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Speech at the Berlin Wall -- Together Let Us Break Down this Wall with Love

Hyo Jin Moon

August 8, 1987

Final Day of the 1987 CARP Convention

How are you today? How is everybody doing? It is well known to us that people make mistakes. Throughout our lives, we sweat and make great effort to better our standard of living and to achieve happiness, but I am disheartened to say that we, the men and women of today's society, often have to confront our selfishness and question our integrity. However, just confronting our self-centered motivation and questioning our fluctuating integrity aren't enough. We should go out of our way to admit our mistakes and to bring together our heart and mind to resolve them.

This is a mistake! Now we are standing here at the Berlin Wall -- grieving, because we all know this is a mistake. This is not a sign of peace or a way of life of civilized human beings. The wall is a true symbol of communism. It should never have happened in the first place, but what is done is done. So we CARPmembers would like to challenge Dr. Gorbachev to be the righteous and responsible man he claims to be.

Come on, Mr. Gorbachev, let's do away with this unrighteous and inhumane wall of injustice! Show your sincerity to the world for once, please! Put aside your arbitrary and tactical proposals for nuclear disarmament and be sincere about your claim of peace and human rights. Be sincere about the welfare of the world and be faithful to your words. I know that you know that we CARP members are not fools. Under the communist banner of "truth," "human rights" and "peace" 150 million people have died since the Bolshevik Revolution.

Unscientific, ungodly

Many of you already know that communist theory is based on a nineteenth-century view of the universe. The cosmos was seen at that time as being made of solid particles that could not be divided into smaller units. Based on this concept, communism's fundamental philosophy says that the cosmos is essentially composed of material. Today, however, atomic physics has revealed clearly that matter is actually intangible energy and that the two are interchangeable.

Scientists today say that the emergence of the universe was not an accident -- it resulted from the law of causality, implemented by a primary cause, whom we call God. God is a living God. Inside of God dwell intelligence, emotion, truth, heart, and, most importantly, the essence of life -- which is true love. Wemust unite around that essence. The parental love of God is a vertical love, always flowing down. The horizontal love is our responsibility. We change, but God and God's parental love never change. This is very important here. In order for us to unite East and West, we must unite within our parents; we must unite with our God.

God is a living God; inside God dwells the heartistic human essence -- true love -- that is so important to us and to the rest of the world. Only through that can we unite, and only through that can the world come together. Only through that can this wall be broken down. Through that, a victory can come for Heavenly Father.

When I was coming down here, I saw a sign that said, "To learn from the Soviet Union means to learn victory." What does that mean? Winning through communism? Winning what? Suffering? Pain and lies? Is that winning? Communism is not true; it is not even based on fact. It is an outdated philosophy. It is a mistake! How can anybody believe in a mistake and still live a faithful and true life? Everybody here in West Berlin knows it's a lie. How can they stand still?

Pray for the victims

I am a Korean, an Oriental. Look at everybody here: There are Americans, Japanese, people from all around the world. We were not born in Germany, but we are standing here on this ground at the Berlin Wall. Why? We are here for God. God goes beyond conflict, beyond walls, beyond tradition and heritage. That's why we are standing here. That's why I am telling you these things. My words might be insignificant, but the truth of God will live on. The flesh will die and be destroyed, but the spirit of God will live forever! Only God's love, true love, will prevail! Please, let's join together and break down this wall with love. True love can go over anything. It can overcome any barrier!

Let's come together and pray for all the people who are suffering in the communist nations. Let us pray and live up to the words we speak. That's the difference between communism and the Unification Church: We truly mean to bring about a peaceful world. We want to bring this world to God -- not by threats, notby power, not by materialism, but only by the truth of God, only by the love of God. If you want to challenge us, just go ahead! Make my day!

Let's go to the Berlin Wall and pray for Heavenly Father. We will bring victory. We will bring communism under God! Inside God's heart, there is even room for communism. Inside of God, there is even room for Dr. Gorbachev! Inside of God, there is even room for people who are accusing us. Yes,inside our heart there is room for you! It is not too late. Come on, let's go to the wall and pray!


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