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Recommit to the vows made to True Parents

Hyo Jin Moon February 11, 1989 True Parents' Birthday World Mission Center

Today is a day of recommitting myself to the vows that I made to the True Parents. When you have a child of your own, every interaction with that child is precious and immeasurable. Every moment with your child is always fresh and of such overwhelming intensity. For us to truly rejoice on this day, we must come before True Parents as their true children. We must be grateful for that bonding relationship and the experience of true love that transcends anything man has created. We must understand that the realization of True Parents depends on our ability to become their true children, and that without having True Parents, we can never be true children. As children of these same Parents, we must have a sense of absolute unity. That is the essence of the ideal family.

How many of you come from small towns? Which do you like better: the city or the small town? Many people come to the city because they feel that there's more opportunity to find a better job or to meet people. Basically they leave their small town because they're not satisfied with its lifestyle and social structure. By moving to the big city, they find a multiplicity of social patterns and ethnic backgrounds, providing them with a better chance of choosing the kind of social structure or group they desire.

Why did you come? Most of you who came from small towns obviously liked an atmosphere of more family-oriented closeness than the big city offers. The reason you are in the Unification Church is that you like our kind of lifestyle. It's very important for you to share yourself with others. But many people who leave small towns are confused about their focus in life. Their value does not lie in those kinds of loving relationships, but somewhere else.

The diverse opportunities that exist in large cities make it so difficult to unite people. This kind of pluralistic social structure causes the existence of pluralistic values and ideologies. People belonging to such a society feel they are free to do whatever they want. But people tend to abuse this kind of freedom, creating an absence of the criterion of right and wrong. Only if there are people willing to commit themselves to a purpose greater than themselves can unity occur. If such a purpose becomes an underlying standard, a family spirit will be created.

Are You Living for Others?

What is a true relationship? Often within a relationship when something goes wrong, I hear people say, "You don't love me, but only your concept of what I should become. You're not embracing the kind of Mate qualities I possess." When you stress only your own point of view, you tend to be confronted with such a feeling. If you live only to satisfy your own personal interests, it is very difficult to have true relationships. We cannot avoid living with other people. How can you simply disregard the fact that there are millions of people in this world and put total emphasis on your existence? Such people could only have hypocritical relationships. They would only pretend to care about others -- knowing that their only real concern is their own self-interest. That's exactly what this world is -- a pretentious society! We say that we care for humanity but our daily lives have nothing to do with living for that purpose. Often, we're only trying to make ends meet for ourselves.

Let's say you are walking on a tightrope and you are scared because it's really life-threatening: "If I fall down, I'll die!" You fear it, because you know this is not where you belong. Men are not made to walk on a tightrope, but to walk on the ground. As a fallen man, you desire to go back to the original because that's where you feel safe, that's where you belong. But sometimes only when you are in a life threatening situation, do you really wish for the original world.

As members of the Unification Church, what is our one unifying theme? We want the kind of world where there is no evil, where there is peace, love, and trust; a world where we can go anywhere without fear of losing our life. We want a world where we can look at everybody and believe everyone loves and cares for us as much as we love and care for them.

A True Family System