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The Blessing Means Eternal Life

Hyo Jin Moon August 4,1991 Belvedere, New York

Good morning. The topic I would like to speak on this morning is "The Blessing Means Eternal Life." Yesterday Father left for Alaska to be with the Japanese leaders. As you know this is a very important time. Father is totally focused on the unification of Korea and it is very important that the Eve nation do her part completely supporting and servicing the needs of the Adam nation. Father knows more and better than anybody here, even Japanese members themselves, about the endeavors to support Father the Japanese church has taken on over the years, as well as be responsible for their historic situation. Father just wants to encourage them a little further until the day Korea can be unified.

I often hear people say the ultimate manifestation of duality is the conceptual existence of nothing and something. It is important to understand that idea is conceptually wrong. Based on the principle of reciprocity, the elements of duality must have the ability to act and react. To cause some substantial manifestation based on the law of reciprocity, they have to be able to enter into give and take. The better way to look at the notion of duality is to look at it in terms of tangibility and intangibility or eternal and temporal. Those are more correct ways to view the concept.

It is evident that even the concept of intangibility is relative. Why? Obviously I cannot see an atom, but under a microscope I can see it. You can't see sound waves. You can feel them, but you can't actually see them until you look through an oscilloscope. Through it you can view the sound wave. You can actually see the existence of the wave form of sound. You need proper apparatus or tools to look for the particular answers you are seeking. There has to be a specific tool for a specific task, some kind of apparatus that will bring about a clear, precise and truthful answer.

Everything in the creation exists in duality. When you look at the basis for the existence of duality you see it exists for a specific purpose. Duality exists for the sake of attaining a harmonious form Duality exists for the harmonious reason -- to give life. Through harmonious interaction, life can be born. The ultimate duality can be found in the, presence of man. The ultimate existence of tangibility and intangibility exists within man and man's spirituality. Man is a spiritual being. From the realm of intangibility, God wanted to create tangibility. Through the presence of man's tangible form, through his own effort, man must find within himself the intangibility of God. Just as God, having an intangible form, is searching for the tangible body, man in the opposite manner, having the tangible body must seek and find intangibility. He must find the likeness of God within himself. That is the ultimate goal of man. So the ultimate purpose of creation is truly manifested in the presence of God and the presence of man.

Psychologists say the reason men seek God is because of their insecurity. Well, it's true. Once man finds God, he is secure. Therefore, it is something that was meant to be. Man was meant to seek God because without God, man will not be secure. That is right. Without finding God, man cannot perfect himself. He cannot become a whole person. If you're not a whole being, of course you are insecure.

Any time you put yourself in a situation where you know you will fall short, you are insecure. That is obvious. Man is meant to be insecure without God. That is why man seeks God. That is the very reason that we need God in our lives; to be a perfected being.

Viewing all these ideas, no matter how you cut it, it is important that we have God in our lives. Without God, we cannot be whole. Evolutionists say that things evolved based on the needs of adapting to the environment. Man has evolved to the degree to where we can take control of and completely understand the environment. If the earth gave birth to man, the ultimate reason is that the earth might have a need. I think that in the very beginning earth needed somebody who could oversee and take care of it. Earth needed a caretaker; an ultimate caretaker who can understand, truly nurture and satisfy all the needs that she [the earth] had. Only man, out of all the creatures of the creation, has that ability to truly understand what nature is trying to tell us. Man was made to be the caretaker of this planet earth. Man was to be the representation of the origin of creation, which is the Creator.

The reason I chose this topic today, was because last Sunday Father talked about the importance of tribal messiahship; that you have to become a royal family. The only way you can receive what Father is trying to give you is to understand the true value in the Blessing. Jesus talked about blessing. Look at Matthew 19:4 and onward, he talks about the importance of marriage. He says that in the beginning God created man and woman. He created man and woman in such a way that they will leave their parents and become one. He says let no man put asunder what God has combined and brought together; let no man separate what God has put together. Only through marriage can you truly create life.