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Surviving Loneliness

Hyo Jin Moon

December 9, 2007 7:00 am


Good morning. (Good morning)

The topic is "Surviving Loneliness."

We all feel lonely sometimes. Right? (Yes)

Most of the time. (Laughter)

Why do you feel lonely?

People have an expectation to us; we have an expectation to ourselves.

It's not other people's expectation; it's my expectation, when we fall short, we feel lonely.

So what do you do with that?

I know that you don't want to be lonely, so what do you do with that?

What do you do when you feel that?

Cut to the chase. Okay? (Means: "Let's get straight to the point.")

Your existence is a miracle.

Your life is a miracle.

Your physical existence, your intellectual existence, your spiritual existence is a miracle.

So many things that can happen, it's up to you. Just in itself, your existence is a miracle.

So when you just fall into that kind of loneliness period basically you're disregarding your existence reality, which is a miracle.

You should not expect a greater miracle beyond what you've got.

Why? Because life is too short, and in this short life all you're doing is learning something about YOU! NOTHING ELSE!

And you try to prove that I have learned some thing about me that is right, that is good. That's all you're trying to prove, nothing else. There's nothing beyond that.

And how we come to understand this kind of understanding, yes, that's the religious struggle. But in the end that's the conclusion. That's all we're trying to achieve in our lives, in the end, nothing more.

Do I fear loneliness? (Laughs) We all have our stories, but that's not important. If we have learned that lesson in our lives just to understand that essence, that basic principle, that's all it means.

You're not that lonely. You understand something. And when you understand something, you're part of something. And what you're part of. huh? Who knows, huh? But that's what's important, nothing else.

Anyway, try. And as we try even people like me can get attached to people like you. (Much laughter)

So, are you lonely? You figure that out.

So, hey! Everybody is lonely. Okay?

Everybody is lonely. But we'll find somebody to make us feel a little different, and that's where you start.



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