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Hyo Jin Moon October 22, 1989 Belvedere

The single most important element we need in order to redeem and restore ourselves to our primary position is our relationship to True Parents. Only through True Parents' blood lineage can we attain true love and unity. Through marriage we can attain some physical happiness and a family-level love, but in order for us to attain true love, God must be present within us. There are many things that we may call "love," but without the principle way and the presence of God, there is no true, eternal and absolute love. To attain this true love horizontally we need a physical representation of God, which is True Parents.

The key point is that to create the ideal foundation for true love, there must first be an ideal subject and object relationship. For us to feel ideal love with a man or woman, we must consummate the marriage relationship. When a man and a woman unite, they can feel their heart's desire substantially manifested. If we want to substantiate God's true love, we must have an ideal subject/object relationship with Heavenly Father.

First, we have to understand the source of love: God. We call our parents the subject because they are the source of our life. There must always be a subject and object relationship because there must be a center. If we want to become a part of a family, we must have parents. There has to be a common ground that brings people together and unites them as a whole. Only through Heavenly Father can we all become one.

The ideal world is like an ideal family. If we are to duplicate this family atmosphere in the world, there has to be a parental figure -- a central figure, a leader or a subject. That is the importance of the subject/object relationship. Someone must take the place of Father and Mother in their absence. They cannot be everywhere at once, so their love must be spread through the propagation of children. People can come together centering on the children, who represent their parents.

Dwelling in God's Domain

Today I would like to talk about Resurrection. The Principle explains God's desire to find someone who can truly represent His will and His desires. It says in Daniel 5:21: "... the Most High God rules the kingdom of men, and sets over it whom He will." It almost sounds as though God is doing things randomly. But the important point is that Heavenly Father desires the ideal world. When you look at the end of the chapter on Resurrection, it says that the ultimate purpose of restoration is to restore mankind.

I feel that the chapter on Resurrection explains a very significant understanding of life and death. There is life based on goodness and life based on evil. True life means to dwell within the domain of Heavenly Father. Death means to deviate from the position within the realm of Heavenly Father's love.

Heavenly Father said to Adam and Eve that if they took the fruit of good and evil, they would surely die. And yet they took it. Physically, they were not dead. But they met their spiritual death by disobeying God's commandment, thereby leaving God's domain. The commandment actually distinguishes between what is the ideal domain and what is not. It clearly separates good and evil. If man follows God's word, he will remain within the realm of God. That is important.

Only within God's domain can man achieve oneness with God. Once you are out of it, there is no more unity with Heavenly Father, and thus no true eternal life. You can have everything: you can be fruitful, multiply, and have dominion over the earth, as long as you abide by the commandment set forth by God. That is the condition. It is very significant, because it clarifies what is right and what is wrong, what is of the ideal world and what is of the unideal world.

Death is the position of having been separated from the domain of God's love. In order for us to return to the position of God's love, we must find the domain of God, which was the Garden of Eden before the fall. Adam and Eve were to have become direct heirs to Heavenly Father.

Establishing God's Presence

That is why Jesus was described as the second Adam. In order for us to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, God's presence must first be established. God is our ultimate Parent. Jesus always clearly distinguished himself from Heavenly Father. He basically said: "I am His son; He is my Father. I am within Him and He is in me, but He is not me and I am not Him." He always put himself in the position of son. Parents and son are clearly two different entities, but through the blood lineage they are one. That is also the distinction between God and man. Through the blood lineage God and man are to become one.

God originally chose Adam and Eve and put them in the Garden of Eden to be His son and daughter. He gave them three blessings. When they multiplied and had dominion over the world, God would be a part of that creation.

Adam and Eve were created to become the first true parents. Since they didn't, Jesus was described as the Second Adam. Now we need the second advent of the Messiah because Jesus' goal to bring complete salvation to mankind, establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, was not fulfilled. The people failed to unite with him. That is why this world is still far from an ideal condition. That is why we are still struggling to separate good and evil in our lives. Is it God's intention that good and evil coexist all around us? Never! The ideal of God is to manifest His Kingdom centering upon His ideal!

It is sometimes very difficult for you to receive Father's direction or take certain directions from central figures. What do you need in order for you to be obedient? Jesus had to tell the people. "If I do not the work of my Father, believe me not. But if I do, though you believe not in me, believe the works that you may know and believe that the Father is in me and I in Him" (John 10:37). Many times we ask our Parents or our leaders for proof.

Jesus was concerned that there would be people claiming to be the Messiah in the last days. He knew that because we have experienced the unideal way of life, it is difficult for us to distinguish what is right and wrong. Many people have taken advantage of innocence and integrity. We ask these kinds of questions, "Where is the proof, how can I believe you?" because we have been deceived by Satan from the beginning of time. Satan told Adam and Eve if they only ate the fruit they would become like God. But the only way that Adam and Eve could become like God was by uniting with Him and receiving the Blessing. In order for Adam and Eve to become like God, they should have understood every little detail of God, to think, talk and feel like Him.

Accepting True Parents

Many of you are now blessed. Is it difficult for you to imagine True Parents as your parents? (Yes, sometimes) I can understand that difficulty. All of us are the victim of man's irresponsibility. But we are here to spread the joyful news that will bring the fulfillment of God's will. Within your lives it is important for you to accept this new way of thinking and even desiring. You have to desire in a way which will bring forth the realization of the ideal into your lives. You must accept True Parents as your parents, because the Kingdom of Heaven is a global family.

In order for you to truly accept your parents, you cannot be in a position to judge them but to receive them. That is very important. But based upon your own assessment you often say you haven't received enough, so you complain. Father puts great emphasis on indemnity because that is very important.

Oneness for the human race will be attained through the True Parents, who are the people chosen by God to be His representatives. But in reality there are so many races in our world. God's concept was that the chosen people should spread His teaching. Through these chosen ones the rest of mankind can be engrafted, receive salvation and be redeemed to God. Through engrafting into the lineage of God's chosen representatives mankind can attain oneness, transcending race, national, cultural and religious barriers. There has to be a point of origination.

The Blessing is very important. After you receive the Blessing you represent the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. What you represent is, hopefully, the ideal being, because you understand the Principle, you understand True Parents, and you accept God's presence. Only through the Blessing can you have a foundation to restore your fallen lineage. The Blessing means being engrafted into True Parents spiritually. But in order to receive the Blessing, you have to pay a certain redemption price. Through your arduous efforts you have laid the foundation to receive the Blessing. What you have been doing is reversing the process of the fall.

Investing for the Sake of God

Through your desire to become one with God you are willing to sacrifice everything. The key point is investing your whole self for the sake of God. The responsibility of Adam and Eve IA as to give themselves wholeheartedly and absolutely to Heavenly Father, keeping a place in their hearts to embrace and accept and invite Heavenly Father at all times. But they didn't offer themselves completely to God. They went along according to their desires. That was the seed of the fall.

Leading up to the Blessing one has to commit himself completely to True Parents. Only through the Blessing can children have no original sin. But the same effort has to be given after the Blessing. There has to be a clear separation from your fallen lineage to your new lineage. You must accept the new parental ways. Jesus said many times you have to separate completely from your family and the world, and come to him. You have to cut yourself off absolutely from your old way of life and become new by accepting only Jesus and the way of the Messiah.

It is very tricky at this time of restoration because we are responsible to reach out to so many secular people. We have to clearly distinguish between offering ourselves to these people and fulfilling a heavenly standard in front of True Parents. Sometimes we are like a servant of servants, being influenced by unideal ways. Our ultimate goal must always be for us to bring people back to Heavenly Father. That is why I bend over backwards to try to make relationships with the secular world. I want to become part of them so I can ultimately restore them back to the right way of life.

Through the Blessing you have received everything. You are restoring the process of the fall. Centered on Satan, Adam and Eve bore evil children. True Parents represent the physical establishment of God, so through their consent you are being blessed. Based on this we are putting ourselves in a position of total offering: my life, my family, even my possibility of having a family. Our ultimate purpose in life is to have a family and children and through them feel love, joy, and happiness.

We are willing to just entrust our ultimate goal in life to True Parents. That's a complete offering. Through the Blessing you can completely transform yourselves and ultimately your lineage.

A Gift to the World

Centering upon perfected Adam and Eve, ideal propagation should have occurred, expanding itself to the level of God's ideal Kingdom. Now that will come through Father's family. And as that original family multiplies, more and more blessed families will be engrafted to it. Through these marriages, the oneness of blood lineage centered on God can ultimately be achieved. I already have four children. Whether I have a son or a daughter, I am always grateful. Every time I am in the delivery room I mike sure that my attitude is not biased as to what I am about to receive. We have to receive, because everything God does has true value. I just had another daughter. When I have a daughter, it means someone else's blood lineage will be coming into my family. It is different from a son. A daughter is truly an offering, a gift to the world. A woman is a field. So I am accepting your seed in my field.

Sometimes, although I hate disease, I feel it has some value because it puts me in a more humble place. Through suffering I can understand God better. If any of my children become sick, through that experience I can understand at least partially how God felt when He lost Adam and Eve, because I can't do anything about it. I just sit there helplessly. It's very difficult and painful.

Sometimes I try to visualize an ideal world without fornication, homosexuality, killing and other evil things. I don't think half of the diseases we know about would exist if the fall had not happened. When we deviate from the ideal direction of God we have to pay a price. We must even be grateful for the evil circumstances that surround us, because through this miserable suffering maybe we stiff-necked people can throw away our arrogance and realize what God expects of us.

Some passages in the Bible contain pretty disturbing situations. There is so much condemnation and damnation emphasized. When God took the way of judgment and punishment, it was as a last resort. Even in a democracy fear is sometimes used to attain order. When you realize that something you treasure can be lost, you certainly want to check your perspectives again. I certainly am not going to sit still if my children behave irresponsibly. I am going to do everything in my power to adjust their ways and hope that they can accept the right way. It is very easy for you to say, "Whom am I to say what is right or wrong?" But it is your responsibility to understand and be able to separate good and evil. Without that kind of understanding you are accepting the legitimacy of Satan. When the absoluteness of God diminishes, the legitimacy of Satan increases.

Absolute Offering

Do you understand the meaning of resurrection? It means man's effort to restore himself from Satan's dominion back to God's dominion. Adam and Eve deviated from the domain that God had created in the beginning because they didn't offer themselves completely. A partial offering doesn't count. So within the restoration process there has to be a condition of absolute offering. If you abide by the way of Principle and follow Father's direction absolutely, your status becomes that of an ideal being.

What is an absolute offering? During the era of the perfection level, the most significant aspect of our responsibility is to attend to and follow the Messiah. The providence of restoration is divided into formation, growth, and perfection levels. In the Old Testament Era the way of goodness was determined by deeds. In the Principle book it is described as the age of justification by deed. The second level, or growth level, is the age of justification by faith. Now, in the Completed Testament Era, the main point is justification by attendance to our True Parents.

After Jesus departed from this world, people could receive some kind of redemption just by following the words he spoke during the short time that he was present on this earth. They could receive some kind of redemption, but the ultimate goal is for man to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, that is, recreating the Garden of Eden.

That means having ideal parents who represent God within our lives. God wants us to fulfill our position as filial children because during Jesus's time the people killed Jesus Christ. He didn't have time to become the bridegroom. He never had a chance to become a true parent in a substantial s% ay. What if he had not just set up his disciples as the leaders of twelve tribes, symbolizing his children, but had a family and 12 children who could be the leaders of the 12 tribes?

Our ultimate goal is to have Parents within our lives and to live and flourish with them. That is the only way we can begin the ideal process that God intended. So at this time it is very, very important for us to attend True Parents. Can you serve the will of the Messiah when you are assessing everything according to what you want and you don't want? Please, you have to understand your position.

There has to be order within the Kingdom of Heaven. People who have given themselves extraordinarily for the sake of God will come closer to Him more quickly. Those of you who work with me closely understand, but for those who just see me from a distance, it is very difficult to understand because externally you and I are not different. You must realize that only through True Parents' family will the blood lineage be passed down. As the true children multiply, you will eventually be engrafted into their direct lineage. But those who have come to the True Parents family a little earlier than others are those who have offered themselves to True Parents in a much greater way than you have. Some elders served Father for over 30 years through many trials and tribulations during the beginning of the Unification Church. But eventually everybody will become children of True Parents. Whether you are a grandchild, grand-grand-grandchild, or a grand-grand-grand-grand-grandchild, you are still a child.

Jesus many times told his followers that in order for them to attain his friendship they must follow him. That was to encourage the kind of oneness that he desired from his followers. If I even see just a little fragment being scattered away from the whole, it hurts me. Perhaps I should find a more diplomatic way to explain my theme. Maybe I would do that if I were addressing myself to people other than you, but do I really need to search for the appropriate language so it won't hurt your feelings?

It is inevitable that you will have subject and object relationships in your lives. You can dispel all your arguments and discontentment if you have a full grasp of the Principle. You won't need anybody to tell you what to do and what not to do. You will guide yourself. You will absolutely follow Father without any question. You have to earn this understanding. Pray and really try to do it on your own.

I know my position. I am absolutely grateful to True Parents. Because of them I can stand here and receive God's blessings. And I will carry their tradition on to my children.

Unconditional Attendance

Your responsibility is to attend and serve True Parents. Only by fulfilling that attendance can you receive the true blessing of becoming one with the True Parents' family. You have to know your position. You have to completely offer yourselves to True Parents. That's the only thing Jesus wanted the disciples to do. He emphasized it in almost every chapter in the Bible. After that foundation was established, Jesus gave them directions to love their enemies and their fellow men.

So the most important thing is that you must follow absolutely. All the things that Father is doing will benefit you ultimately. Little by little you are feeling the effect. Members now feel proud to represent The Washington Times, for example. CAUSA lecturers have a certain prestige when they stand in front of dignitaries. But the CAUSA worldview is derived from VOC and the Principle. Father laid the foundation for everything and has literally supported you every step of the way.

What I am doing is not for myself. I really want to help you serve Father better. My message is sometimes direct. But I say what needs to be said because I think you can understand it.

We have to redeem ourselves to our primary position. We must give ourselves absolutely within our lifetime to True Parents. That is the purpose of resurrection. Jesus would not have needed to resurrect if the ideal world had been established and goodness multiplied. But now the bottom line is you have to understand that the way for you to be resurrected, or born again, is to offer yourself absolutely to True Parents.

When I want to give something to Father, I give the utmost that I can possibly offer. "There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars (I Cor: 15:41)." There are glories of the stars, but it's different from the sun and the moon. So I want to offer the best that Father can have. Not because he wants it, but because I want to offer it. But many times you don't think in that kind of orderly fashion. If you understand the Principle, you will act accordingly.

It's very important to have that kind of concept of position in your lives, and based upon that concept, act. I know what my position is. My position is clearly different from Father's position. When he is not here, I represent him, but that doesn't mean I am him. I am his eldest son. There are many people who represent me, but they are not me. They clearly have to know that.

So, what must you do in order to be resurrected? You have to attend True Parents absolutely. Do it out of love. You know how much I struggle every time I stand here. But I try to appreciate this experience because I want to attend and serve my father. Going to school is the most difficult thing for me. But I do it for you, for your children, for my children, for Father. That's how I think. Father always tells me, "You are doing that for yourself." Yes, I am doing it for myself, so I can better represent my position. If I do that, my children will reap the benefits.

Please try to find gratitude in every corner of your life, whatever you do. It is very easy for me to be happy when I am doing certain things I like. But even when I speak, although I am having a hard time, I am grateful. After I go home I feel free. I did what I had to do and I feel free, although it was difficult.

I am pretty terse in speech. I believe a man should have few words. The only reason I am speaking so many words is because there are people who expect many words. Father doesn't like to speak so many words, either. I know his character. When he speaks to me, it is often just one simple sentence. I have to take it from there and try to understand. That is my portion of responsibility. But that is what is right, because he has raised me up to this level where I can realize these things on my own.

Everyone has responsibility to realize the will of God and to do their deeds centering upon the will of God. It is your portion of responsibility to realize the importance of Father's direction and to manifest it within your life. Thank you.


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