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Restoring America

Hyo Jin Moon Belvedere Sunday, October 4th 1992 Unofficial Notes Speaks (1 hr 30 min)

The Messiah's mission and responsibility is to restore the World. He is the ideal model that all must emulate. You must walk in His way, you must walk in His foot steps.

Emulate The Messiah

The Messiah manifests God's ideal, the ideal that Adam and Eve should have accomplished. The Messiah comes to accomplish exactly what Adam and Eve were supposed to have accomplished.

Now Father has brought victory and all is accomplished. Father said that He has completed His course of indemnity on all levels.

Out of the fallen human society Father has representatives from all walks of life who understand the value of True Parents. Father's indemnity course was only necessary because all the people who were prepared to receive Him failed.

Spiritual Groups on many different levels received deep revelations about Father, still they failed.

The Messiah's main responsibility was to become a True Parent and bring True Parentship to all levels of society. now Mother is becoming more and more active based on the foundation Father has laid.

Mother, Savior Of Mankind

As a True Parent Father is now celebrating His 33rd anniversary. Father is now putting Mother in the role of the Savior of mankind. Mother fulfills a role and condition that has to be accomplished physically. Now more and more satan's true identity will be exposed.

Father has completed the course of indemnity and now He is sending Mother out into this world to represent God's voice.

Many outside people think that Father is very ignorant. They think that many things we did caused the movement problems could have been avoided. But Father knew what He was doing at all times. Even up to the late 70's, if Father had not done certain things in a certain way, He could have been killed. Still this threat exists but with communism gone it is not as serious anymore.

Millions of people commit unthinkable things. Fornication, Abortion Homosexuality, Incest etc. Abortion is a form of sacrifice which the Old Testament says one should not do. Don't sacrifice to strange gods. The Israelites sacrificed their children to their gods and God told them not to do it.

Abortion is something like that, a sacrifice of life to the god of lust. American people are influenced and persuaded by the homosexuals that their life style should be socially acceptable. This situation is absolutely disgusting. However, on the flip side of the coin this means that Father's life is becoming safer now.

You Are The Offe