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Hyo Jin Moon August 30, 1988 Welcoming Ceremony of the Fifth CARP Convention of World Students

This is my first time in Thailand and my second visit to a Southeast Asian country. This part of the world is predominantly Buddhist, and I feel that your country has a very big role to play in Heavenly Father's dispensation. We have to bring the fulfillment of Heavenly Father's will to every part of this world. It has to start everywhere and be expanded to the global spectrum. Therefore, this is an initiation point.

I'm sure most of you are seeing me for the first time. It's the same for me. I'm very happy; I feel very welcomed in Thailand, and I will carry this feeling back home and pass it on to our Parents.

We all understand through the Principle that the essence of God's creation is love. Heavenly Father wanted to substantiate His love through the fulfillment of His ideal. We too must have a goal to pursue in life. Many people value material possessions; some value knowledge; some value power; and some value science and technology. You might value a nomadic life. You might value nature and just want to be part of it.

Laws Deliver Us from Chaos

Why are there so many different kinds of value? When you look at democratic and pluralistic nations, there are small "societies" within one nation that all have different values from one another. With so many values existing among one people, endless conflict and struggle are inevitable. How can we deal with all these different kinds of values and value systems? How can we bring this world together?

Let's say I like to listen to popular music and I'm living with someone who likes classical music. If we don't have some kind of agreement or rule that every three hours we will alternate, then there is no way we can each listen in peace.

We see law as a regulatory means to impose and restrain or enforce rules. This sounds like some kind of diabolical oppression, but actually, laws and rules deliver us from chaos, confusion, and conflict. All the different creatures on earth can sustain their existence because of the fundamental laws of nature. The reason I can stand here is because of the law of gravity.

All of you understand the meaning of anarchism. If I am living in an anarchist society, good and evil co-exist. Let's say I am a good person and someone else is art evil person, and we co-exist together in that society. Suppose we are building a brick house together. I am trying to build it so that we can be cozy and warm, but the evil guy takes away all the bricks that I lay. In that kind of society there is always an evil aspect trying to go in the opposite direction from goodness. That society is not going to go anywhere. It is going to come to a standstill and then dissipate.

What is valuable to us? Things are valuable when they bring us joy and happiness. Joy and happiness must come to us through some substantial means. How does everything sustain itself? In order to exist, everything has to rotate. The Oriental philosophy of yin and yang says that perfection is a circle; two extremes are brought into oneness. That is ideal. What do we call this? Give and take action. In order to sustain an ideal form, there must be reciprocation.

Heavenly Father wants love.

That is His essence, and from that essence of love comes the emotion of happiness and joy. The only thing He wanted in His Kingdom was love. In order to substantiate this, He had to create this physical world of substance. That is why He created mankind, because through the fulfillment of man's responsibility in uniting and becoming absolutely one with Him, Heavenly Father's ideal was to be fulfilled. The responsibility of mankind is crucial in bringing about the fulfillment of the ideal that all of us desire.