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Restoration Through Indemnity

Hyo Jin Moon August 18,1991 Belvedere, New York

Good morning. I have chosen "Restoration Through Indemnity" as my topic today. Before I go into it, I just want to share a little about what Father is doing. I had an opportunity to spend about a week with Father in Alaska. I returned several days ago.

Father is now with the executive editors of The Washington Times. He asked the staff and representatives of The Washington Times to come and join him. Prior to their coming, Father had newly elected Japanese leaders with him. By now most of you should know that Japan has been divided into almost eighty regions. Father has called thirty six of those regional directors to Kodiak, Alaska. While I was with Father, he spoke to them constantly from early in the morning until late at night. Father spoke about many great and inspirational things, especially about what we need to do for the future. He talked about the role of the Japanese people in the course of the dispensation.

So Father has been busy. The reason I am telling you this is that Father is still on the front line, still concerned about the welfare of every individual. The reason that I have chosen this topic today, is that once again I want to stress that we have to understand our responsibility and the role we must play in God's providence. There was obviously disunity at the time of the Fall. The union between man and God was lost. What caused the loss of union between God and man? You can state it in many ways. One prime explanation would be, it was due to the lack of faith; the lack of understanding. Adam did not completely understand his role. He did riot completely comprehend the nature of his responsibility in the task of perfecting the creation. He could not see the inherent quality of the principle of creation realized. He did not truly comprehend what kind of role he had to play in order for God to realize His ideal world. So, one reason is lack of understanding.

Another is, due to faithlessness, man lost the bond. Another way you can say it, is that man lost faith in the relationship between himself and God. Why do you drift away from your loved one? Because you lose faith in the relationship. You felt you had love, that there was something there; some kind of attraction. Prior to your losing faith, you felt you had something to keep you together; something you could hold onto. But you drift away, because you lose that feeling, you lose that faith. Adam, for whatever reason, drifted away from the close relationship which existed between God and man.

Of course you can blame the fall on many causes. You can blame it on temptation. That was the motive. However, the bond was broken due to lack of faith. When you look at Adam's position, he represented God in a substantial manner. He was to become a true object of God to reciprocate with God on the level of God-likeness. That was the most important thing. Adam was supposed to be a God-like object to Heavenly Father. It was important for him to realize the importance of his responsibility and know what God was asking him to do. Adam was in the position to become God-like; to truly inherit and become the object who could reciprocate with God. So he needed the ability to respond appropriately and have give and take with everything that God possessed. He needed the ability to handle a tremendous amount of responsibility and tremendous amount of understanding.

If you look at the course of restoration, you're looking at the process of historical restoration beginning from Adam's family to Noah's family to Abraham's family, to Jesus and ultimately to the second coming. These are the time periods in history where significant figures are stressed a great deal in the church. And there is good reason. You understand the course of restoration through recreation. Because of the failure of Adam and Eve, we must recreate the position in which God can attempt once again to realize His ideal kingdom. In order to realize His ideal kingdom, He must have an ideal family. He must have a sole representative who can symbolize one living God. That is an important thing and it took ten generations from Adam and Eve to the time of Noah, to prepare for the time to start again and recreate the garden of Eden.

It took ten generations because to restore the kingdom of heaven on earth you must restore three worldly stages of human development. That is formation, growth and perfection within the womb; formation, growth and perfection in the physical world; and formation, growth and perfection in the spiritual world. Why must you restore these stages? In order for you to realize the kingdom of heaven in spirit world, you must realize the kingdom of heaven on earth. That is the most important thing. Although you might have perfected yourself physically, you might have reunited with God, it does not give you the right to enter the kingdom until you have made the substantial condition in which you can restore the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Restoration through indemnity means you must substantially undo what you have substantially done. That is the basis of the principle of restoration through indemnity. The condition has to be substantially manifested. What I am telling you is the condition in which you are to restore the kingdom has to be substantially manifested. Restoration through indemnity tells us you must substantially undo what you have substantially done. That is the law of nature. In order for you to neutralize a certain force moving in one direction, you must have an equal amount of force to stop it. If you want to deflect an object, which lets say, is heading to your left, to make it go right, whatever barrier you construct to impede that object must have a greater momentum than that of the object travelling toward the left. Once you have a greater force or source of momentum, then you can deflect to the right, the object which is travelling to the left.

That is why throughout history, when you look at the course of indemnity, there is a great deal of suffering. It's obvious. Why? First of all, you need at least, an equal amount of force to stop the momentum toward deviation; the fall. At the same time, you must have a greater force available to deflect it back toward the original ideal path of perfection. That is an obvious example. You must have these things.

When you look at these representative families in God's dispensation, there is one interesting phenomena occurring. It took ten generations from Adam to Noah. Within Noah's family there was disunity between the father, Noah and the son, Ham. Based on his disobedience, Ham became the rallying point in which he brought his brothers to deceive, to abandon, to reject and disunite with his father. Before I go on let me just say, from Noah, it took ten generations for God to take another chosen person, Abraham. But, from Abraham to Jesus, there is a two thousand year period. It's not just ten generations, it's two thousand years. Why? According to the Bible, from Adam to Abraham it was two thousand years and from Abraham to Jesus was two thousand years. Why, all of a sudden is there this substantial jump?

From Adam to Noah there was ten generation and from Noah to Abraham there was ten generations, but from Abraham to Jesus, there were two thousand years. Why is that? Simple. In the time of Noah the failure was due to the object. When the object fails, indemnity is equal. But in the time of Abraham, Abraham himself was the one who broke the faith, the commandment, who broke God's expectation. Abraham broke the will of God. So when the subject breaks the will of God, the indemnity becomes greater.

When you look at the time from Jesus to the second coming, it is the same two thousand years. Why is it equal. Why? Jesus did not fail. His disciples failed. The objects of Jesus Christ failed. Of course you can say he did not fulfill his mission of becoming a True Parent. It's true, he did not, but that is different. He failed because he did not have the opportunity. He understood the importance of becoming True Parents. He always talked about himself as a bridegroom. He longed for the day to receive a bride, but he was crucified. All of his disciples abandoned him and betrayed him. Because of their faithless ... when you talk about the course of restoration, you are trying to restore the faith.

In Noah's family, Noah represented God and his sons, who were children -- the object, represented Adam and Eve. The children who were representing Adam and Eve failed to fulfill their responsibility of absolutely uniting with Father Noah who was representing God. Due to their faithlessness, sin was committed. That condition became something which Satan could take over. Even Satan cannot just claim everything, he must have a condition just as God needs condition to intervene through you. In order for you to receive divine intervention, you must lay a substantial condition saying that I am absolutely united with you. Based on the foundation of faith, you must bring results with the foundation of substance.

That was the fault. When objects fail this is what happens, indemnity is equal, but when subjects fail, greater indemnity becomes necessary. Do you understand what I am saying?

When Abraham failed to split all the offerings as God asked him to do, it created the possibility for his life to be tested. Because of this failure due to faithlessness, Abraham had to give a greater sacrifice. He failed to live up to the expectation or will of God. When he failed that condition to prepare for the next stage of receiving the messiah, greater indemnity had to be paid.

However, through that chosen family, God gave one more condition. That was, if Abraham followed through with a greater condition of offering, he could still be accepted. There cannot be disunity between key figures, the people who were to represent God in the course of restoration of indemnity, otherwise the condition is given to Satan. Absolute unity is mandatory. From that point of view, Abraham failed. However, God offered him another chance to prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ through passing a greater indemnity. For your understanding I'm jumping to the conclusion, but because Abraham failed, his children the Israelites, had to suffer a great deal for two thousand years. What we see as an insignificant mistake, of not cutting the dove, caused a great deal of suffering to the children of Abraham up to the point of receiving the Christ.

When you look at Christianity the same thing happens again. Because the disciples of Jesus failed to absolutely unite, they themselves had to historically pay a great deal of indemnity. Christian history, for two thousand years, was filled with one form of suffering after another. For the sins you committed you must substantially lay the condition to substantially restore what you have un-ideally manifested. That is the basis of restoration through indemnity. That is basic principle that you must realize in order to understand the importance of your self.

In the time of Abraham, the offering of creation might have been the case. However, in the time of Jesus, Jesus was the word and believing in the word itself was enough. Jesus' offering to God was his offering. Just as Abraham failed in his offering of creation, symbolically God prepared for the time of Jesus the messiah, by making Abraham offer his own child. By why, at the moment Abraham was to kill Isaac, did God withdraw His command? The reason or motive behind the withdrawal of His telling Abraham to sacrifice his beloved son, was because Abraham was absolutely committed, absolutely determined to do it. He had faith so God made the decision. Although he did not have faith while he was making the creation offering, this time he repented for his sin and had absolute faith. When he made that absolute condition, God withdrew. God stopped him from shedding blood.

When you have faith, you are relieved of shedding blood. Why did Jesus shed blood? Because he lost his object. He absolutely had no object. To the moment of his death nobody was united with Jesus, all of his disciples betrayed Jesus Christ. He had absolutely no substantial. objective position in this physical world. That gave Satan the condition to claim his life. In order for the messiah to claim his position, he must have an ideal object. Otherwise, he is not worthy to represent God. The situation came to a point where Jesus was powerless. He couldn't do anything. He had absolutely no condition to stop Satan from claiming his own physical body. That is why he died. Why do we say that through his crucifixion, mankind has attained spiritual salvation? Because Jesus united with God. He asked, "God, why has Thou forsaken me?" However, he forgave his enemy and those people who were killing Min. He truly understood the heart of God. Why do I say that? God wants to restore mankind. just as Jesus forgave his ultimate enemy, God wants to restore the enemy which has brought him the greatest suffering. Why? Because man is absolutely necessary. Man is the essential component in realizing the fulfillment of God's kingdom of heaven on earth.

Father is now mobilizing us to start a revival. Father has put Christians in the forefront. What Father is doing is a necessary and principled way of restoration.

If, for instance, Cain and Abel, both made an offering to God and God received Abel's offering, the important thing is for Cain to realize through his own accord, the significance behind God receiving Abel's offering. That is his responsibility. Of course Abel could have led him and helped to make a natural circumstance so that Cain could come to a more comfortable realization, making it easier for him to digest what seemed like a biased situation. However, the ultimate responsibility lay with Cain in realizing the significance of this condition that God set forth.

It is important when you look at the Unification Church as Abel and you look at Christianity as representing Cain, you see that although God has received our offering and has not received the offerings of Christianity, ultimately the responsibility lies in Cain's camp. They have to interpret this phenomena of God receiving Abel's offering. Every individual must complete their responsibility in order to be perfected, period. There is no exclusion or exception to that rule. It is Cain's responsibility to understand the significance of what is happening.

Father is saying that since he has now completely dismantled this great evil which existed in the world, the empire of Satan -- communism, now is the time that we must resurrect the founding spirit of America. We must go back to a God centered way of living. We must make Christianity understand and help them be responsible through their own volition. That is why Father has picked these Christian people. It's not because they are becoming subject over you, don't look at it in the scheme of subject and object. We are in the course of restoration and we must restore Christianity. That means we must motivate them, just as God motivated Adam. God gave Adam a certain commandment, however, He did not manipulate Adam to perfect himself. No, that portion of Adam's responsibility was crucial. There has to be a condition within the Christian community of fulfilling their own responsibility. It is our duty to motivate Christian people so that they can ultimately realize who Father is and support Father's work.

As fallen men, you must fulfill your responsibility of laying the condition of indemnity in order to be purified. By the same token, in order for Christianity to be restored as a body, they themselves have to lay the condition of indemnity. Just as you must realize your own condition of indemnity, so must the Christians. It is the same principle. That is why Father is saying you must encourage Christian people, then work together. Let them fix Christianity. We could do it, but principally speaking, this is the right way and that is why we are pushing the Christians. It has taken time to gain the power to influence them. We have befriended some significant and respectable Christian people over the years. It took time to build that kind of relationship. We must motivate them from now on so that they can restore their own body, the body of Christianity which they represent. We have to help them do it.

We are a by-product of Christianity too, however we must stand. Everything has to be seen in the relationship of Cain and Abel, that is very important. In order to choose correctly, Christianity has to be ready. Christianity has to become the ideal Cain which can unite with the ideal Abel once the offering is made. So we haven't yet arrived at the union between ideal Cain and the ideal Abel, but still we must support the Christian community to become ideal Cain. That is your responsibility.

Father has done everything. The time of Jesus Christ was the era of the Word, but now you have the Lineage. Lineage is the key and the condition for which you can substantially be restored. You receive spiritual salvation through believing, uniting and having faith to the word of Jesus, but in the completed testament era, it is the lineage that is important. If you keep the Lineage, you will be restored. That is the substantial condition to truly restore your spiritual self as well as physical self. It is only through lineage that you can realize absolute, substantial union with God.

Father has done everything. Father lost his Christian foundation. Many prophets received revelations in the early days, but because they interpreted them through their individual self, Father lost that foundation. That is why Father erected the Unification Church. I don't want to blame anyone, but you really haven't lived up to Father's expectation. You admit that, right? Father knew when he lost his objects, a greater sacrifice had to be paid. For losing Christianity, you have to pay greater sacrifice and Father even prepared for the time when you failed, that his children who are his direct objects, will, be sacrificed. Father's children absolutely determined to serve him. More and more you are becoming of age. You are realizing your own shortcomings and failures and you want to do more. Father prepared everything, that is why he had so many children.

To a certain degree it seems very inhuman and cruel to even scheme about preparing these things. However the law of restoration through indemnity is absolute. In order to nullify what you have substantially done, you must substantially undo it. Otherwise you cannot substantially realize the absolute kingdom of love. It seems cruel but that is how it is. That is reality. If you want to blame someone for the cruelty, don't blame God, blame it on your failures and the failures of man. God absolutely wants to substantiate the world of love, so don't blame it on God. That is the important point that most people miss. They blame everything on God.

Once I finish my video studio, I am going to ask all the finest lecturers of our church, from all different fields, to come and do a lecture series of Divine Principle. Based on all the topics, it will be concise and will reflect many different characters and personalities. Well package it in a very nice video and I am going to give it to you. Of course you'll pay. You don't believe in give and take? [Laughter.] I realize not everyone can be as eloquent as the next person. If you give enough time to someone he will eventually become eloquent, but we don't have that luxury of time on our hands. So once we have these things I know it is going to help you do your witnessing. The reason that I am trying to get into cultural media, is based on the same principle of letting Christianity become responsible for themselves; having someone who is from that realm and is connected to us and going back to that realm that he is from, and delivering the message. They can bring about restoration from within. That is the basic idea. I want restoration to come from within the targeted media. That might sound very war-like, but once we target certain media or a certain level of society, we must make it so that the restoration can settle within that medium. That is the basic idea. That is my notion behind getting involved in these cultural things. To a large extent the people who love these mediums have a greater devotion than most religious people. It is their religion. To many young kids, their devotion to rock and roll is a religion. So you have to get into it. That is the basic idea that we have.

Once we have a very respectable, presentable person representing Father in each realm, I know restoration can come from within that realm. That is the idea behind it. I am absolutely confident in the ability of God. Once I make my condition such that He can intervene through me, I know things will change because God is more powerful than Satan. That is the whole concept behind my work. That is why I want you to get more excited and get more involved. Become worthy so we can work together. Do you understand? I want your personality to speak Father's words. The more the better. There are so many different characters out there. Once we own a majority share of those cable companies that Father has acquired, which will happen soon, then we can make very good programs to convey to people and communicate to the outside world, the true intention of Father.

We can reveal the truth. The reason that we have been so misunderstood in the past is because of our failure to go out and properly expose who Father is. It is our failure of not completely, fully revealing his true identity. You can't blame Father for it because it is your responsibility. You are the object, you are the offering. The offering has to be absolutely united. Absolute unity is you fulfilling your responsibility. Have you done that? I am sorry to say it, but you haven't come close to Father's expectations. That is reality and you must accept it even though it is harsh. Who wants to be rejected or called a failure, but that is why I say you must have a true identity. If you are a man, you must become a true man. A woman must become a true woman. If you fall down once, stand up again and try again. If I get beaten by someone, I can't sleep until I can beat them up. I think, "I'm going to get you; if not today then tomorrow. If not tomorrow, the day after." Beating Satan is truly loving him because beating Satan will liberate him from his own selfishness. Amen! It doesn't matter how you word it. Do you' understand what I am trying to say?

It is our understanding that is important. Let's use some of our God-given emotion. Get angry sometimes, but bring constructive results. Use your anger wisely and constructively. You can't just love everything. How can you love what Satan is doing to you? How can you love what Americans are doing to Father? I don't love what Americans are doing to Father, I want to crush them. Crushing them would truly be setting their souls free. There are many ways to crush people. [Laughter.] Don't just lock yourself into one image. Don't confine yourself to a restricted imagination. Use the immense capacity which your imagination holds. Use everything to make Father happy and bring significant offerings, results, to Father.

It is important that we have faith. When we lose faith we lose the condition to restore our own selves. That is one important thing. And you must have clear understanding of the Principle. Without that you cannot restore the world because that is our responsibility. I feel that even in a practical sense, from a realistic standpoint, once we have these videos, we can make uniform understanding just as Satan is controlling the mentality of humanity through the cultural medium. Only a few people control the media. They absolutely believe in hedonistic ideals, all the Satanic self-indulging ideals. A few people are controlling the mentality of the masses. In the same but opposite manner, once we have these media to offer to Father, Father can control. You don't like that word control, but if you look at it through the eyes of love, you want to be controlled, don't you? When you truly love your woman, you want to be controlled by that woman, don't you? Because you don't understand the nature of love, you deny it, but inherently you long for control. So we can control things and Father can have absolute say so. Everyone can understand this.

In that sense, even looking from a practical perspective, it is ideal. We must have it. Please, let's join our hands together. You have to realize your responsibility is now to resurrect Christianity in America. Please understand. You have to help in every way to support Father's newly given mission.

That's my speech, thank you.


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