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Special Lecture by Hyo Jin Nim at Chungshim Graduate School of Theology

Dae Mo Nim

March 25, 2007

Hyo Jin Nim visited Chungshim Graduate School of Theology on March 20, 11 a.m..

Prior to this day, Hyo Jin Nim held a concert commemorating 'True Parents' Birthday and True Father's 88th Birthday (Misu) on March 17 at the Olympic Park, Seoul. He also said that the success of the concert was by the much effort and devotion put in by many members. Therefore, he came to see the students of the Graduate School and talk to him as they represent the members who dedicated themselves for the success of the concert.

Through the special lecture held in the Chapel, Hyo Jin Nim said.

Relationships between one another are very important but to have good relationships will the people of the world, it is important to have knowledge of the world. Having that foundation you can give grace to the people of the world.
It is important for the unification members to know about intellectual people really well; especially the leaders must know this concept. Also the pastors must know about this point.
Money is really important in the world, so we also have to think about money. However, people of the world receive much grace when we are sacrificing greatly. Therefore, for us to be able to give grace to other people, it is a prerequisite for us to have an absolute preparedness. That resolution is not an easy thing to have. We must continuously put effort in it.

After the special lecture Hyo Jin Nim and the students of the Graduate School took a commemorative photo in front of the main building. Then he shook hands with each of the students.

The speech that Hyo Jin Nim gave was a really good guideline for the students of the Chungshim Graduate School of Theology, where each will walk the path of leaders of Cheon Il Guk.

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