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Hyo Jin Moon October 22, 1989 Belvedere

The single most important element we need in order to redeem and restore ourselves to our primary position is our relationship to True Parents. Only through True Parents' blood lineage can we attain true love and unity. Through marriage we can attain some physical happiness and a family-level love, but in order for us to attain true love, God must be present within us. There are many things that we may call "love," but without the principle way and the presence of God, there is no true, eternal and absolute love. To attain this true love horizontally we need a physical representation of God, which is True Parents.

The key point is that to create the ideal foundation for true love, there must first be an ideal subject and object relationship. For us to feel ideal love with a man or woman, we must consummate the marriage relationship. When a man and a woman unite, they can feel their heart's desire substantially manifested. If we want to substantiate God's true love, we must have an ideal subject/object relationship with Heavenly Father.

First, we have to understand the source of love: God. We call our parents the subject because they are the source of our life. There must always be a subject and object relationship because there must be a center. If we want to become a part of a family, we must have parents. There has to be a common ground that brings people together and unites them as a whole. Only through Heavenly Father can we all become one.

The ideal world is like an ideal family. If we are to duplicate this family atmosphere in the world, there has to be a parental figure -- a central figure, a leader or a subject. That is the importance of the subject/object relationship. Someone must take the place of Father and Mother in their absence. They cannot be everywhere at once, so their love must be spread through the propagation of children. People can come together centering on the children, who represent their parents.

Dwelling in God's Domain

Today I would like to talk about Resurrection. The Principle explains God's desire to find someone who can truly represent His will and His desires. It says in Daniel 5:21: "... the Most High God rules the kingdom of men, and sets over it whom He will." It almost sounds as though God is doing things randomly. But the important point is that Heavenly Father desires the ideal world. When you look at the end of the chapter on Resurrection, it says that the ultimate purpose of restoration is to restore mankind.

I feel that the chapter on Resurrection explains a very significant understanding of life and death. There is life based on goodness and life based on evil. True life means to dwell within the domain of Heavenly Father. Death means to deviate from the position within the realm of Heavenly Father's love.

Heavenly Father said to Adam and Eve that if they took the fruit of good and evil, they would surely die. And yet they took it. Physically, they were not dead. But they met their spiritual death by disobeying God's commandment, thereby leaving God's domain. The commandment actually distinguishes between what is the ideal domain and what is not. It clearly separates good and evil. If man follows God's word, he will remain within the realm of God. That is important.

Only within God's domain can man achieve oneness with God. Once you are out of it, there is no more unity with Heavenly Father, and thus no true eternal life. You can have everything: you can be fruitful, multiply, and have dominion over the earth, as long as you abide by the commandment set forth by God. That is the condition. It is very significant, because it clarifies what is right and what is wrong, what is of the ideal world and what is of the unideal world.

Death is the position of having been separated from the domain of God's love. In order for us to return to the position of God's love, we must find the domain of God, which was the Garden of Eden before the fall. Adam and Eve were to have become direct heirs to Heavenly Father.