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Remarks after Hyun Jin Moon's sermon

Hyo Jin Moon May 8, 1988 Belvedere

[Speaking in tears]

Hyun Jin's talk today was very special. This is the first time he has stood here representing Father. I know my brother, and he's not a man who boasts. He sincerely gave every bit of himself today.

Whenever you listen to my brothers and sisters or anyone who is representing True Parents, you have to bring an open heart. I truly thank you for trying your best to unite with our family. My brothers and sisters and I want to totally unite with our True Parents and with you Unification Church members. I'm grateful to Heavenly Father and to my parents for letting us have this foundation to unite with each other.

The world would be a very unhappy place if everything were measured or understood only with our physical senses. We have to live in the ideal way, giving ourselves 100 percent for the sake of the whole. That is the right attitude of the Unification Church member; that is the right attitude of the ideal man and woman.

Offer the Best of Yourself to Heavenly Father

I feel that these days, in order to lead and affect other people, we have to really grow out of being dependent. Young people by nature want to be independent. It is actually this God-given characteristic that drives young people to accomplish great things and ultimately to become an ideal man, because every person has an individual responsibility to become one with Heavenly Father. We have to use our abilities and be creative and offer the best of ourselves to Heavenly Father. Only in this way can Unification Church members find true fulfillment.

Many young people are ruined by pursuing happiness based on power and wealth. But these external things can never give anyone deep inner contentment. The Messiah is not coming here to fulfill your responsibility for you.

Many Christians believe in just receiving Jesus and proclaiming him as their savior, but the only way you can be truly saved is to personally live the word of God. The fact that Father taught you that is the greatest blessing. Until each human being becomes responsible and unites with Heavenly Father, and until Satan fulfills the ideal servant role to Heavenly Father, creation is not finished. We must motivate ourselves and others to bring this result to Heavenly Father. Be grateful for what you can do and what you are.

I'm concerned about you; Father's concerned about you; all our family is concerned about you. As long as you need us, we'll be there for you. That's a promise! Have courage and do your best. You can do better than me. You can be just like Father. You can speak the word of Father more eloquently to the people around you than I can. You can take initiative every day and make progress by yourself by giving something to Heavenly Father.

This is a family, and we have to create a family unity, originating from True Parents and their family, then spreading to include you, and then the whole rest of the world.

Thank you all very much for coming. I'll say a prayer.


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