of the mountain, it is the highest place when measured from the very bottom of the ocean. The mountain there is said to be 4300 meters in height. But when you measure from under the ocean, it is the highest. Underwater, it is over 10,000 meters in height, so it is 14,300 meters in height overall. Mt. Everest in the Himalayas is only 8850 meters, isn't it? The mountain that has its root in the bottommost part of the planet Earth is Mount Kei in Kona, Hawaii. It is the best corner in the world, the farthest place.

I went there and made the Hawaii King Garden and Hawaii Queen Garden. The highest and best corner in the planet Earth is Kona, and the coffee of Kona! The best product of Kona is its coffee. We have a coffee farm there, which produces beans of the highest quality.

It has been already 40 years since Rev. Moon made a guard post and made communications from Hawaii. I also offered devotions there before I went to North Korea. Before I went to North Korea and held a dialogue with Kim II Sung, I first went to Hawaii and offered devotions and wrote my speech there.

Gorbachev of the Soviet Union can be interpreted as "to narrow evenly." Since I am the only one left, and I am the only one who can make narrow or widen the world, all should listen to me. Because he listened to me and allowed religion in the Soviet Union, it could be liberated. The fight between the Christian cultural realm of the Western Europe and the Christian cultural realm in the Eastern Europe was the Second World War. It was a fight between brothers. Soviet Union is the first son and Europe is the second son, and the third son is the cultural realm of the unified world. The flow of history and everything in it corresponds exactly to the truth both inside and out.

The Emergence of a Unified Encyclopedia

As a living encyclopedia, I use words that are not in an encyclopedia. Two-thirds of the words I use are not in the encyclopedia. Therefore, I have already made a unified encyclopedia. It just needs to be recorded. It is already made. Therefore, the creation in the cultural world cannot become one without the emergence of a unified encyclopedia. If there are two, then there are two encyclopedias; if there are three, there are three encyclopedias; and if there are four, there are four encyclopedias. And so there are four, including the communist encyclopedia, the Soviet Union encyclopedia, the USA encyclopedia and the Indian encyclopedia.

In making an encyclopedia, in Korea the English language that connects it to the US has already come in, as have the Russian language and the Chinese language. That is also true for North Korea. North Korea is staying between the two, the Soviet Union and China, and sucking their blood. Kim II Sung inherited everything of communism, both physically and spiritually, and prepared the foundation on which to approach the democratic world.

They have reached the third generation, right? First Kim II Sung, next Kim Jung II, and who's next? [It is Kim Jung Woon.] At the time I performed the coronation ceremony in Korea, Kim Jung II announced that he would pass on his position to his heir. It is Kim Jung Woon, and the Chinese character for Woon (雲) stands for cloud.

I have cleared up everything so that they cannot dispute me in any way. I make them say, "We have lost. We have lost in the Old Testament Age of the formation stage and the religious realm in the growth stage." Though the communists deny the existence of the spiritual world, the communist ancestors in the spiritual world have come and testified to the fact that the spiritual world is united. How, then, could the communists hold on to the religious realm of the democratic world and act as their king?

Raise your hands if you are children born to Unification Church members. They have taken part with their fathers and their mothers. You are the ones who represent the connection of the blood and flesh of your fathers and mothers in the boiling concave vessel of the same love. It is not your mothers or your fathers.

You need to know it is a tradition inheriting the bloodline of God. The people who are kings, and next the democracy of the US and other isms and so forth have all been broken down. Centering on the second generation, the parents, grandfathers and the kingships are being educated with this book in the Hoon Dok Hwe sessions of the blessed families.