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The Blessing Means Eternal Life

Hyo Jin Moon August 4,1991 Belvedere, New York

Good morning. The topic I would like to speak on this morning is "The Blessing Means Eternal Life." Yesterday Father left for Alaska to be with the Japanese leaders. As you know this is a very important time. Father is totally focused on the unification of Korea and it is very important that the Eve nation do her part completely supporting and servicing the needs of the Adam nation. Father knows more and better than anybody here, even Japanese members themselves, about the endeavors to support Father the Japanese church has taken on over the years, as well as be responsible for their historic situation. Father just wants to encourage them a little further until the day Korea can be unified.

I often hear people say the ultimate manifestation of duality is the conceptual existence of nothing and something. It is important to understand that idea is conceptually wrong. Based on the principle of reciprocity, the elements of duality must have the ability to act and react. To cause some substantial manifestation based on the law of reciprocity, they have to be able to enter into give and take. The better way to look at the notion of duality is to look at it in terms of tangibility and intangibility or eternal and temporal. Those are more correct ways to view the concept.

It is evident that even the concept of intangibility is relative. Why? Obviously I cannot see an atom, but under a microscope I can see it. You can't see sound waves. You can feel them, but you can't actually see them until you look through an oscilloscope. Through it you can view the sound wave. You can actually see the existence of the wave form of sound. You need proper apparatus or tools to look for the particular answers you are seeking. There has to be a specific tool for a specific task, some kind of apparatus that will bring about a clear, precise and truthful answer.

Everything in the creation exists in duality. When you look at the basis for the existence of duality you see it exists for a specific purpose. Duality exists for the sake of attaining a harmonious form Duality exists for the harmonious reason -- to give life. Through harmonious interaction, life can be born. The ultimate duality can be found in the, presence of man. The ultimate existence of tangibility and intangibility exists within man and man's spirituality. Man is a spiritual being. From the realm of intangibility, God wanted to create tangibility. Through the presence of man's tangible form, through his own effort, man must find within himself the intangibility of God. Just as God, having an intangible form, is searching for the tangible body, man in the opposite manner, having the tangible body must seek and find intangibility. He must find the likeness of God within himself. That is the ultimate goal of man. So the ultimate purpose of creation is truly manifested in the presence of God and the presence of man.

Psychologists say the reason men seek God is because of their insecurity. Well, it's true. Once man finds God, he is secure. Therefore, it is something that was meant to be. Man was meant to seek God because without God, man will not be secure. That is right. Without finding God, man cannot perfect himself. He cannot become a whole person. If you're not a whole being, of course you are insecure.

Any time you put yourself in a situation where you know you will fall short, you are insecure. That is obvious. Man is meant to be insecure without God. That is why man seeks God. That is the very reason that we need God in our lives; to be a perfected being.

Viewing all these ideas, no matter how you cut it, it is important that we have God in our lives. Without God, we cannot be whole. Evolutionists say that things evolved based on the needs of adapting to the environment. Man has evolved to the degree to where we can take control of and completely understand the environment. If the earth gave birth to man, the ultimate reason is that the earth might have a need. I think that in the very beginning earth needed somebody who could oversee and take care of it. Earth needed a caretaker; an ultimate caretaker who can understand, truly nurture and satisfy all the needs that she [the earth] had. Only man, out of all the creatures of the creation, has that ability to truly understand what nature is trying to tell us. Man was made to be the caretaker of this planet earth. Man was to be the representation of the origin of creation, which is the Creator.

The reason I chose this topic today, was because last Sunday Father talked about the importance of tribal messiahship; that you have to become a royal family. The only way you can receive what Father is trying to give you is to understand the true value in the Blessing. Jesus talked about blessing. Look at Matthew 19:4 and onward, he talks about the importance of marriage. He says that in the beginning God created man and woman. He created man and woman in such a way that they will leave their parents and become one. He says let no man put asunder what God has combined and brought together; let no man separate what God has put together. Only through marriage can you truly create life.

Jesus spoke about the importance of marriage, but the Bible goes on to mention that when the disciples said, "I guess it is ideal to be married". Jesus said "No, not for everybody. Not everybody can receive marriage, only those to whom it is given." So the anointment of marriage, the combining or manifestation of the ideal marriage should be within the presence and with the consent of God. God has to be present within that moment of the consummation of marriage. Through that action you create life and when you are creating life, God has to be present in order for that creation to be an ideal creation.

Marriage is a very important thing. Jesus goes on talking about eunuchs. Some are born eunuchs, some are made eunuchs by man, some are eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom. "Let those who are worthy receive the blessing of marriage." Jesus also talks about himself as a bridegroom many times. Look at Mark, chapter two, I think it is verse nineteen. Jesus tells the bridegroom story. He was asked about fasting. The Pharisees asked him, "Why don't your disciples fast when the disciples of John the Baptist and the Pharisees fast?" Jesus said to those who asked, "Can wedding guests fast while the bridegroom is in their presence? No, wedding guests cannot fast when the bridegroom is with them, but there will come a day when the bridegroom will be taken away and on that day they will fast."

The essence of Principle, the conclusion of what Father is teaching us, is that the only way you can truly resolve the sin of mankind is through the Blessing. You have to receive the blood of the messiah, just as symbolically in the last days Jesus, at the last supper, gave his body, the bread, and his blood (the wine), to his disciples. His whole ministry was centered upon establishing a foundation so that he could become the ultimate bridegroom, looking and waiting for the ultimate bride. His responsibility was to restore the tainted lineage of mankind through the Blessing.

I have talked several times about how we can substantially restore the fallen lineage of mankind. That is through being blessed to the direct descendants of True Parents. Ten generations from now, Fathers direct descendents will number in the millions. Everybody will have the opportunity to restart after the tenth generation. This whole planet earth will be recreated and given back to Heavenly Father. Within my wife's lineage, the blood of my father is flowing down to my children. That is a substantial condition set on her lineage and that kind of condition is necessary. You know the necessity of the condition of indemnity and that condition of indemnity has to be substantial. It cannot just be conceptual or faithful.

That is why it is necessary for you to be blessed. Through the Blessing you can truly restore your lineage. The responsibility of Unification Church members is to bring together the secular world and the religious world; the world of physical existence and the world of spirituality. Who can set forth a right way; the way in which these two extremely different worlds can harmonize and become one?

The basis of religion is the denial of physical things, but that is only to prepare people to be pure to a certain degree so when the time comes to receive the messiah, they can do so without the influences of the outside world. That is the only reason that all religions have promoted the ideas of depriving oneself of carnal and sensual desire. How can you connect to the messiah when he comes, if you are indulging and wallowing in the sensuality of this fallen world? You can't. That's why the idea of sacrifice has been promoted and endorsed. That is why all religions have walked the course of depriving oneself of the desire to seek physical joy. But, in order for us to build the kingdom of heaven, the place where you can eternally reciprocate with God and receive the eternal joy, you must find joy within this physical world.

Otherwise, how can we truly represent what is to come? We must make a world here on this earth, that we want to find when we die. How do you find It? Who will be the one who says, "This is okay and this is not okay. This is allowed, but this is not allowed"? Who is actually going to say that?

The concept of celibacy stems from the passage I referred to earlier about eunuchs. Some people made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. Based on that statement, the idea of celibacy came about. Priests built monasteries and cloisters all over the world. If that is the ideal, how would we keep our ideal potential? How would our ideal world remain everlasting? There is a reason for all these things and that is what Father is saying. The most important thing that you have lost, that mankind has missed out on, is the Blessing. When you understand the importance of the Blessing, when you read through all these very perplexing, nuance-filled scriptures, you can understand why Jesus said this here and that there. The Bible isn't well organized, he didn't organize it himself, other people did.

When you understand the concept that Father is teaching us, you can clearly understand what Jesus was trying to imply. If you look at the general introduction of the Principle book itself, the most important thing that we must do is bring the religious world and the secular world together; the world which seeks eternal joy and the world which seeks physical joy; the scientific world and the spiritual world. That is our responsibility. If Father told you to go out of this room and go to bars, get loaded and go to the streets where prostitutes walk and dwell among them, are you strong enough, do you love Father enough to overcome the kind of temptation that you might or might not expect there? Could you keep your purity and integrity? Could you truly do that? Living in that environment for the sake of changing the people is a good reason for living there. But do you know Father enough to overcome the temptation of touching a woman, of looking at a beautiful woman, or being intoxicated where your ability to make a sensible decision becomes weaker and weaker? Under that circumstance can you hold on to Father? Are you strong enough to not abandon Father regardless of the circumstances? Can you do that? [Yes.]

Father told me many times, that the second generation must unite the first generation and the second generation. In the chapter that I last mentioned in Mark, chapter two, Jesus goes on to describe the idea of old and new. He asks, "Can you sew an unshrunken patch to an old garment?" If you do, it will cause greater damage, because when that new material is washed it will shrink and because the old fabric is weak, it will make a bigger tear. He goes on talking about putting new wine into an old wine sack. What is he implying? Obviously he is saying, a new wineskin has to be made and a new garment has to be sewn. The "unshrunken" patch means "unprepared." Although it is new, it is unprepared to be sewn. Jesus spoke this parable when the Pharisees accused him of dwelling with the sinners. He said, "I'm not here for the righteous, I'm here for the sinners." He dwelt with the sinners for what sake? So he could ultimately create a new world and new society. He was dwelling with the sinners so he could prepare them to become the ideal citizens of the new society within the new world. He clearly had a goal, but do you clearly have that kind of goal? If you don't have a clear goal when you go and wallow in the outside world, you will be pulled into it.

Sooner or later we have to clean out all this mess. We have to create an ideal society where we can find eternal spiritual enlightenment and, at the same time, physical joy. We will create that ideal society such that we can all celebrate and be intoxicated. Not celebrate your longings and desire for physical pleasure, but truly celebrate the beauty that God created.

Don't you want those kind of days to come? Don't you really want to celebrate with Father? [Yes.] The only way we can see that day is for us to quickly control our environment. I long for that day more than anybody else. I am very physical. Many times Jesus talked about the ideal world to his disciples, but many of the Pharisees, people who had knowledge and held power couldn't truly understand Jesus. They were set in their own ways and filled with themselves. They were arrogant and self-contented. They could naturally see what Jesus was trying to say, while the followers of Jesus were not able to speak the word and propagate the message in the proper way. They couldn't proclaim Jesus' presence in a way that others could understand. That is why ultimately Jesus had to die.

If I long for that day, it means that I have to make this world a place where there is no one who will take Father up to the Mount of Calvary and put him on the cross, ever again. We have to make God's intention clearly known. While we are here we have to teach why the presence of the messiah is necessary and how we can restore the fall. First of all we have to make the non-believers into believers. But even those who believe in God, we have to make them understand how we are going to eradicate the sin of man; how we are going to cleanse the lineage which has been tainted and purify them so they can be worthy of citizenship within the kingdom of heaven. How are we going to do that?

I long for that day more than anyone else. I want to be with Father, I want to celebrate life. I know I am absolutely united with him and that is the most important thing. Once you are absolutely united with the Father, you have dominion over the creation. I know what I will do. I will not take the things from the creation which would inevitably make me fall. I will not do that. I will not manipulate my power so that I would eventually deviate or separate myself from God. My power of dominion of creation is not a tool for my aberration. I know who I am and I know what I need to do. I know what I can do and what I cannot do. I will subjugate anything, "objegate" everything, and I will celebrate and glorify God and celebrate with my Father. That is what I want.

In order for us to do that, we have to change the environment. How are you going to do that? People say they don't want to believe in God. Why? Because if you believe in God, what the hell are you going to do? You can't do this and you can't do that. They wonder what they can do. That is literally the reason that many people chose secularism. That is the sole basis of their reason. If you believe in religion you are restricted and forbidden in everything. Americans tried their best to put an end to their love affair with alcohol in the early stages of the twentieth century. It failed. Prohibition lasted for twelve years or something like that. Did it succeed? You can't force somebody to stop seeking joy and happiness. There has to be balance and who will reveal this? The messiah.

Father is telling you this is okay or it is not. If you understand the basic principle of creation; the truth about your presence here and how we can be united through lineage, which is eternal life, then you truly can have possession or dominion over the creation. That is what he is saying.

Sometimes I wish for a neutralizing agent. I am filled with stress and I want to forget about everything. I want to get drunk. Of course, if I get drunk every day it will affect my work. Certainly drinking has no place in my life. If I am drunk everyday I can't fulfill. my responsibility. Being drunk has no place in the kingdom of heaven. The physical body sometimes needs to be stirred up and put into a neutral state so it can start all over again, because this world is a temporal world and this body is a temporal thing. Look at the earth around you. Things blossom then they wither and die. After dying, they become fertilizer which will make future growth stronger. If you can control everything around you to that degree, everything has a place in the kingdom of heaven on earth. How would you like that? Don't you want that? I do.

But, if you get drunk, you get weak. Because there are so many temptations around you and beautiful women around you, touching and stimulating you physically, you will be tempted. Everything has a certain limitation and that limitation is, "Is it going to affect me and keep me from fulfilling my responsibility? Am I going to be a responsible person, not just to myself, but to others as well?" That is the criterion which we will use to draw the boundary lines. Do you understand? It is an important criteria. Once we can manage the rest there is no reason why it shouldn't be allowed.

So for that sake, we have to change the environment. I want that day where I can truly celebrate with Father, out in the open. I want Father too, to be able to celebrate in front of you, in front of the rest of the world. When we hold a celebration day we will surely celebrate spiritually as well as physically. Of course being with Father we feel joy, but let's go, let the body feel happy too. Do you understand what I am saying? Let's be completely enraptured in it, let's be completely drenched in the day of celebration -- spiritually as well as physically. What is wrong with that? I want to make that day come as soon as I can. The only way I can do that is to change this environment. We need to make people understand the true intention of God and see that the secular regime that exists now comes to accept God. That is our responsibility.

The reason that I chose the topic, The Blessing is Eternal Life, is that only through the Blessing can you truly be restored. Your new wine sack is the body of blessing. A single individual alone cannot be perfect. Man and woman must come together and unite. Based on this communion you can truly inherit God's love. In the same manner, if you are to embody True Parents you must come together under the Blessing. Through the Blessing you will create life which will ultimately become a sowing ground for the ideal lineage to come. Your children are the sowing ground for our ideal world because only through the Blessing come blessed children and only through blessed children can you unite with Father's true lineage substantially. That condition is necessary to liberate yourself.

You know the law of indemnity. To liberate yourself from the fallen lineage, you need that condition. That condition has to be substantial and that is why the Blessing is so important. So if you break the Blessing you lose the opportunity to substantially indemnify the fallen lineage that you represent. The Holy Wine ceremony is only a symbolic engrafting process, it's not a substantial thing. Father always says the substantial grafting process has to be celebrated later on. Understand? The Blessing is so important in every aspect of our belief.

Our belief is the representation of God's belief and it should be accepted by the rest of humanity. It is our responsibility to make that happen. Father did his part in revealing the truth, telling us how we can restore ourselves. Because man, through responsibility, attains his or her perfection, he must, through the knowledge of truth he has acquired from True Parents, apply that knowledge within his life to restore himself. Father cannot do that for you. Without responsibility man cannot attain his perfection because everyone, in order to receive God's love must prove themselves worthy to God. They must create themselves to be God-like. Therefore they must fulfil their responsibility. Father can't do it. He can push you, he can tell you what you need to do, but he can't do it for you. If that was unfair, then if one person made a substantial condition of unity with God, based on that, God should have restored all of humanity. But, that is not the case. He sends the messiah who reflects the will of God to teach fallen man so that they will become responsible and do the will of God. That is the role of messiah; to make men and women responsible so that they can become like the messiah. Jesus said, "You can't go to the kingdom of heaven without going through me." What does that mean? He said it many times. He said, "Be perfect as you Father in heaven is perfect." What does that mean? If everybody, all the sinners, are the children of God, does that mean God is a sinner? Is God Himself the almighty sinner? Do you understand what I am trying to say?

If we are to become the children of God, we are to become like the messiah. You cannot enter the kingdom of heaven without going through him. He is the way, the truth, the life. Jesus said all those things. He is everything. Like I mentioned earlier, not every man can receive the marriage. The marriage will be given to those who are ready to receive. The anointment of God which is consummated in love in the presence of God is very important. That is why the presence of True Parents is important. Because you represent a fallen lineage, being Blessed by True Parents is very important. Restoration must happen on a substantial level. If symbolic restoration was good enough, this world would be an ideal world Based onus, who understand what Father is teaching we go out and change the world. That is why I encourage you to get more involved.

This coming October, PBS is going to broadcast a negative report about us. I know it is going to stir up controversy. The media has been solely responsible for creating all the bigotry and hatred toward us. Can't you understand the power of media? That is why we have to subjugate it. Why do you let Satan swing his almighty sword and smite all of us down? Why just sit there and let it be? Do you think that is the way it should be? No! We should go and arm our selves and fight back; defend the truth for the sake of revealing it and keeping the truth alive. That is why we should fight back. Not because we hate these guys, but for the sake of revealing the truth. We should go and fight with the same tool that Satan used to make our lives so miserable and Father's life so miserable. That is why I want you to become great speakers. Soon we will be able to broadcast our own television programs.

At Manhattan Center I am creating a full video production facility. I am going to make a lot of things because I know in the future video will take the place of manuals. Videos will be a visual manual. That is the thing of the future. You don't need to read. When you read there is so much guesswork. No matter how you try to use correct language and phrasing to describe certain things, it cannot beat looking and seeing. That is scientific method -- observation. If you want to know how to cook kimchee well, I'll make a video! Step by step, from the beginning to the end, it will show how to make a proper kimchee or do a proper Sunday service, or hold a proper eight day ceremony. A video can show proper form in a step by step fashion. You can't beat that. The day to day applications of this kind of instruction are endless.

We have to let people see what we are all about, not just let our enemy describe his notions about us to people who do not know and who are curious. What kind of nonsense is that? Are people who are curious gaining true knowledge about us from our enemy? No way! We have to tell it ourselves.

We have to shrink the patch which will be sewn onto the new garment. Do you understand? That means we have to prepare it so that everything can fit into this ideal society. Preparation is why we need all these things. We have to prepare these secular people who only know about stimulating something between their legs.

Within the truth, there is nothing wrong with that. If you truly love your wife, if you truly love your husband, what you do between you is acceptable. There are many saints and sages and many people of God, who died, keeping their celibacy to their graves. You know the importance of the physical world, so how do they know about the experience of marriage? You know that once they go to spirit world they can't marry without Father. They don't know marriage. The only way you can know is through the bonding process of this physical world. But they don't know anything. That's why even spirit world needs to be educated. In my eyes, if you truly love your wife and if you truly love your husband, whatever you do based on love, is okay. Do you understand? You need to have the physical, substantial experience. They don't know about the ideal possibility. They see all these un-ideal things around them, un-ideal marriages, un-ideal couples dwelling in un-ideal relationships and think this is reality. So how will they learn about the ideal marriage relationship? How will they know about an ideal conjugal relationship? There are some things you can't do. Even under this worldly law, bigamy is a crime. But what you do between a truly loving wife and husband is acceptable to God. You can ask Father.

We're going to change this lost world. We need the right tool. We're expanding very quickly and I need a lot of people, but I need people who have clear values, a solid faith and understanding of Principle. Your efforts will boil down to our final product and I don't want it to be contaminated. I'm not boasting, but the reason that we, are moving so quickly at the Manhattan Center, is because of unity. Everybody really pitches in. Most of our guys don't receive a salary, sometimes for months, they don't get anything. They have a lot of kids, but they give complete dedication. If I say we go twenty four hours, they go twenty four hours.

Pretty soon you will hear two more albums. My seventh album is almost finished and the other is a collection of Father's favorite songs that my sister, In Jin and I sing. I'm about half way through with my eighth album, so I am close to 100 songs now. And a lot of video products are going to come through our place at the Manhattan Center. We'll make it happen, but I want you to be there. Unless you participate, you can't truly claim the Blessing. Do you understand? You've got to be part of it.

Sometimes you say to yourself, "I'm not worthy." You were worthy enough to be chosen as a blessing candidate and you were blessed. So though you may feel you are not worthy, make your blessing worthy. From formation, everything goes through the growth stage into perfection. If you have received the blessing, but yet you feel unworthy, at least dearly understand what you can become and make effort to grow so you can ultimately become worthy and be the true ancestor of your lineage. What's wrong with that? Get more involved. If you feel you lack certain qualities, and you feel you want to get involved in this and that then start. It's not too late. I'm just now getting into this visual area. I don't know anything, but I know I'm going to make myself worthy to take claim of this medium. It's up to you. We can do anything. It is your commitment that is in question here. Don't blame Father. Make yourself worthy to truly receive blessing. I really wish that I can work with the faces I am familiar with rather than unfamiliar, "competent" people. I want you, the first generation, to go and connect with the rest of the world. That is the ideal way.

Your responsibility cannot be passed on, you must complete it This is the completed testament era, so how can you pass down the responsibility? When Father says the first and second generations, must enter into the land of Canaan, what do you think that means? You both must become responsible, that is what it means. You're not saying, "I can pass down my responsibility to my children." How can you say that as a parent? "I'm going to make my children work more." That would be unbelievable, a totally selfish concept. That kind of stupidity has to be put aside. We've entertained that idea for too long. So we have to do away with it and see the value of the Blessing. Absolutely unite with Father. Change the environment so the day will come when we can truly celebrate with Father and we can let our spirit and body be intoxicated by God and His presence. What's wrong with that? Don't you want that day? I do. So let's go. But we have to walk there. No one is going to fly us there. No one is going to carry us there. We have to go with our own two feet. So let's march onward for the day we can celebrate the Blessing that we have received from Father. Thank you very much.


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