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Speech at the East Coast CARP Workshop

Hyo Jin Moon August 31, 1987 French Creek State Park, Pennsylvania Excerpts

I want to talk about how we can become true CARP members. People have an innate desire to seek challenge, to be successful, to want to possess things. We have such motivation because ultimately we hope to reach God's love. The greatest thing is God. God is the Creator of the universe and the essence of all the value that exists in the universe. But since we have been separated from God, we have lost awareness of His existence and wholeness. That's why we can easily pursue individualistic, detailed things in our lives. But, ultimately, we were created with the desire to possess the love of God. That is what we want to succeed in.

We're children of God, right? If you are children of God, you want to receive your parents' love. Without it, you won't understand what love is. Parents rarely have to bribe or punch their children in order to make them obey them. Within true love, the child wants to do what the parents say, naturally. He doesn't have to be forced.

True Excitement

We all have the greatest gift, which is that we all desire give and take. Give and take is how love grows. Through give and take, you grow spiritually and reach a standard of knowing God's existence and the essence of God, which is true love. Father said true love is not just horizontal love, nor is it just vertical love. Horizontal and vertical love together are like a roundness. The center of that is true love.

Can God be happy all alone? I don't think so. You cannot be happy all on your own. Your happiness will not just perpetuate itself. Many people may say, "I'm happy. I'm content with my lifestyle." They like going to discotheques, dating, and driving a fast car -- that's exciting to them. But that happiness is short-lived. The only true happiness we can feel is within the domain of God, because only there can we inherit eternal love.

Natural excitement can come from looking at a star, at the Milky Way, at anything -- with God's perspective. When I see powerful things, I get excited and joyful, totally exhilarated.

As you should all know by now, God is not a happy God. He is a suffering God. In a sense, through our own suffering, we come to understand God more. If you really want to be a leader and a participant in this restorational time period, you have to grow. Growth toward becoming a better person entails many difficulties, perhaps in your relationships with your peers. You have to understand the other person, and you have to understand yourself, too. Coming to such awareness is not easy; it is real suffering. Your suffering in itself gives you a qualification to be a leader.

CARP members have to be different from other people. We must have an absolute standard and a 100- percent connection with God and True Parents. Without that, it doesn't work. We must understand Father. In the Unification Church, it's obvious we must totally unite with Father because we are Father's body. We're not separate. We might be different organs in his body, but we are within his body. When a cell denies the whole, that's a cancer cell. You have to connect 100 percent to the absolute standard.

How can you do that? Fallen human beings have the responsibility to not only cut off from Satan; they have an original responsibility, too. There was responsibility in the original world, but you haven't reached that stage yet. Just cutting off from fallen desires is not the end. After you've cut off, that's when your true responsibility begins. God cannot do your responsibility for you. You have to do it. Why did God make it like that? Because you are to be His sons and daughters. You are not animals. An animal doesn't have responsibility.

I'm Here for You

We must deny ourselves totally in front of Father. This is very important. I can be a critical person, but I don't want to think like that. In a sense, "I" don't exist. I'm here for you, in the essence of true love -- unbounded love. I will not look at you with tunnel vision. I do not "expect" anything from you, because I know that in your heart and my heart, we're already connected.

This is war. Satan is out to get us. Communism is out to get us. One brother shared with me recently that it was very hard for him to make a commitment and live up to it every day. Yet Satan is very committed. He's out there all the time, every day. Every second, he's committed to brainwashing you. Please understand that. We're fighting.

The knowledge that we have is a weapon. Its value is not for our own significance or preeminence. Its only value is to be used to confront Satan.

How will people live in the ideal world? Technologically, we are at the stage where everything can be automated; soon, sufficient food, clothing, and shelter will be no problem. The value system will be harmonized because we will all be restored under God. The greatest thing every person will want to receive will be the love of God. In that sense, there will be true equality. Equality itself means that the mind and body are united and that every man and woman is receiving the love of God.

In the standard of God, there is heavenly law. We must grow to reach the perfected stage, which is out there, blueprinted in nature for us to realize. There is a law of the earth. There is a right way to serve Heavenly Father. There is a tradition. It is not based simply on equality. Children are not on an equal level with their parents. In your original mind, you want to do things for your parents, don't you? Even if you are just eating humble food, you want to give something back to your parents. There is an order to things.

Absolute Standard

Why is this necessary? Because humanity has to be one body, with one absolute standard and one absolute center. Every man can come to claim God's standard. For us to inherit the love of God we must have the foundation of learning to receive God.

In 1945, communism didn't have much substantial physical power, and America was the strongest nation in the world. Korea was very religious. But because of the failure of man at that time, Father had to go down to the very lowest point on the individual level and work up to the world level. Because of man's failure, God tested Father; He pushed him all the way down and tried to tell him that he was not what he set out to be. The best way to do that to someone is to torture him physically. During the Vietnam War, the communists forced people with torture to say things against their will. Many people said to themselves, "I'm not going to break," but the pressure was so tremendous that even the strongest people broke. Father withstood the pressure. We must think about that -- his individual standard. Are you willing to adopt that kind of standard? We are here to unite with True Parents and inherit their standard. Are you that committed? The children must understand their Father and Mother. Without doing that, you cannot call yourselves sons and daughters of filial piety.

What kind of attitude should CARP members have? You have to be 100 percent united, absolutely one with True Parents. When I went to Berlin, I tried to put all thought of my family and myself out of my mind. I want to embrace the spirit of God in eternity more than I want to preserve my life. What is important in your physical life is achieving the right foundation and standard within yourself, being able to say "God dwells within me," before you go to the spirit world. Then your sons' and daughters' lives will be easier.

What do you have to do to be valuable to God? Many people have said, "Father, I've followed your ways and the mission you gave me. But it didn't work." It didn't work because you gave only 50 percent or maybe you gave 99.99 percent, but you didn't give 100 percent! When there's a hole in something, like a pressurized can, even just a needle-sized hole will cause all the gas to escape. It doesn't matter what size the hole is. Many people see the size of the hole as significant because they were raised in the limited, fallen world. In a limited world, size matters. But in the internal world, size doesn't matter.

If I've restored one hundred thousand million people and another person has restored one other person, it doesn't make any difference to me. When I go to Father, I don't want to talk about the things I've done. I hate that. You, too, have to have that kind of selfless standard. Only then can you truly understand Father. All of you here want to be with Father, so you must follow that way and commit yourself to God's ideal. I'm trying every day too. My own concepts come out, but I just try to erase them. Nothing that I do is significant to me except striving to achieve that kind of standard. Without that standard you cannot win. The enemy is totally committed to winning. Therefore, I have to be totally committed to winning, too -- and more. This is the only edge that will help you win over Satan. You cannot fight within limitations. In every specific thing there exists the image of God. Everything has to be restored back to God for you to claim it.

Be Willing to Give Your All

We must know the enemy in order to win. If the enemy is willing to fall down and stand up and fight again, I have to do the same and more. When we were at the Berlin Wall, we confronted the communists. They are human beings, too, and they have original minds. Eventually they will recognize God. But now they're very arrogant. After we confronted them, however, they changed. Satan is like this. You must confront him. That is why Father says you have to be strong.

Of course, in your heart you cry. You weep. God is suffering. Father is suffering. He is physically suffering every day. He is a 70-year-old man. When he speaks to members, he doesn't go by the clock. He works hard to give you inspiration, to point you to God. My schedule is like that, too. Be willing to give your all for the greater good. That is what Father has taught us. I must prepare to receive from him all that he does -- not just in CARP, in everything.

Do you want me to be bigger so you'll be bigger? That's the true children's attitude. When I see my younger brother getting praised by Father, I must feel happy. My brother is part of me. I am part of Father. I am the blood and cells of Father. So is he. If I don't value him, I don't value Father. Even one thought that is distracting is not right.

You must have a strong standard. You must be strong. That's why I encourage Wonhwa-do. You have to prepare in every way, even physically, for the worst. If you expect the worst, then the only thing that can happen is that things will get better. The only thing that can come out of that situation is victory. That has to be CARP's tradition. Our tradition will become the rest of the world's tradition. You have to be proud that you are representing True Parents and becoming the ideal of God. Go out of your way to cut off and separate from Satan and begin your ideal responsibility.

Without the right spiritual foundation, the ammunition you gather will only stick in your mouth. You have to rely on spiritual power. Your essence is spirit. You have to bring your own victory. In our family, we compete to bring greater love, to do better, to serve Father more, to make Father happy. That's healthy competition. It is not for my individual pride; but as a unit, as a family, we compete to bring happiness to our parents.

Don't Be a Casualty

I want all of you to become leaders. Pretty soon, everyone will understand Father's real identity, not the false image the media has conjured up. People are coming to truly realize what he is doing. How are you going to affect those people? You must be an example to them.

In the ideal world we won't need leaders, because we will be united with God, every one of us. Having leadership is a stage. Until then, you should be proud to be a leader. The final victor is the eternal victor. This is the last battle. We're confronting Satan. This is the last great task -- eliminating communism, secular humanism, and individualism. We need more leaders in this final battle. You have to be solely committed to this.

I want CARP members to bring happiness to Father. Father is not happy. What can make him happy? Bring victory over Satan and that will make Father happy. That's what Father has been doing all throughout his life. When you stand up against Satan and beat him, that's when Father is happy. Of course he understands your suffering. He knows. Father pushes me also to do so many things. He expects so much of me, but that's love. Of course he knows all the things I need, but the way of a loving parent is to push me because I am at war.

I'm doing everything that I hate. I hate to speak in front of people. I'm a very quiet person. I go and hunt alone, I play music on my own; I express my heart in a quiet way. I'm not an analytical person, although I could be. Anyone can be an Einstein. We're eternal; we can become anything. But I must be a public person because I know this is Father's way. Father does not want me to be a casualty of the war. He wants me to be a victor in the war. There are so many people dying away. You don't want to be a casualty.

So what are you going to do? Are you going to work in a 50-50 way, half and half? That's up to you. Our responsibility is not easy. Are you willing to take upon yourself Father's responsibility, take the load off his shoulders? I'll prepare myself to confront any Satan. Physical death doesn't matter to me. It is not significant. I'll prepare more, down to all the specific details and the nitty-gritty things. That's the way to bring victory.

Everyone's original mind is good. When people realize the truth, they will change. People are changing because they have something inside to change with -- their original minds. Everyone seeks truth, and when they are confronted with truth, they will change. When you hear it, then it is all up to you.

Please Unite With Me

It's because of your lack of determination that results don't come. You can change any communist. I have confidence I can change anyone. I'm preparing for this. I'll argue with them; I won't lose. You can reach any kind of level in this society; you just have to be committed. One man can change so much. Look at the foundation Father made. If we represent Father, we can bring results. How many of you are willing to die for Heavenly Father and True Parents? I am too. Please unite with me. We will bring victory.

You must treasure each other. You and your fellow warriors are truly precious. CARP members must not have conflict among themselves. Of course there will be struggles, but you have to overcome them. Without unity, you cannot win. Our standard must be much greater than Satan's. Only with the right foundation can you confront the global Satan. That's why when I see one mistake among the blessed children, I scold them all. They have to be one. I don't want to see them separated. I want CARP members to be worthy of being heavenly soldiers. If you call yourself a Unification Church member, you must be devoting your life for the sake of Heavenly Father and True Parents and following the Principle way.

You're affecting many people. A true man admits his mistakes in order to do better. Man must not yield to what is evil. You must be unchanging under God's perspective. Our responsibility is serious business, not a game or a joke.

The day we can relate to each other through heart, not narrow words, is the day I long for; but it is not that day yet. I'm a very quiet person and an emotional guy. I'm sorry; sometimes I might be hard on you. I'm hard on the blessed children, but I must do this. I cannot yield to Satan.

I feel all your sufferings with you, but what about the sufferings of the future? If I love the human race, if I love God, I'll want all the future to be for God. If I let the future suffer for your sake, that's not loving God. That's not loving the greater purpose.

Please understand my position and your leaders' positions. They might not state it sometimes; there may be a language barrier and they may have some barriers in expressing their hearts to you, but go beyond that. Love overcomes everything. Please try with that in mind. Only then can you truly be True Parents' vanguard. That is when you can truly say, "I'm representing Father and within me dwells the love of God" With that kind of love, when you look at each other, you will see true beauty. True beauty is eternal, and it comes from seeking goodness. We have an order and a principled way to follow.

Forgive and Repent

We must unite under true love. Satan wants separation and segregation. Racial tensions are getting stronger and stronger. True black Americans must go out and forgive America, forgive the white people. The white people should really, truly repent to the black people. We should show the right example. If black CARP members went out to the campuses and forgave white Americans -- think about the impact that would create! Think about white CARP members going out and repenting. It would be worth 10,000 words! Together we have to restore the entire world, not just black people, white people, or yellow people. Let us restore the heavenly creed, the heavenly culture, the heavenly race.

There's a lot you can do. The campus is your home church. There are prepared people out there. When you shout out your truth, it will sink into them. Eventually, they will come. The truth will override any individual's limitations sooner or later.

You can bring about change if you give 100 percent. I want all the leaders to really connect with the members. I listen to my youngest brother. I learn from him. If my baby does the right thing, I will learn from my baby. That's the way God works. You have to have a 100-percent guaranteed commitment. I am Father's son. I am part of Father. I am not an individual "me." That's why I try to take care of my body. I will overcome any kind of sickness. This is not my body. It is Father's body; it is Heavenly Father's body. Think about the value in seeing things that way.

I know there are no arrogant CARP members, right? CARP members have a foundation of eternal spirit and true love. You have to substantialize a love foundation in your body. God will do the rest. I believe in you. Father believes in you. Believe in yourselves, too.

Please take my heart. I did not come here to give you some kind of special lecture. Love is already special. You don't need special words to describe something that is special already.


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